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    Kidrobot has had a rough time this year. They’ve raised prices and have closed a number of stores. They don’t even have their own booth at this year’s SDCC.

    So instead of waiting to hear about each store they have left closing, they’ve decided to just close them all now. In an announcement on their blog Tuesday, they stated they will close all of their remaining stores. Their Las Vegas and San Francisco stores will stay open, but will be independent dealers.

    So this sounds bad for the company all around, but they don’t plan on giving up. In the blog, they stated that they will focus more on selling with retailers and at events, and they will also be launching a new website in the fall. I guess right now if you care about Kidrobot and want to help, just buy from them. 

    [via Kidrobot]

    Kidrobot to close all their retail stores screenshot

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    Many of Kotobukiya's recently teased items -- including the DC Bishoujo Zatanna, Marvel Bishoujo Wasp, and Street Fighter Bishoujo Sakura -- have been fully unveiled in a new catalog.

    Also shown was the recently teased Tekken Bishoujo Anna Williams, the She-Hulk we're still waiting for, the newly unveiled Fine Arts Carnage, and so much more.

    See some of the pages in the gallery.

    Illustrations for Bishoujo Zatanna, Sakura, Wasp and more shown in new Koto catalog  screenshot


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  • 07/24/14--08:30: Kickstarter: Mayor 4 Crack
  • Created by artist Beck and Mindzai Labs, Mayor 4 Crack is a designer art toy project that's hit Kickstarter in an attempt to raise funds for production. Lampooning Toronto's "infamous crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford", the 5-inch Ford will include interchangeable signs...featuring some of his colorful quotes. And while there isn't a prototype available, the final […]

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    Fashion Explorer Vanessa is one of the three optional 2014 W Club upgrade dolls and the only one I ordered. Apparently I can't shake the Vanessa addiction completely. She was $130 plus postage.

    Let me deal with the sculpt first. She's described as having the Vanessa 3.0 sculpt. I'm still struggling to figure out what the 2.0 sculpt was. It seems that there were several other attempts at a new Vanessa sculpt between DC and now. Half this...half that...I don't get it. 

    Could it have been Dress Code Vanessa?

    Go back to the original Vanessa.
    Make the rest of us happy. 
    We don't care if you're bored.

    Anyway, the new gal is a pretty doll. There have been many complaints about the screening difference between the left and right eyes. I see it when I look very closely but it doesn't bother me. Her hair, which is long in the back in a beautiful wrapped pony tail, is offset by the boring side curl and an ultra high forehead. A different hairstyle would do wonders.

    She is styled awkwardly.
    The fashion consists of a boxy, ill-fitting ultra suede top over a sheer mesh bodysuit. The skirt is, as you can see, is a wrap mini in light blue. This is supposed to be a fashion doll and I don't think she ranks up there as well dressed or worth $130.
    This is the first time I've seen the revised FR2 body. It's a good body with firm joints. The elbow joints on this doll squeak! 

    Her accessories are a huge brown handbag, super tall boots in the same brown, cheap looking sunglasses, irrelevant silver colored bracelets and pin ball studs.

    W Club dolls should be the 
    very best 
    of what's available 
    for so many reasons.

    Here she shows off her assets:


    I purchased two fashions from the recently offered three dressed IFDC Poppy Parker dolls. Since I do not collect Poppy dolls, I was hoping that some of my flatter chested dolls would be able to wear them. Success.

    This lavender confection comes from a doll called Glamorous Darling. It fits my Monogram Exaggeration perfectly - including the shoes. I am so happy that Poppy has grown up to have normal fashion feet! I hate the articulated ankle on that doll.
    The gown is very pretty. The person that sold it to me stupidly folded the tulle so it's not draping properly - yet. It will. I'm not going near it with heat. (Been there, done that. Not good.)
    Anyway, the only thing wrong with this ensemble is the GLITTER. Sequins would have been sufficient.  Glitter is Mattel's gig. 
    Please, no more glitter.
    Above is my Mini Avantguard doll, Aphrodisiac, modeling IT Girl. The skirt is a bit loose in the hip area but it doesn't affect the appearance. I wasn't able to get the jewelry or the sunglasses with the ensemble so I added Knife Edge bracelets and IT earrings from some other doll. The earrings came with a bracelet that was way too large for Aphro so I'm thinking they were from a 16" doll. At this point, I have no idea what goes with what and I don't care either.
    I removed the bow that was attached to the bodice. It wouldn't lay straight and stuck out too far.

    I'm very pleased with both fashions.

    There appears to be some crazy blogger glitch which is pasting text over one of my photographs. I hope it goes away.

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    Play is one of the essential foundations of development in all children. With toys, kids learn how to socially interact, develop emotional intelligence, define motor skills, increase physical awareness, and support skills learned in the classroom. For kids with special needs, the challenges they face may discourage or avert them from having fun while playing [...]

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    Firecat is back and this time he really means it. It’s been nine years since the fire-breathing beast shook the scene with the OG vinyl figure from Joe Ledbetter. In the span in between, he’s grown in stature (11”) and power. He’s shed his cute, round appearance for a lean,...

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    While curating Summerland Movie Club, I did not have any influence over the movies the artists chose. I wanted the artists to be free to choose whatever they wished. So, I’m especially happy that Vanessa Ramirez paid tribute to “Moonrise Kingdom” with her mixed media piece. So gorgeous!! This 3d tribute to “Say Anything” is […]

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    Disney Interactive has confirmed that Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be available at North American retailers on September 23. The game will expand the Disney Infinity platform, allowing players to experience all-new Marvel play sets and characters. The popular Toy Box mode also returns with enhanced features, through which users can create their own adventures [...]

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    Booth #3245 will be where the Uglydoll crew will be stationed at San Diego Comic Con 2014. This year, they'll be teaming up with DC Comics to release SDCC exclusive plush toys, phone cases, pins, tees, and prints.

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    Dolly Oblong shares with us images and news of her upcoming resin release - featuring her "Baldwins" as the infamous anime character everyone loves; "TOTORO"! These custom Baldwins are limited to 2 pieces. Totoro measures 3" and comes with an umbrella and leaf. Each Totoro is packaged in a hand sewn fabric pouch. Totoro will be available at Thursday July 24, 8pm (CET) for

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    U.K. based artist JonPaul Kaiser shares with us his latest commissioned custom done on a Rebel Ink figure (originally designed by Usugrow),"This was a private commission for a UK customer and again uses a mix of gang-related tattoos from different parts of the world. I've done a few of these beauties lately so I have a couple more coming up soon…" -added JPK. (Photography by Justin Allfree /

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    c Pushead previewed his new collaboration with Hirota, Itamu ('damaged' in Japanese) at SDCC at the Toy Tokyo tower. The figure is Pus's interpretation of Hirota's Mecha Gorilla-Ju. As shown, it features a Pus designed head, sculpted by Hirota on the Mecha body. Look for the total transformation in the...

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    "The leader of the Momo Clan; the dopest and most gangster primate is making his return…" Reign Gorilla is BACK! And he returns as a custom from Tony Shiau AKA Nakanari, along with a buddy!"Reign Gorilla and his sidekick ‘Short Legz’ are mascot designs for a local boutique here in Orlando, Florida. So with that, we want to give them a little shout out by inviting you to check out some custom

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  • 07/24/14--14:30: Rocket Raccoon Fabrikation
  • Guardians of the Galaxy appears to be a fairly marketable movie...especially on the toy and collectible front. The latest item is from Funko - the Rocket Raccoon Fabrikation. The 6"tall "soft sculpted figure" is filled with dense foam, features a rotating head, and includes a vinyl gun accessory. No word on when you'll be able […]

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  • 07/24/14--14:38: 2014 SDCC Day 1: Mattel WWE

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    Hot Toys' 1/6th-scale "Arkham City Batman" takes center-stage in a Batman-ccentric display at the Sideshow Collectibles booth #1929 - currently happening at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Check out MWCToys for more pics of the the rest of the Batman Family collectibles, while we here at TOYSREVIL gawk at what the "reveal" of The (flaccid) Batfleck suit for "Batman v Superman" could not give us = *

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    Our man on the scene, BaCon has brought us a gallery full of photos from the Hasbro display case at their booth in San Diego. On display are the combiners, Age of Extinction exclusives, and more! Additional products may still be added this weekend, but for that we'll have to wait and see. Keep reading to check out the full album!

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