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    The Expendables 2 Collectible Figures are coming soon from Hot Toys

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    Unsure what is happening beside me about this 1, nonetheless it seems like the greater I participate in it, the better Alligator receives. Alligator explained simply is certainly one of their utmost Compact disks up to breeders However, it’s not everyday i get a Disc with regard to review will be able to only [...]

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    In a previous blog entry we highlighted the wonderful world of Waldorf dolls, specifically the beautifully handmade creations from Kathe Kruse.  But this German company doesn’t only produce Waldorf dolls – they offer a myriad of other natural and organic toy options as well that are designed and made in Germany. As an accessory to [...]

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    Poster over on the official Gentle Giant blog: Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to announce our 2012 WonderCon exclusive… To celebrate the return of 1999′s Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3-D, Gentle Giant presents the special commemorative exclusive Yoda With 3-D glasses Mini Bust. This highly-detailed, film-accurate collectible puts the Jedi Master in the [...]

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    A Little Bit On The Pokémon Black & White Sequel Side: Pokemon Black & White are officially getting a sequel, only not in the way that you’d expect. It was announced today on Japan’s Pokémon Smash by Pokémon games director, Junichi Masuda, that instead of a third expansion of Black & White, they’re both getting full-on sequels titled Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.

    In addition, the game’s mascots will be Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, which pretty much look like Zekrom and Reshiram slaughtered a Kyurem and are wearing his carcass as a fancy suit.

    Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 are scheduled to drop in Japan this June on the DS. Yeah, we were hoping for 3DS releases too. Ah well.

    (via Siliconera)

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    I was eager to read the front page New York Times piece on the use of digital technology in toyland by  Stephanie Clifford. In  Go Directly, Digtally to Jail? Classic Toys Learn New Tricks, Ms. Clifford reports on what we also saw as the major trend at toy fair.  It certainly felt like you weren’t [...]

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    The latest online issue of 3AVOX announces the avert of a dedicated blog specific for the RE-VENTURE - to happen between April 27th to May 4th in Hong Kong. Currently it features artist William Wray, and will probably in time feature other artists for the show; Rufus Dayglo and Ashley Wood.Also announced was the BLACK HOLE Edition Mongrol of A.B.C. Warriors in 1/12th-scale - which will debut at

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    Transformers Robots In Disguise #2 is out this week! What did the person that was mentioned in the comic think about it? Well, in a video review, ladywreck gives her thoughts! Plus, she gives a quick rundown of the news, so check out below!Note: This is part of this week's Radio Free Cybertron. Clicking play will start right at the comics section.

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    Samsung include recently decide to put life inside two cheapest mobile phone twins; the Universe 3 and therefore the Galaxy Apollo. Wondering as to why? A fantastic comparison of phone deals enables you to take out the best option phone cope at possible rates. The method for this problem is always to buy deal phone [...]

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    The folks at Darkroom Army sure know how to treat the media right! Shown above are montaged self-righteous snaps of myself with Tara McPherson's poster-print and SWATCH Watch set featuring Tara's design! Holy-Moley that rocks! This would have been a swell media package to have for when Tara was in town last week and to have her autograph on them (but alas Dad was in hospital, and I was with

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    Generation after generation, Monopoly money stacked up in piles of pink, green and gold, Hot Wheels raced across floors and Barbie was, well, just a doll.

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    Steiffgal's a bit of a sassy Lassie when it comes to Steiff riddles about dogs, and this one really merits a pat on the head.  Check out this note from a reader who asks about her adorable Collie with somewhat of a mysterious ear tag number.  Joan writes...

    "Dear Steiffgal,

    I am hoping you can solve this Steiff mystery.  No doubt you can. ;o)

    Please see the attached photos of my dear Steiff lying collie.  What's puzzling is the number 2325,90 on his eartag.  Is this simply a misprint? Or? 

    I date this 1960-67.  Is that correct or does that strange "9" mean something else?

    Any light you could shed would be much appreciated as always!!  Thank you!!


    Let's not take this challenge lying down!  What Joan has here is Steiff's simply marvelous lying Collie.  He is unjointed and in a very comfortable, lying down (but still somewhat attentive) position.  His facial mask, ears, arms, legs, and underside are made from short tan mohair.  His back, chest, and tail are made from very long mohair which has been gloriously and realistically airbrushed with black, tan, and grey highlights.  Collie's face is detailed with black and brown pupil eyes, a black hand embroidered nose, an open, pink felt lined mouth, and a bright red tongue.  This item was produced in 25 and 43 cm from 1960 through 1975.  

    The real mystery, as Joan points out, is the number on his yellow ear tag.  The  number is 2325,90. There is no reference to this product with this number in the Steiff Sortiment Book, the gold standard reference on vintage Steiff products.    Before the comma, this number translates to 2 = lying, 3 = mohair, and 25 = 25 cm.  After the comma, this number means 9 = "display animal or special edition" and 0 = "normal color".  What could this all mean?

    Let's play by the numbers.  The ,90 means "special edition", and in many cases, that means that the item was produced for a certain period of time for a very specific market or sales channel.   Then it may have been produced and distributed on a much wider scale after that specific time frame.  A very good example of that is Steiff's bisons.  This pattern, available in 12, 17, and 30 cm, was produced as a United States exclusive in 1960.  A few years later, in 1962 and 1963, this identical design was produced in the same three sizes for worldwide distribution. (Bison with “90” as the last digits of their ear tag article numbers are from 1960; while those from 1962 and 1963 sport “00” as their last digits.)  The 17 cm bison with the ,90 ear tag detail is pictured here on the left. 

    Doggonit, let's figure out what we can about Joan's confounded Collie.  As Steiffgal has mentioned many times before, Steiff is an art, not a science, and there are times that it may be impossible to figure out exactly the back story behind something.  But here are a few possible ideas:

    1.  Yup, it could be something as simple as a typo on the eartag.  Steiffgal has several items in her collection where the numbering system on the ear tag, which should reflect the make-up of the animal at the time, just doesn't match up.  

    2.  It could also be something as simple as an omission in the Steiff Sortiment Books. For better or worse, this does happen as it would be all but impossible to capture the thousands and thousands of distinctive Steiff products in the Steiff archives. 

    3. It is very interesting to note that Joan's Collie was also produced in a sitting up pattern in 12 and 22 cm from 1960 through 1969.  These are pictured here on the left.  And, like the bison mentioned above, in 1960 both the 12 and 22 cm sitting Collies were United States exclusives.  These sitting up Steiff Collies produced in 1960 collies each have the ,90 as part of their yellow ear tag identification number.  

    Given all of that background, it is Steiffgal's best guess that Joan's Collie was produced in 1960, based on his identification, design, and other things happening with Steiff's product distribution around that time.  It is possible that he was also a United States exclusive in 1960, and that information was just not captured in the publicly available records.  Or, it is also possible that he was just about to be an exclusive, and for some reason the company changed its mind at the last minute, but did not change his eartag to reflect this. 

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion concerning Joan's cryptic Collie has been a real mind bender for you!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more. 

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    Don't forget to check out the image gallery below! lt;img src=quot;;gt;Hard to imagine that just 6yrs ago, people were complaining about Bumblebee never being represented. Well, be careful what you wish for. Since 2006, Bumblebee has been a part of almost every single series. It's almost to the point of ad nauseum. Yet, here he is again as one of the main characters of a series. Hopefully not to become the subject of innumerable repaints. This review will see if t

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    Autographed by Owen Wilson & Larry the Cable Guy … On Sale $449 from $650 … available at RueLaLa. Sign in and sign up here to view.     Tweet This Post

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    The evolution of classic toys and games is beginning to reflect the fact that even young children are wedded to digital devices.

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    Look below for the image gallery! lt;img src=quot;;gt;Now that all the Autobots of the first wave have been covered, it's time to look at the Decepticons. They are elusive, due to their being shortpacked. Only one Megatron and one Soundwave will be found in each assortment. Never love for the bad guys. However, we've come up with a Megatron and are now ready to give you the lowdown on Transformer's favorite villain. Click here for the full review!

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  • 02/27/12--02:37: Hobby Maker Show Winter 2012

  • Some photos remaining from the Hobby Maker Show Winter 2012. You will find everything else apart from the Good Smile Company stuff which has its own dedicated post. All the other Wonfes related photo posts listed up below.

    Some figure cases by Solid Stage on display which not only protect your figures from dust but also from evil UV rays.

    Also met up with some of my blogger comrades who all use the same camera!

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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  • 02/27/12--02:37: Article 63

  • Pre-kindergarten toys - KidCo Bath Storage Basket (S372)

    KidCo Bath Storage Basket (S372)

    KidCo Bath Storage Basket (S372) - The KidCo Bath Storage Basket is adjustable in length, making it great to fit most tubs. Children will love not having to lug all of their bath toys into the tub with them. Now they can sit back, splash around and enjoy all of their bathtime toys. Parents will love not having to go digging in other rooms for toys to bring to tub time. Parents will also love that the KidCo Bath Storage Basket has divider panels to help separate toys from bath care items.

    KidCo Bath Storage Basket (S372)
    • Adjustable length
    • Fits most bath tubs
    • Divider panels separate toys from bath care items
    • Holds bath toys, soap, shampoo and more
    • Easy to attach and remove

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - KidCo Bath Storage Basket (S372)...

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