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    Two stunning photographs (among others) were posted on the Facebook's Superdoll Fans page recently. The use of light and shadow is key in each image.

    Brandon Wood used Doku as his model.The dark area around the doll focuses the viewer on the doll's face and the net shadow is very mysterious. One eye peers out into the darkness. Is she hiding?

    "Fugu Noir"
    Lynn Murray shows optimal use of a backdrop with a doll. Look at the light and shadow and how it creates a sense of the doll emerging from darkness into the light. The composition draws the viewer's eye right back to the doll's face each time. Perfect. Model is Savage.
    "By the cold of the morning light she returned..."

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      The Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer is an incredible gadget that almost seems too good to be true.  This device gives you the ability to mess with TVs and Cameras everywhere, from over 400 feet away.  Your weird friends are watching the History Channel, but you want to watch a Sean Connery movie.  What do you do?  Take out the Ninja Remote and use the various functions to take over the TV.  Yes, this works on almost all TVs.  You ...

    Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    Ninja Remote Camera and TV Jammer is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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    Tucked away in the state of Arizona, the picturesque Oak Creek Canyon is actually one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Arizona, second only to the Grand Canyon. It is situated between the states of Flagstaff and Sedona. The length is approximately 12 miles while the width ranges from 0.8 to 2.5 miles. The [...]

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    Witness "Sprida" = a 3" Dunny custom-build from Jason Limon (Acrylic on vinyl and epoxy clay, 4.5"h x 4.5" w). Am loving that Jason utilizes the recognizable Dunny-head-form, and incorporates his own style in the body, as well overall visual aesthetics to create something instantly recognizable as his own work = *NICENESS*

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    Toys R Us Inc. Wednesday announced that its new Toys R Us/Babies R Us store on the Carlisle Pike will have its grand opening March 30. The New Jersey-based company began a closing sale at the mall store Feb. 12, spokeswoman Katelyn Leondi said.

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    These Lightsleepers Panda King heads from Angry Woebots in Grey look absolutely sublime and ready to be pocketed and brought home to pay homage to (after paying for it as the cashier, dude!). Availability details are uncertain, but if it turns up at Aaron's The Root Of My Smiles solo show launching March 9th in Cukui, make sure you snag one/some for yourselves!

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    Summit Daily/Mark Fox The Town of Dillon is looking at ways to link the town thematically to its most valuable assett, the marina.

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    Pre-kindergarten toys - Jellycat Jungly Tails Book 8 inch

    Jellycat Jungly Tails Book 8 inch

    Jellycat Jungly Tails Book 8 inch - Our Jungly Tails Plush Book by Jellycat is a charming cloth book full of stimulating things for baby to see, touch, hear, and chew on. This adorable plush book is full of crinkly pages, soft & textured tails and playful prose. This textured book incorporates both tactile and cognitive skills.

    Jellycat Jungly Tails Book 8 inch
    • Supports cognitive development
    • No sharp edges. No hard surfaces
    • Attaches to crib or stroller
    • Spot clean; damp cloth

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Jellycat Jungly Tails Book 8 inch...

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  • 03/09/12--02:06: Tesselate Mini March Sale
  • Tesselate is having a Mini March Sale to empty out the shop in preparation for some new items he has brewing. Among the figures on sale...those Keyeyes YO! above.

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    Tomopop Review: Metamorphose Stocking by Sen-Ti-Nel screenshot

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was a small surprise hit with many viewers when it was aired. Its ridiculously crass humour and relatively simplistic art design (taken straight out of the American Powerpuff Girls cartoon) made it stand out among many other anime shows. Although larger companies appear to have been largely ignoring the show, many of the smaller ones have jumped onboard and produced figures rather quickly.

    Mr. Cortes has already reviewed the loudmouthed sex addict, Panty, so now it's time to followup with her quiet(er) sister with the sweet tooth and sharp tongue! Say "hello" to Stocking! Like Panty, this figure is of Stocking during the transformation sequence in the show, which grants the two more realistic proportions for a few seconds, which makes it easier to make into a static figure compared to the usual design.

    Metamorphose Panty left Pedro a little conflicted at the end of his review with some issues marring what he otherwise thought of as a good figure. I'm not as kind as he is! So, does Stocking hold up or better her sister? Only one way to find out.

    Let's get it on!!

    Figure Name: Stocking Metamorphose Edition
    Figure Maker: Sen-ti-nel
    Retail Price: ¥8,500
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan

    Like Panty, the box for Stocking is bright, flashy and loud. It would certainly stand out compared to other products if placed on a shelf! The only difference between this and Panty is the focus on blue as opposed to red.

    The side of the box shows off both figures if you choose to purchase both. The base used to display both is actually included with Stocking, but those of you expecting something flashy will be disappointed. The base is just a little bigger version of the standard base for both of the figures. You simply use the pole from the standard base to complete it.

    The box actually provides a background mimicking the scene when the angels transform. It also matches the base as well so it seemed like a waste not to use it!

    Taking a closer look at Stocking, she's been given a much more subdued pose compared to her sister. Instead of oozing out sex appeal, Stocking is much more coquettish and teasing without giving away too much, like her character.

    There are also a few neat little touches as well, such as the individual bracelets on her arms, but that's pretty much where the praise ends. There are quite a few issues with this figure ...

    The first issue presents itself as soon as you start unboxing. Unlike other figures, the base is just a very basic circular base with a sticker on top. Bigger figure makers would probably have used coloured plastic to get the same effect, but that would be more expensive. Using a sticker is cheaper, but it's easy to get it misaligned, and in my figure, that's exactly what happened. I can easily imagine other buyers having the same problem. There's a small bit spilling over one side and the area around where one of the pegs for the figure is damaged. Not the greatest of starts...

    There was also damage on the leg. This is less likely to affect every figure, but it just happened to stand out on mine due to where it was. Colours seemed to wash into eachother a little as the white parts had a little blue tinge to them. It's subtle and was mostly removed in the post processing when I was dealing with other issues but to the naked eye, it's easier to spot.

    Unlike most other figures, the material used for Stocking's hair is more of a soft rubber rather than hard material. On the plus side, it's rather bendy and flexible. On the down side, there are some really obvious marks where the separate parts join. The colours don't exactly match either. There are some subtle differences in the shades of blue between the parts.

    The wings on her back also appear at first glance to be one large part which go through the hair but that's not the case. It's actually two separate pieces and the outer part rests on the hair. If you bend the hair out, the gap becomes more apparent. It's not a major issue, but it does feel like a missed chance.

    More serious is the issue that was reported about Panty having loose parts, which meant that some parts felt like they were falling apart. I'm sorry to report that Stocking has the same issue. Even worse is that some parts don't even fit together properly, leaving gaps like the one you see in the image above.

    The loose parts also has the unintentionally humorous situation where her finger, which normally appears to pull back her stocking, looks like it's glued to her nail.

    More damage on the paintjob. This time, just on the silver armband.

    On a more personal gripe, I don't feel that the details on the costume have been fully exploited. The corset simply looks like someone slapped a rather thick coat of silver paint on it and left it as it was. The detailing isn't as big a problem with Panty as she shows off much more skin, but the costume for Stocking leaves me particularly underwhelmed.

    We just can't have a review of Stocking without a low-angle shot! Sadly, it also shows up more gaps between the various parts and also a slight oddity in the pose which makes the body look a little disjointed. I'm pretty sure that it would be anatomically uncomfortable, at best, to pull off a pose like this if the upper body is pushed that far out compared to the butt!

    I may be coming off as a little harsh on the figure, but there is a solid base underneath it. The pose works well for Stocking and is much more stable than her sister, and her facial sculpt, while not perfect, works well. The biggest problem is a general lack of polish compared to the products of larger companies. Granted, companies like Sen-Ti-Nel don't have the budget to compete, but standing something like this next to an Alter or GoodSmile Company figure just makes it look bad. The loose parts and paint errors all work to drag the figure down as well.

    Overall, people's mileage will vary with the kit depending on how much you like Panty and Stocking. Having said that, I think only the most diehard fans would not have any qualms about either Panty or Stocking. Sen-Ti-Nel look like they have the basics down when it comes to making figures, but on this evidence, they really need to up their game if they want to play with the big boys. They're not bad by a long shot, but they're pretty damn hard to recommend to anyone. Unless you hate them ...

    Still, if you really have to go for one, I'd say go for Stocking. She's just cooler than her sister, and if you disagree, think about it. How many weapons can Panty carry on her person without assistance? How many can Stocking? I rest my case (though Kneesocks is blatantly superior, just ask Adam Blade! Link NSFW)!!

    [Many thanks to Hobbylink Japan for providing Stocking for review.]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    For the second time this year, a shipment of hazardous toys from China turned up in Detroit. Toy recalls are declining nationally, federal officials note, but dangerous products are still coming into the country. Detroit was the latest point of entry.

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  • 03/09/12--02:06: Properties to Rent
  • The properties to rent   are those assets or properties that are under agreement of payment, made for the temporary use of while still being owned by another who would be the property owner. The property may be any physical or intangible entity that is owned by a person or jointly by a group of people [...]

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    Make your fantasy of squashing Kyubey's head a reality screenshot

    I have heard from many people that, after watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, they have wanted to cut Kyubey's eerily smiling head off and crush it. Now, with the Usakoro Kyubey Powder plush, you can do just that! Well, the decapitating has already been taken care of but you can still squeeze the Incubator's disembodied head to your heart's content. The head-ball thing that may once have been a Kyubey fits comfortably in your hand. The plush also comes with a removable ball chain, so you can attach it to your bag or hang it in your car, as warning to all the other contract-offering, talking squirrels.

    The Usakoro Kyubey Powder plushie comes in three colors (white, pink, and black) with three different expressions based on Japanese internet memes. The faces include a small and closed mouth (mussuri), a rounded and grinning mouth (ninmari), or open and smiling mouth (gokigen). Each plush is available from J-List for US$4.80 each. Which color and expression would you want?

    [Available from J-List: White, Pink, and Black]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo

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  • 03/09/12--02:06: CDDC Challenge Two
  • You can judge for yourself which designers actually followed the challenge here:

    All I'm going to say is there are several outfits I'd love to have for my dolls. However, there is an additional creation that, in my opinion, achieved every requirement to be a winner. It is amazing in every way - unique, non-costumey, thematic and stunning.

    This contestant's model is an FR2 12" doll. The detail work on the denim is beyond belief for a fashion this size. Everything works together. I love it.

    Many of the creations are extremely literal in their interpretations of the theme or just downright amateurish. Three of the Intermediate contestants belong in the Professional division. I'm not familiar with video games and the challenge requires some knowledge in depth of at least one.

    It's entirely possible that the same contestant that won the last challenge will win again. I think I recognize his style and I love the entry.

    My other favorites are:

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  • 03/09/12--02:06: Eternally Yours, Evangeline
  • The new 19" tall Eternally Yours, Evangeline is currently on back-order and will begin shipping on April 5th 2012 from Wilde Imagination. The ball joint figure is crafted of high-quality, luminescent resin and comes dressed in a long black dress. Evangeline is a limited edition of 125 pieces. She comes packaged in a wooden coffin. [...]

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    Detroit — Federal authorities have seized a shipment of Chinese-made toys with high lead paint levels, officials said Thursday.

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    Just announced. Take 25% off anything and everything at beginning Friday, March 9 through Monday, March 12. Have fun.

    If you are wondering about using your $20. off coupon with this, you can. I don't know if other codes will work.

    You can click on the image to go to the website.

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    For the second time this year, a shipment of hazardous toys from China turned up in Detroit, the federal government announced today.

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    A Little Bit On The Back to the Future Side: Check out the making of Mattel’s Back to the Future hoverboard prop replica. Seriously debating dropping $120 for one of these.

    Thanks to Jaxx for the tip!

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    OK, here where I live it's raining and sort of gloomy so I thought it would be a good idea to maybe help brighten someone's day. here are some hilarious pictures & photos sent in to us by our AWESOME Readership! Yes, people submit great stuff and if the BAT-BLOG.COM is any good at all then it's because of them, Thanks Everybody!! Oh yeah, just to be clear, we got that photo of Adam West, from Adam West! ( Thank You, Sir!! You're still a Good Citizen! ). Whoops, One last thing, that picture of Batgirl & the 3 Robins climbing the wall, that's a GREAT parody of the movie poster for "Adventures in Babysitting", Ha Ha!

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