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    Coming as diecasts: Road Rally Lightning McQueen Shifty Sidewinder Idle Threat Offroad Mater – Mater looks the weakest of the sculpt – that front tow line is pretty weak looking. Blue Grit – I’m not sure if this is correct, a nickname or they changed the name as he clearly has a sticker that reads […]

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    While "Primitive Andy" is the shyest "dollie" on the planet, and "Primitive Annie" is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet, "Gypsy Annie" takes the prize at being the most adventuresome "dollie" on the planet. She may be a "dollie", but she is a "gypsy" after all. She travels from town to town and lives an unconventional life.

    Given how much she travels it's amazing that she was even aware of all the brouhaha she had created concerning the lack of stories for "Primitive Andy", "Primitive Annie" and herself over on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog  seven years ago. You see, she was the impetus behind the letter writing and privately urged their stories being told then. She wrote the notes. If she thought seven years was enough time back then, most assuredly she thinks ten years is more than enough to wait for a story. I would have to agree which is why I decided to post the raggedies stories now.

    So, here's her story:

    Like many of her relatives "Gypsy Annie" is a fortune teller. It's not an occupation she would have picked for herself. She'd rather be a travel agent, but she had a natural ability for it and so that is what she does for a living.

    "Gypsy Annie" really prefers to travel and would love to travel around the world some day. The problem is that she doesn't make a lot of money as a fortune teller. But she's saving her pennies and hoping to do a bit of traveling this summer.

    Gypsy Annie has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with black button eyes, and oodles of freckles.  She has red lace-tied boots and long raggedy red looped hair along the sides and top of her head.

    She is wearing a coffee stained,  tattered, and fringed shirt that is gathered at the neck and has fringed sleeves that are gathered at the wrists. Her skirt is gathered at the waist and fringed along the edges. She has a tattered sash and fringe tied around her waist and she is wearing a pair of fringed bloomers that are gathered at the waist. She has a fringed gypsy kerchief tied around her head.

    "Gypsy Annie" is a wanderer by nature. She dreams of one day circling the globe.She knows there is something like that in her future. She just doesn't know when it will happen. She's got her fingers crossed for "soon!"

    If you would like to make "Gypsy Annie" please CLICK HERE for her instant download e-pattern.

    If you would like to buy one of my handmade Gypsy Annie dolls please CLICK HERE.

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  • 03/19/14--01:59: Kizuna Yumeno Cosplay
  • Cosplay celebrity Ying Tze has taken time out to work on this most awesome Kizuna Yumeno cosplay ^o^ ...

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    Welcome back to the Tomocast!

    Sorry for the delay folks, real life snuck out from its cage and proceeded to maul all of us. No matter, we're back with a brand new episode. I was joined by Andres Cerrato and Tianxiao Ma to talk about the latest and greatest news to come out of Tomopop. There was talk of drunk sorceresses, ill-armored ladies, ungrateful grandchildren and Jack Daniels. You know, the usual stuff we go on about.

    As per the usual, you can download the episode here, follow us on iTunes or hit the jump to stream the whole shebang. Our talking points follow right after. Enjoy!

    Tomocast 43: Dragon Dagger beatings screenshot


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    Oy Toys, a top Jewish toy web site and store, announces that the company will now host a collection of RaeAn Designs' Biblically inspired limited edition prints using the ancient form of Hebrew micrography to create designs representing biblical stories in both image and verse. The selection includes Alef Bet Baby Blocks, formed from the blessings for boys and girls and the Priestly Blessing in ...

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    CARS – Now & Forever. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney announced among other tidbits at the annual shareholders meeting … “We have plans for a new Cars movie and on top of that Brad Bird is already working on a great story for a new Incredibles film,” There also other news regarding Star Wars – you can read the rest here […]

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    A trio of amazing custom pieces to share, from Patrick Wong, Tasha Zimich and One Eyed Girl = all contributed to the "Art Without Borders" 2014 benefit show opening March 22, 2014 at the Art Whino Gallery.

    "I think like a lot of people, when I started painting graffiti years ago there wasn't a lot of information out there - there was no art spraypaint brands or fancy tips like there is now. My friends and I would experiment using all sorts of household products with oven cleaner caps as one of them." -described Patrick Wong of his custom 7" Kidrobot Fatcap-based design, which carries a graffiti theme and is accompanied by 13 hand-cast 1" resin cans.
    ("Oven Cleaner" Fatcap is Wong's third piece in a series with graffiti themed Kidrobot Fatcap custom toys).

    "This is "Olive" the 7" Foomi. She's a hedgehog, which is an animal the myself and family are close to. Doctors Without Borders is an NPO I feel especially strongly about, as a Canadian citizen and having had the benefit of healthcare making a significant and life-saving difference in my & loved ones' lives, it's really important to me that others can also get the care and attention they need, when they need it." -shared Tasha Zimich (Olive will be available through Art Whino for US$250).

    "This is The Ant Farmer! Tricky little anteater. What better way to never go hungry than to manage your own ant farm. There's a reason his rosey cheeks are so chubby and plump!" -shared Kasey Tararuj AKA One Eyed Girl, about her first ever 8" Dunny custom!

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    Temp tats. Oh yeah, I’m into them. Hardcore. I like my ink impermanent, to match my whims and the random nature of my 5 year old. I collect them like candy. Our favorites have always been Tattly – they last longer than the Hello Kitty crud from the dollar aisle, and the designs are just […]

    The post cutie tattooties brings temp tats to toys appeared first on Small for Big.

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    set database: LEGO 21021 marina bay sands

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 21021
    set name: marina bay sands
    theme: architecture
    year: 2014
    pieces: 602
    price: s$90
    minifig: none
    nice medium set.
    this is series of LEGO architecture landmark series of real world construction model.
    the famous building is the marina bay sands in marina bay, singapore.
    this building was designed by Moshe Safdie and opened in 2011.
    come with a booklet with details on design and history.
    for display purpose only.
    measures 5.3 inches (136 mm) tall and 8.8 inches (224 mm) wide.
    overall design is great.
    collector item.
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    Anolog sticks, built-in rumble, motion control - pfft! These are all things of the past. Taking a cue from Oculus Rift which has found a niche audience among PC gamers, Sony will be rolling out their own VR unit.

    From Kotaku:

    Part of the announcement involved footage of a VR God of War, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida saying “When I looked down, I saw my body was that of Kratos. That was an empowering experience.”

    This definitely has potential, but I wonder if it will take off and become a huge mainstream hit like other gaming peripherals similar to the hype and success of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and the initial Wii launch. As is the case with any new piece of gaming hardware, it all depends if the games will be good enough to warrant the purchase/risk of your roommates throwing things at you/punching you in the crotch while you’re wearing one of these things.

    How long do you think it’ll take for someone to mod the VR goggles into a Virtual Boy?

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    The new Smart Snacks Number Pops can help to develop number- and colour-recognition.

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    My love for books

    I have been an avid reader right from childhood; some would say a bookworm, preferring the company of a good book to almost anything else. I love books set in exotic places and cultures, especially historical that transports me to a different place and time.

    Even before I became a mother, it pained me to see young kids addicted to gadgets and showing little interest in books. A generous neighbor uncle with a lovely home library had inspired my own love for books and I was keen to pass on this love to the next generation.

    However, like many middle-class Indians, I did not have the courage or the imagination to follow my dreams. I studied to be an engineer and worked in the software industry for the first 8 years of my career.


    My motherhood Journey

    In 2010, my son, Mihir, was born and we returned to our hometown Mumbai after 5 years in New York. That is when I made the best decision of my life, quitting my job to stay home with Mihir. Many happy hours spent at the public library in New York had introduced me to the wonderful world of children’s books. I brought back an entire carton of books for Mihir.


    Birth of Little Readers Nook

    I started using these books and tried my storytelling skills on Mihir and his friends. We all were hooked onto this book reading time. Thus Little Readers’ Nook was born, a program designed to nurture love for good books in the first six formative years of a child’s life.

    Visitors to our home were surprised to see baby Mihir’s collection, and would ask - isn’t he too young for books? I’d reply it’s never too early to begin reading with your child! Habits form early and brains develop at an astonishing rate in the first 6 years of life. Reading with young kids brings not just enormous developmental benefits; it is a source of immense joy and incredible parent-child bonding.


    At Little Readers’ Nook, we have 2 separate offerings for our Little Readers.

    Themed book kits for 1-6 year olds, designed for parent-child reading at home and shipped to our subscribers’ homes all over India every month. The book kits contain 3 handpicked books on a theme plus ideas to engage children with those books - activity ideas, reading tips, vocabulary builders, a worksheet and a video guide for each book in the kit.

    Weekly storytelling sessions with our storyteller at 8 different centers in Mumbai. The sessions are engaging and fun and designed to bring the stories alive. They typically include interactive storytelling with puppets and props, followed by a small guided activity for the kids related to the story - a story enactment or an art-craft, plus a small take-home worksheet.

    Fabulous books that are not easily available in mainstream Indian outlets are our USP. We select the best titles from award-winning Indian and international publications for both our kits and our sessions - little known gems from Children’s Book Trust, Katha or Tulika, and gorgeous picture books from Barefoot Books or Walker Books in the United Kingdom to give just a few examples. Attractive pictures are the first thing we look for, since that’s what captures our Little Readers’ imagination. Strong storylines and subtle messages come next, subtle being the operative word.

    Our vision at Little Readers’ Nook is to extend the joy of reading with young kids to families across India - families just like yours. So are you a part of our vision yet?



    Devaki Gajare, is a former software professional and mother to 4 year old Mihir - the inspiration behind Little Readers' Nook.

    With a belief in the adage 'Children are made readers on the laps of their parents', Devaki's vision is to extend this magical bonding experience and the joy of reading to families and children across India.

    Follow Devaki at

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    "VISE" Metalsculpture (1,90 m x 1,40 m | 236kg heavy metal)
    "In march I launched a new series of works I am currently developing. I exhibited my first sculpture at the URBAN ART GALLERY in Stuttgart, Germany. After years of customizing and producing toys in vinyl I now focus more on artwork made of metal..." -shared VISEone.
    "More than 800 people visited the “URBAN PLAYGROUND” groupshow which was also the opening show for the new URBAN ART GALLERY in Stuttgart. Line Up: 123Klan, VISEone, Dust, Dome and more...

    At some point people had to wait outside because it was too crowded. This made it difficult to watch the artworks which was curated by gallery owner and also artist of the groupshow Marc Woehr who showed a line up of national and international urban artists. Unfortunately there was no opening speech and we also missed an introduction of the artists that took part but all together it was a nice show."
    -added VISEone

    ("Triptychon" by VISEone)

    The show runs from March 5th to 29th. You can check put motor of VISEone's work via

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    Konatsu's Negora and Shibara sofubi figures have been favorites for some time now; I think it's just seeing pets transformed into gigantic kaiju that makes me smile a bit. But as with all sofubi, a collector's work is never done ... because the artists keep releasing more and more colorways. New variants of Shibara (glow in the dark and snow green) and Negora (glow in the dark and snow purple) have arrived, along with their 1.75-inch counterparts Mamera and Migora. The "green figures" seem more blue to me, though, don't you think?

    The 3.75-inch Negora and Shibara figures are US$35, and Mamera and Migora will be US$12. You can find them at Rotofugi both in-store and online.

    Konatsu's kaiju creatures are back with new colorways screenshot


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    If you read comics and haven’t picked up Saga yet, you’re being a complete jerk to yourself. (We hyped it up here way back when.) Go get Vol. 1 (down to $5.64 from $9.99) and Vol. 2 ($11.57 from $14.99), and while you’re at it, just go ahead and pre-order the third volume which drops on March 25. It’s only $12.33 for a paperback versus $14.99 for the Kindle edition. Oh yeah, and it’s one of the most character rich, well-paced, and highly imaginative comics to come out in recent memory.

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    The newest issue of Clutter Magazine's print publication — and their second free issue — is now available! Issue #20 features artists Carson Catlin, Retroband, Doubleparlour, Splurrt, Mike Leavitt, Camilla d'Errico, Simeon Lipman (curator of The Art Hustle), and as well a relook at the "Tattoo Dunny Series".

    Get your Clutter Magazine #20 here in the online shop and as well coming soon to Specialty Retail Shops worldwide (available to stores from DKE Toys Distribution). I also waaaant! ;p

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  • 03/19/14--06:15: Golden Age Guardians
  • CKRTLAB Toys announced the release of their first line of vinyl action figures. Golden Age Guardians are 5.5 inches tall, feature 6 points of articulation, are made of environmentally safe PVC, and include 4 different weapons. Wave One includes American Crusader (above) and The Black Terror (below). A limited number of figures are also available […]

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    Artmymind have completed a new private commission, and this one is a rather big one. I mean that literally; they've taken their tools to a Coarse Toys Paw, which is already a foot tall, and turned it into a hulking brute named Akuma.

    Maybe the dark palette of colors makes him look ominous, or the sculpted, armor-like skin he wears. Or maybe it's those piercing, wild green eyes and the sharp row of teeth. It could even be the horn-like protrustions on the top of his head. But whatever the case, Akuma looks like he's ready to unleash hell upon the entire world, and Artmymind have yet another great custom work on some lucky collector's shelves. I sure wish it was mine.

    Custom Delights: Artmymind's Akuma PAW screenshot


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    Scheduled to debut in The Dubai Mall, Bloomingdales Atrium tomorrow March 20th at 7pm is "Art Wars Dubai" - featuring 20 x customized Storm Trooper helmets (previously announced), curated by Mo Abedin, who himself will contribute "Pikachu" or "Everyone Loves to Cosplay" (above shown WIP)! As well we have a peek at William Navarro's #fullmetaljacket camo-engulfed "Born to Storm" (shown below), and check out the Stormtrooper death cards!

    And from Vin Miranda we get to witness his intense WIP of a dioramic "Howling Castle"-vibe piece of art (seen above)! Really can't wait to see the finished piece, and as well the other custom works as well!

    This event is supported by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and The Toy Store. The exhibit will take place in The Dubai Mall and then move into the Middle East Film and Comic Con, which happens between April 3rd to the 5th, 2014 @ The Dubai World Trade Centre. You really need to check out the MEFCC Facebook page to see what they have in store, and the guests they are bringing in! OhMyGosh, I Want To Go To There…

    PRESS: "Art lovers and pop culture fans have a real treat lined up at this years’ Middle East Film & Comic Con with the ‘Art Wars Dubai' special exhibit commissioned for only the 2nd time globally as a part of Dubai Art Season 2014, the city’s umbrella arts initiative launched by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirates dedicated Authority for culture, arts, and heritage.

    Art Wars involves 20 UAE based artists applying their creative flair and individual styles to customise the classic Storm Trooper helmet made famous in the Star Wars films and as a pop culture icon ever since.

    The original exhibit was created by Ben Moore as a charity project set up in aid of his missing brother Thomas Moore ( and the helmets were supplied by Andrew Ainsworth of Sheperton Design Studios, who has worked on over 70 feature films and was the original prop designer from the first film ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ in 1976.

    “It’s an honour to be only the second venue in the world to feature the exhibit and to have the Damien Hirst piece for display and auction alongside our regional artists definitely makes it extra special,” commented Ben Caddy, Managing Director of the MEFCC. “We’re really excited to be a part of Dubai Art Season and this kind of initiative fits perfectly with what we’re trying to achieve in giving regional talent a strong platform and raising the profile of Dubai as a cultural hub.”

    Sheperton Design Studio’s in the UK has been in the prop design business for over 40 years and has worked on more than 70 features films and specifically the Storm Trooper helmets being used are distributed exclusively in the Middle East by The Toy Store." (Source)

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    Flightplan Collectibles will deliver Wave Two of its On The Nose line of commemorative, 1/6 scale statuettes for aviation enthusiasts beginning this spring. The first series of Wave Two went into production in mid-February, and includes Tropical Trollop and Forever Amber. Compared to Wave One, the second wave features a more compact package, larger certification [...]

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