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  • 04/30/14--22:31: Coarse at Thailand Toy Expo
  • Thanks to images flowing on the ‘net, here’s a look at what Coarse has waiting for fans and collectors attending the Thailand Toy Expo (5.1 – 5.4). Let’s start with ‘Outburst’ – a special set featuring 24 black + grey omens surrounding a single white hand-made dancing Omen. Outburst is...

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    Hidemi Matsuzuki has released some images of Square-Enix's upcoming DC Comics variant Static Arts Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. While the trio was previously seen at Toy Fair, (and we caught our first glimpse of Batman last October), this is the first time we've seen Superman painted and... he looks incredible!

    Superman's usual red and blue has also been joined by gold elements, similar to what we saw with the Variant Play Arts Kai Superman except the gold seems more pronounced and the overall figure doesn't appear as silly. The company also did a really nice job with the head-sculpt.

    I've also enjoyed what I've seen of the Variant Static Arts Wonder Woman, who is also exceptionally cute. The character has more of a pose than Superman and conveys a fair bit of personality. The only one I actually dislike is Batman... It wasn't originally fond of the design and that certainly hasn't changed with time.

    Care to pick a favorite, readers? Check out all three in the gallery.

    Variant DC Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman photos take the Static Arts line by force screenshot


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    It’s hard to tell exactly how large these are but it seems they are close to 8″ from front to back. BLADE. WINDLIFTER. Windlifter in the film picks up the bottom compartment that carries the smoke jumpers, does the compartment actually separate? In CASE A, there are 4 Windlifters and 2 Blades. The other 2 […]

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    In yet another bizarre Happy Meal move, McDonald's has segregated its Amazing Spider-Man 2 toys into separate (but equal) gendered offerings. Little girls (and some boys) will have the opportunity to pick up a set of pink Spider-Man accessories because... well, does McDonald's even have female executive leadership?

    Admittedly, the decision to break up the Amazing Spidey 2 Happy Meal toys into boys and girls selections is less baffling than say, the choice to segregate Pokemon in the past (and apparently the future) but, at the same time, it's still such a "what the hell?!" move. Even weirder is the decision to make all of the accessories pink (you know, as opposed to Spidey's ACTUAL colors) because, well, girls like the color pink! (And because McDonald's doesn't feel like asking women for their opinions on the subject?)

    Comics Alliance took the whole idea once step further, however, when it pointed out the choice possibly carries a sly insinuation that "girls can like superheroes, but boys can be superheroes." I'm not sure if the assertion takes the whole thing a step too far, but it's definitely food for thought.

    All that aside, I'm not going to say that the girls' toys are awful or even that the overuse of pink was a terrible idea. I fully expect something like note cards or a mini-diary (neither of which is much of a toy...) would go over better with girls while the bracelets, which could appeal to both genders, might not go over well with the parents of boys. More importantly, girls always have the choice of asking for the boys' toy (or boys for the girls' toys) even after a clerk has made that decision for them.

    For additional reading, be sure to check out this op-ed from a young woman seeking to end the practice of gendered Happy Meal toys.

    [ Comics Alliance via The Mary Sue ]

    Spider-Man looks pretty in pink; McDonald's to carry boy & girl-specific Amazing Spidey 2 toys screenshot


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    figma Captain America's popped up in quite a few places recently, from the Miyazawa Model Exhibition to a Figsoku blog, but now he's finally been placed onto the official Good Smile site, which means we get lovely high quality preview images to pore over.

    I think Cap looks great and Max Factory have done an excellent job of capturing all the detail in his outfit (check out those zips on his legs) while giving it the necessary tough, armour-like look. The face is super bland, but it's not a disaster and overall I'd classify the figure as a real looker.

    Unfortunately (and exactly like past entries in the Avengers range), nobody is really going to talk about the figure when you could talk about the price - a whopping ¥6,111. That's the cheapest in the line yet but still utterly bonkers for a figma, and one which only comes with a single accessory (the shield) at that. Sadly I suspect that'll limit the sales of what looks to be a real smart toy, but if you've gotta have him pre-orders are open now.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan ]

    [via Good Smile Company]

    Don your stars 'n' stripes for figma Captain America pre-orders screenshot


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    With Thailand Toy Expo (May 1-4) currently underway in Central World, Bangkok, THREEZERO shares with folks and fans "in-hand" images of both their Dead Space 3 prototype and Titanfall: Atlas (20.5" tall mecha with unpainted 6" tall pilot).

    "Impressive", to say the least! I cannot even begin to describe my excitement looking at these makes, remembering a decade ago while actively collecting 1/6, I would not dare imagine details of this magnitutde could ever be produced as "production figures" ... but of course, they all come with a "financial cost" befitting these awesomeness...

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    Launched by the UK’s leading sex toy manufacturer and relationship and sex expert Tracey Cox, Edge is the world’s first mainstream male sex toy range.

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    The 2-pack “Movie Moment” of Father & the Cardinal Pitty’s (Antonio & Angelo) have arrived (thanks, Rob My 7 Kids!) Open photos of the three in this post. Thanks for the heads up & photo, Rob (My 7 Kids). Tweet This Post

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    Display snaps at Japanese retailer/toy-makers Blackbook Toys' booth @ Art Toy Culture Festival in Seoul, South Korea (May 1-5), featuring event exclusives Lil Alex: Supervillain and ACC: DIM (Blackout Edition) from Frank Kozik … and is that a new David Flores' Deathead S'murk in black-with-white trim?

    Source: Nigo Takahashi

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    Students take to chalkboards once a week and create these beautifully rendered quotes – all in anonymity. I wish I was the professor who stumbled upon them first. Stop by Designboom to see more drawings by Dangerdust.

    The post worth 1000 words: dangerdust quotes appeared first on Small for Big.

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    So what got my attention about Pobber Toys' display at Art Toy Culture Festival in Seoul, South Korea (May 1-5) is that far-right BAD ASS very nicely armored up! Custom or Production? Not forgetting the event exclusive Bad Ass: Mecha from Kronk that folks can procure!

    Meanwhile, "revealed" below is the Bad Ass Mutant A that is the exclusive to Thailand Toy Expo (May 1-4 @ Central World, Bangkok)!

    Source: IG @pobbertoys

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    set database: LEGO 60042 high speed police chase
    image courtesy of GRogall
    image courtesy of toysrus

    image courtesy of target
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of

    image courtesy of smythstoys
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of LEGO
    set number: 60042
    set name: high speed police chase
    theme: citypolice
    year: 2014
    pieces: 110
    price: us$20
    minifigs: 3
    nice city set.
    come with a police car and 2 motorbikes.
    also included a ramp with fire hydrant and a trash can.
    minifigs included a police minifig, a female bandit minifig and a bandit minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Honestly I have given a lot of thought in posting this article. I used to expect Tonner Doll releases with much anticipation and excitement. It seems now that it won't be the case any more. With every new release, the real fashion dolls from Tonner are less and less fashion-like and their numbers are dwindling as well. Gone is the powerhouse fashion dolls of the brand (Tyler, Sydney et al) and in their place we have the "street-wise" Cami & Jon along with the time-travelling Deja-Vu. Below are photos of the fashion dolls from the Spring 2014 Tonner collection - the rest of which was dedicated to child dolls, Kitty Collier and non-fashion dolls. I am not surprised their film/comics/fantasy dolls sell better.

    Party Print Liu Liu, Dressed Doll, $149.99 This is the only one I'd buy if I had money to spare. And just for the doll, not the outfit.

    Party Bold Jon Dressed Doll, $149.99

    Party Lace Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99. Best dress in the bunch.

    Party Stripes Cami Dressed Doll, $149.99

    Red Hot, dressed doll, $179.99. Deja Vu collection (like all the dolls and fashions that follow). Nice outfit but this sculpt is not one I like. Especially the bags under her eyes. She's partying too hard.

    Thoroughly Modern, Outfit, $89.99

    Countryside Visit, Dressed Doll, $209.99

    Moonlit Romance, Dressed Doll, $199.99. The bow row on the skirt looks like an afterthought and the hem too plain for the time period and the style of the outfit.

    Crisis Calm, Outfit, $89.99. Stripes again. Here, combined with checked shirt. Really?

    Polished, Outfit, $99.99.

    Spicy Night, Dressed Doll, $174.99. It should have been called "Train wreck". Ghastly.

    All photos courtesy of Tonner Doll.

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  • 05/01/14--05:00: C2E2 2014: Jellykoe
  • Jellykoe's booth at C2E2 served two purposes: to sell quirky plushes to con-goers and to promote their recent Kickstarter campaign, Tox City. To raise awareness for the campaign (which is still in progress), two of the Kickstarter plushes, Bushy Bat and Pawley, along with Tox City "starter packs," containing pins and postcards, were on hand. Our very own Tian Ma was lucky enough to see the two prototypes in person and snap photos for us. Thanks, Tian!

    Along with the Tox City-related merchandise, Jellykoe also had some familiar faces at the booth. You can spot the Better Yeti, Ripley, Nosferafu, Wonky Bear, Narwaldo, Giraphael, Split Hare, Mr. Wonky, and a bucket of Dwebbles. Nearly much the whole line-up, in fact.

    Check out the gallery to see more of the booth and Jellykoe's awesome offerings! 

    C2E2 2014: Jellykoe screenshot


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    Nathan Hamill is releasing a new print today (May 1st 2014) at 3PM ET via his online shop. The Traveler is a 10" x 13" giclee print. It's an open edition, but will only be available for one week. You can order one for $20.00.

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    Disney Interactive and Marvel Entertainment are assembling a group of iconic super heroes for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, which will feature more than 20 new interactive figures, as well as original storylines by Marvel comic writer Brian Michael Bendis. Developed by Avalanche Software, the game includes an all-new Toy Box mode, making it easier [...]

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  • 05/01/14--06:13: Principessa™ Barbie® Doll
  • A new Silkstone doll debuted today. She is called Principessa. Here is the description from the Barbie Collector website:

    Per Cent’Anni! “For a Hundred Years” is the perfect toast to our stunning bride. Principessa Barbie® doll says “Si” to a life of amore, dressed in an ivory wedding dress extravagantly embellished with sequined silvery embroidery and capped with romantic puff sleeves. The tea length skirt is lined in organza and worn over a demure petticoat. Inspired by classic Italian cinema, the close-up worthy accessories include a rhinestone-studded tiara worn with an ivory veil, shortie gloves, “bouquet,” and prayer “book.”
    The doll retails for $125.

    If nothing else, Mattel excels in their photograph and settings. This is a fabulous example of the work that they put into presenting their Silkstone dolls. I want to know who that doll is with the crossed legs! Is this a sign of things to come? She looks like a Silkie.

    As for the bride, she won't be joining my collection as I've sworn off adding more Silkstones unless one comes along that is killer amazing. Principessa has a lovely face but the dress doesn't wow me.

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