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    Ever since it's premiere in 1995, it has been the laughing stock of fanboys, and truth be told, I was one of them as well. But this celluloid vehicle starring Sylvester Stallone is not exactly "unwatchable", and had quite a few things going for it, like actress Diane Lane as "Judge Hershey", and Hammerstein from the A.B.C.Warriors, and the production design is pretty swell too, isn't it? With

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    If you are a fan of Nerf and other blasters and just so happen to have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android based smart phone, you may find a new way to expand your gameplay.  If, and only if, the AppTag Kickstarter Project reaches its goal of $30,000. Here’s a hint to the outcome however....

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    The Toy Industry Association (TIA) has reported that nearly 27,000 industry professionals from more than 100 countries attended the 109th American International Toy Fair. TIA reports that Toy Fair 2012 welcomed increased attendance across nearly all categories, including a 3 percent increase in buyers, a 5 increase in international participants, a 14 percent increase in [...]

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    Thickening cutin is certain to have an effect on the looks, and it really is vulnerable to supply wrinkles. Almost all of the creams around the market place that declare to get practical for fixing wrinkles are simply a waste of cash and your time. Vegetables like tomatoes, red peppers, kale and fruits like blueberries [...]

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    DESCRIPT: With mind bending meticulous detail, Usugrow’s work crosses the line between bad ass and refined elegance.While developing his vision and technique, Usugrow worked designing promotional graphics for Japan's punk and metal scenes, Usugrows unique, stylized combination of traditional Japanese artwork and punk iconography soon made him the visual identity of Tokyo’s underground…"Read up

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    DO WANT: February 2012 edition screenshot

    Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. February itself is always a special month: Wonder Festival Winter, Toy Fair, other small expos and most importantly, birthdays! Tomopop turned four and I turned 26.

    In this month's installment:

    • - Two of our editors are more than meets the eye
    • - Someone goes Supermagical
    • - Hot plush on (top of) plush action

    And more! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's check out what everyone loves this month!

    Brian Szabelski wants figma Chie and Yukiko

    So much to pick from. So little time. I had to wait until just before I finished writing this to make my choice (while that's somewhat normal, I don't normally wait until it's an hour or two before going live!), but I ended up resting on the new figmas from Max Factory in the form of Yukiko and Chie. It's criminal that up until now, the only poseable Persona figures around have been Aegis and Izanagi (a review of the latter is forthcoming), but now we start to get the heroes themselves. I'm hopeful it leands to more in the future, though my wallet somewhat disagrees because I'll be broke if that happens! 

    Kristina Pino wants Kidrobot and 64 Colors' Supermagical Dunny

    Hands down, KR/64 Colors' Supermagical Dunny is my DO WANT this month. I mentioned it in the post and I'm sticking by it. The piece is gorgeous and well priced - not to be missed by fans of the artists or design. I personally can't swing it just now, and as much as I hope that for the success of the artists they completely sell out, I kind of hope this doesn't so I could eventually get it for myself. I'd love to have something like Supermagical Dunny sitting on my shelf as the centerpiece of my vinyl collection (since I don't yet own any pieces around 8" or taller, besides a blank Vinylmation I have reserved for autographs, and my Steamboat Willie Pete).

    Pedro Cortes wants Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki

    There are so many things that I want, but the thing I desire the most at this moment is Nendoroid Sena Kashiwazaki. I'm sure some of it has to do with her being sold out everywhere, but I really like this Nendo! It does a great job capturing her personality and it comes with a bunch of really awesome accessories that work with her frenemy, Nendoroid Yozora. I really wish I hoped on that pre-order when I had a chance, because she is nowhere to be seen at the usual spots. Looks like I'll have to hope I get lucky at a con.

    Rio McCarthy wants Kotobukiya's One Coin Persona 4 Figures

    Ok, so I originally passed these up because I was all, 'Oh lord.. I love these One Coin figures, but I have so many and no idea where to put them if I ordered them!' Yeah, well, that's about to get passed up. I can't seem to hold myself back from pre-ordering these..! They're SO CUTE. Look. At. Kanji's. Angry. Face. You can't say no to that!! Please hands, please stay away from AmiAmi! We don't have time for this today! WAHUHoiajldi anUWAH.. ARGGGH....!!!! *falls on the floor*

    Natalie Kipper wants FuRyu's TsumiNeko (AKA Mew Mew Tower Toy) stacking cat plushes

    With so many things to choose from this month, I almost feel guilty having to single out one that must represent my DO WANT for this month. Sorting through all the Prize Fair photos gave me my answer: the TsumiNeko stacking cat plushes. Being an iDevice fangirl and lover of all things feline, how could I not love these goofy plushes? Just seeing them makes me smile. I prefer the fatter ones. The rounder, the better! There is just more to hug that way. If there is any possible way for me to get my hands on their precious plush paws, so help me, I will.

    Tianxiao Ma and Emily Smalara want Good Smile's Inori

    Tian: With all the toy expos having happened this month, there's no shortage of stuff to covet no matter your tastes. I happen to love expertly sculpted figures of sexy ladies, so my DO WANTs for this month come from Good Smile Company. First up is Inori from Guilty Crown. Her fluttering outfit is deliciously sexy and that color scheme really makes the figure stand out. It's one of those figures that should look good from every angle, so I can't wait to get my hands on it and start photographing.


    My second DO WANT is the Kiss Shot Shinobu from the Bakemonogatari franchise. The best thing about that figure is the expression, full of confidence, menace, and maybe even a hint of evil. As with Inori, this figure has a ton of sex appeal, but it's more overt. Shinobu in this form is powerful and seductive, and is the version I wanted to see more of as I watched Bakemonogatari. GSC did a fantastic job with this figure as you can feel her personality and vampiric nature without the use of visual cliches like fangs.

    Emily: I'm going to have to second Tian. My Do Want this month is definitely Guilty Crown's Inori. From the moment the series aired last year, I loved everything about the character. Good Smile's down a great job of replicating her appeal in just about every way, from that fantastic pink hair to every little facet of that delicious outfit, and there are very few figures I'd like to add to my collection more at the moment!

    Michael Muller and Keith Polott want Hasbro's Fall of Cybertron toy line

    Keith: All of them (with the possible exception of Jazz) look absolutely fantastic, and with the game on the horizon looking better and better I cannot wait to add these to my collection. Top of the list are Shockwave and Bruticus, and I'll definitely grab Optimus too, but I have to admit to some confusion on the ol' Dudeicus- first pics showed him with a distinctly different deco, and early news said the deco he appeared in at Toy Fair was just for test shots, but with what seem to be press photos coming out with the new deco I can't figure out what the deal is. Not that it matters- I'll be buying him either way.

    Michael: I'll also pick Transformers: Fall of Cybertron's Bruticus. With every different iteration of the Transformers line, I've waited patiently for a new combiner that has the same level of quality as what Hasbro has put out lately. Bruticus' reveal was a great surprise and almost enough to make me forget about the disappointment that was Power Core Combiners. I do agree with Keith. Hasbro really needs to stick with one color or, at the very least, explain the various versions fans have seen.

    Chris Seto is shopping for garage kits from Wonder Festival ... in his mind, at least

    Oh right... erm. Lemme see. Make that a third for Guilty crown's Ino... *looks at pics* OH GOD, THAT FACE!!! How can they screw up the face so badly?? Especially when they did it so well on the figma!!! Fine, forget that.

    I guess my most obvious DO WANTs would be the garage kits I failed to acquire at wonder festival, which would be Erio, Sheryl and the Princess of the Crystal. Out of those, I think the Sheryl will hurt the most. Pretty sure that I'll get another chance at getting the princess at a later event since it's cerberus project who made her but I'm not so sure about Sheryl and Erio! You should see some of the prices the kit went for at auction!! And I didn't even mention the kits which went by me completely like Alba Ruri from Sacred Seven by the principality of Kagutsuchino or Jeanne from Bayonetta by Mr Surprise. IT'S F***** JEANNE!!!

    Jonathan Tubbs wants MegaHouse's Rorona

    With Wonder Festival, Toy Fair, Prize Fair, and the latest magazine scans, there was so much to choose from for this month's DO WANT. Luckily all these events didn't have much that had me throwing my money at the monitor. Probably the one that will have priority over my bank account is MegaHouse's Rorona from Atelier Rorona. With me being charmed by the characters of Atelier Totori and interested in getting Phat! Company's Totori, MegaHouse's follow up of Totori's teacher is a logical purchase. And since this IS MegaHouse, I'm loving what I'm seeing in terms of quality. The staff, the outfit, the hair, the boots, and even the paint on her knees are just some of the details in this figure that have won me over. Really looking forward to adding this to my collection when she's released.

    And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

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    I have been wanting to take some online e-classes for years and have just never had the time.  This morning, while nursing a head cold and perusing Pat Winter's "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" magazine for the umpteenth time   I saw a page on the "Artful Gathering 2012 - An Online Video Art Retreat" which was offering online classes in June 2012.  This piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out their Artful Gathering 2012 website at

    While browsing through the Session One Workshops I saw several that I thought would be nice to take.  And, I saw one that was being taught by Pat Winter, who is one of my all time favorite crazy quilt designers. I met Pat many, many years ago when she signed up for my Top Blogs By Crafters toplist and fell in love with her creations.  She was one of the first artists who participated in my "Get To Know The Artists/Crafter Series" that I was writing at the time for "I Love Crafts and Craft Blogs."  I loved her creations and loved her "Comfort Doll Project" that she was doing back then and decided to write a blog post about it.  When I learned that Pat was going to publish a "Crazy Quilt Gatherings" magazine I was thrilled to pieces.  I believe I was the first in line to purchase it - that is is anyone can be first in line when purchasing online.    And, of course, I LOVED it and wrote a blog post entitled "I Just Love Crazy Quilt Gatherings Magazine" on it.

    So, when I saw that Pat and several other amazing artists that I know were teaching I decided "if not now - when" and signed-up for the workshops.

    I haven't decided which of the Session One and/or Session Two classes I'm going to take.  I would LOVE to take them all, but that is impossible.  So, I'll have to trim my list a little.  When I know more about the online gathering and what classes I've decided to take I'll let you know.

    YIPPEE!!!!!!  My first online class.  I'm so excited.

    You can't tell and certainly wouldn't want to see me doing this, but right now I'm doing a "HAPPY" dance in my jammies.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    Happy Leap Day everyone! In celebration of leap day, I have a LeapFrog Coupon Code for you which will give you 15% off orders of $60 or more. There are also tons of other LeapFrog sales which include free shipping in March, $5 off Star Wars games and savings to celebrate National Reading Month. LeapFrogRead More

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    Chris Ryniak has been posting a ton of amazing WIP pictures for the upcoming Monsters and Misfits II show in April. We cannot wait to see all these figures finished, painted and polished up for the event. We are also excited to see what Amanda Louise Spayde, Doktor A., Kathie...

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    The Masters of the Universe Classics line is one of the greatest lines of action figures of all time. I don’t think one can debate this. If you strip away all of the problems with distribution, quality control, communication and Digital River, and focus solely on the toys, I don’t even think this is a [...]

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  • 02/29/12--19:17: Thomas gets some new friends
  • Thomas the Tank Engine has some new friends to play with following his adventures in the DVD Jack & the Pack.

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    Mikie Graham launches his Blast Off Bunny custom screenshot

    Mikie Graham has sent along some new photos showing off his custom for the upcoming Bellicosity show at Toy Art Gallery. Titled Blast Off Bunny, Mikie has taken Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro's Bellicose Bunny and switched the carrot rocket to the back, effectively turning it into a jetpack. On top of that ... this little fellow doesn't quite look as pleased as the original bunny to be blasting off!

    Mikie's custom will join Carson Catlin's and others at Bellicosity on March 23 at Toy Art Gallery. Look for more info and customs from this show soon!

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    ?Fred explained to states all-around personal injury attorney seattle the very new affairs near your existence. They and thus George welcomed some kind of automotive accident once this company was put that will La relating to your partner’s sister’s marriage ceremony ceremony last longer summer months season. Some people suffered with that can pay ones [...]

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    Okay. This should be a review, but I scratched my cornea this weekend in a series of events that’s way too involved to go into here. Needless to say, my vision is slightly blurry today. So instead I present this small PSA. Last year I was wanting to rehabilitate some of my older o-ring GI [...]

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    Scout badges(name badges) offer youngsters with a great chance to set targets, take steps to achieve those targets and then really feel the sense of achievement as they sew their scout badge to their uniform.You will discover numerous diverse scout badges that every single youngster will likely be able to locate at least a single [...]

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    Posted today on the MattyCollector Facebook Page:   Hey MOTUC fans! Just got packaged shots of Stinkor and Thunder Punch He-Man in. Enjoy! And don’t forget the BTTF Hoverboard goes on presale tomorrow March 1st only on! Matty Final loose shot of Thunderpunch He-Man. The colors of the sword and punch effect were altered [...]

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    Each now and again you are going to discover that you’ll want a locksmith to accomplish you a services, merely simply because you have missing your keys or maybe because you have damaged it. Now many people under no circumstances believe they may come across a situation such as this because they believe that things [...]

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    Babydoll Premium Format Figure Images

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