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    Capsule toys are such a cute and inexpensive way to get toys from your favorite games and shows. So Pokemon fans will be happy to see that there will be more figures coming from Pokemon X/Y. There will be 12 figures altogether separated into four capsules.

    These capsules will have figures of each evolution of the three starters and one other Pokemon. So included will be Chespin, Qulladin, Chesnaught, Fennekin, Braixen, Delphox, Froakie, Frogadler, Greninja, Pancham and Pangoro. Each varies in size depending on their evolution.

    So there will be figures ranging from under one inch to over one inch. Coming out in April, these Pokemon toys will be ¥300 each. 

    [via figsoku]

    Pokemon evolution capsule toys will be coming in April screenshot


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    SiriusXM has teamed up with Kidz Bop, the No. 1 kids’ music brand in the U.S., to launch Kidz Bop Radio. Kids and families can now tune into Kidz Bop’s dedicated channel featuring music from the chart-topping Kidz Bop album series 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Kidz Bop Kids—Ashlynn, Bredia, Grant, [...]

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    Thanks to our site sponsor Robotkingdom who have shared images of the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock Reissue with Crown Coin & Flame Sword. This set is available in limited quantities while supplies last at a price of $169.99 USD from Check out the images below for the full look at the exclusives.

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    Did you know that cute kaiju have peculiar eating habits? According to Fat Rabbit Farm, kaiju really, really love ice cream. This Genevieve Santos painting captures another adorable kaiju who loves all types of ice cream. It also loves its … Continue reading 

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    Two mobile toy cars factor heavily in my memories of childhood, the first being a diecast mobile featuring the red with white striped Ford Gran Torino from the 70's television series "Starsky & Hutch", which I played with till it was "battle damaged"… the second was a simple radio controlled car that was K.I.T.T. from "Knight Rider". and I was so proud of myself for doing certain "driving stunts" with the car I don't think was part of the manufacturer's intent!

    Both vehicles somehow "mysteriously disappeared" (or as my mum insists, the "maid stole my model cars and LEGOs" LOL). "Cars" and "Boys" = an inevitable connection thru the generations, across all manners of nations and countries. Somehow thru the years, our parents (or even parents you are now) would have bought and gifted the boys with vehicles, I suspect.

    I believe there to be a "progression" of some sorts, in a way being able to embrace two and four wheeled variety, one would be able to "accept" the fantastical space-faring rocket-ships "easier". A gateway to "imagination" perhaps?

    Toys like M.A.S.K. straddled the fiction-fantastic but is still "real" enough to exist, while Transformers mashup cars and giant robots (and "win" for boys LOL). Not to mention the various vehicles seen in Japanese anime, and I'll lap it all up, cars revving on turbo-drive, throttling into infinity!

    (Tomica's Batmobiles Rock!)

    As kids, we create a world in which the cars travel in. Be it a memory of a trip we had experienced before, or by looking out the window in the car our dad's drove (Raise your hands whenever you get uber-excited by sitting in the front seat next to the driver?). From the asphalt to the star-lined spaceways, the "car" itself provides the catalyst, I reckon. Imagination either continues forth into adulthood, or simply just fades when "reality" hits, and you end up earning thru your blood sweat and tears to pay for the upkeep of your bachelor or family car LOL

    As one collector gets older, either his tastes veer towards the remote-controlled vehicular persuasion, or like me, turn back into time and collect blister-carded vehicles (where before it was just straightup printed cardboard boxes), preferably pop culture / cartoon-themed cars, as seen in my small collection.

    It took me decades to actually begin collecting model cars again. Looking at my earliest personal pic of me with a cement mixer (let's not forget construction vehicles and fire engines lol), till the time I begun collecting motorcycles in 1/6-scale (for my 1/6-boys and hell was it an obsession), and eventually hoarding Barbie-scaled cars to eventually "customized" like the ones seen in "Fast and Furious" series (this time, my 1/6-girls also get their due)- for which the customizing-part never really took off … BUT I did use my remote-controlled Barbie Red Lamborgini for a quick spot in an opening sequence of a television show I worked on… *cough*

    The thing about Art toys, is that is it mainly based on humanoid-ish character designs, but very rarely does it go beyond. Kidrobot produced Munny Mobile and FILTH's Station Wagons, and that's about it really. There was also threezero's SU2CV - which would have been AWEsome - but if anyone wants their pieces to go for a ride, they might have to make one yourself.

    I wish there were model cars made for PeeCool, and from Hanna Barbera's Wacky Races, and recently race cars from the the anime Redline have been plaguing my thoughts and latent desires (someone made a model too!), and maybe one day I'll make my own Super7 x Wacky Races vehicles myself :p

    Above: Super7 x Wacky Races
    Below: RADCOM Engines: GP TYPE 001 MICROBUS

    With affordability becoming a realistic issue now, I personally can indulge in collecting more, and with upcoming customization of cars to look forward to - including JeAA's splendid RADCOM Engines: GP TYPE 001 MICROBUS (Image seen above), the future seems bright, you might need to pull the dashboard shades down!

    The irony of it all, is that I only "drive" in my dreams, as I do not have a driving license,nor do I physically drive, even until my adultass NOW! *facepalm*

    Regardless of your choice of toy wheels - THROTTLE ON, Folks!


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    Hello and welcome to the latest installment of Tomopop LinkUP! I hope people enjoyed the special Transformers edition of LinkUP I did last week, but now we're back to our regular routine. There's been a lot of stuff happening as of late with the more creative among us. I like to think I'm creative, but I'm more of an idea person. When it comes to putting paint to plastic or clay to wheel it never looks as good as it does in my head. Some of us have it and some of us just write about the people who have it I guess.

    This week we've got not one, but two artist interviews to pass along, as well as some designer stuff and a bunch of photo galleries. Let's get to it after the jump, shall we?

    Tomopop LinkUP: Art is a blast! screenshot


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    WHAT: I asked a select few folks how their 2013 was, and what should folks expect from them in 2014, and this is what they shared with TOYSREVIL…

    ERICK SCARECROW: My 2013 was extremely hard. My father passed away and it something that I didn't see coming. We were very close. I had to deal with some feelings that I never felt before but I'm doing much better now.

    ERICK SCARECROW: My first thoughts of 2014 is really moving way pass 2013 and looking forward to the new. I have several things in the works that I'm excited about. Going to relaunch the 9DKP project via Kickstarter in a different format thanks to the encouragement of the previous backers.

    I'm also looking forward to working with more game developers on the collectible end. One of them is Klei Entertainment based in Canada. They will introduce a polished line of collectibles based on their existing title "Don't Starve" and "Mark of the Ninja". We spent a great deal of time and effort on them so I hope collectors will appreciate it.

    Other than that this is like my 9th year of operation and it's amazing. I'm going to try some new things this year. I'm feeling more creative this round than 2013. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I don't want to reveal too much.

    Look for Erick Scarecrow on the www via:
    ESC Toy Twitter
    Online Store
    NOTE: All Sneak Peek First Look Images in this post were provided by Erick because he rocks hard, nuff said!

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    Tenacious Toys has announced the pre-order details for the Hayao Miyazaki tribute figure - dubbed Miya-san by designer Martin Hsu. The pre-order opens at 2PM ET on January 21 2014 and closes at midnight on January 31 2014. The Miya-san tribute figure will be 6" tall and made of resin. It will be produced by […]

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    So, at the beginning of 2014, where are we on Star Wars Black 6″? Before I begin, let me state something: I’m not that worried about the line. I think sometimes collectors overthink this kind of thing. Star Wars is a big, recognizable brand with a new movie coming out in less than two years. The hype […]

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    This adorable photo was posted on Prego asking the question: "Aren't you glad you don't have to do this at the hairdresser?"

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    Two new items join the Honeybake range from Le Toy Van.

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    Babies “R” Us has partnered with, a pregnancy and parenting website that offers advice, ideas, resources, and support to first-time parents as they navigate pregnancy. Used by more than 18 million parents to date, the Babies “R” Us Registry will now be available to a new, expanded audience of moms-to-be, who can create and [...]

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    Hey, I know I just reported last week that Neal Adams was going to be signing comics in New York City... but now, in just a few days, the comic book artist Neal Adams will be appearing on the west coast (in California) at the A-1 COMICS Store on Saturday, January 18th, from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm.

    While there you can get one FREE complimentary autograph and then additional ones are only $10.00. The store will also be offering "CGC Signature Series" services for $20 where you can have his autograph verified for a small fee. Hey, if you go please tell Neal and the store owner that the BAT-BLOG.COM sent you!

    A-1 Comics
    5361 Auburn Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA.  95841

    Phone: (916) 331-9203

    For more information please be sure to visit their facebook page by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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    Hey Kids! Check out this awesome set of photos sent in to us by our good bat-buddy, Joshua Raymond, who also does some super-excellent writing over at the Misfit Robot Daydream Blog.

    He's a HUGE Batman Fan and, just recently, he spotted these Batman and Superman Candy Tarts (boxed) at a Circle K convenience store in Las Vegas, NV. (Thanks Joshua, YOU ROCK, Sir!)

    These candies look like those heart-shaped Valentine's Day candies, except they are shaped like the Bat Symbol and the Superman S-Shield.  They come with 5 boxes in one pack, and are being sold at two packs for $2.00. Yeah, just 2 bucks for 2 packages!

    I should say that I saw the "Superman" Candies in a Dollar General Store about a week ago but they didn't have any "Batman" ones. maybe they were sold out because he's the better Superhero, ouch!

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    In celebration of the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray our good buddy Dan Greenfield, over at the 13th DIMENSION website, just held a brief (but super-exclusive) interview with Burt Ward (Robin, The Boy Wonder) where he asked about Burt's opinion on the DVD coming out. To read that article, just CLICK HERE!

    NO official release date has been set yet but stay tuned to the Bat-Blog and we'll let ya know when that info becomes available. We can't wait!!

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    Over at the DC COMICS website they announced that the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series will finally be released on DVD and Blu-Ray!! They have NOT mentioned an official release date yet but stay tuned to the Bat-Blog.Com and once we know then you'll know!

    Also, this story was actually broken by a reporter named Mike Cecchini over at the DEN OF GEEK website. Mike confirmed the news in the strangest way, via a tweet from Conan O'Brien.

    Very excited @WBHomeEnt is releasing the Batman '66 Complete TV Series in 2014! The seat smells like Adam West:
    — Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) January 15, 2014

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  • 01/16/14--10:45: Metlex One Blue Edition
  • Tesselate has announced that Metlex One is back...and this time he is blue. The Metlex One Blue Edition is here to complete the RGB (Red Green & Blue) Trilogy which began back in 2007 with the original red version. Metlex One Blue comes with handmade packaging, a 25mm badge and two vinyl stickers. IT's limited […]

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    Following Optimus Prime and Windblade, IDW Publishing have updated their Twitter with what appears to be a sort of campaign for the Transformers Post Dark Cybertron "AFTER THE DARK..." comic project. This time we get dose of the Decepticon Leader Megatron with Lost Light from artists Casey Collier and Joana Lafuente. Check out the image of Transformers POST Dark Cybertron Teaser Image Megatron and Lost Light below.

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    Thanks to OscarFung who has posted out of box images of the Perfect Effect PE-DX03 Warden. The IDW-inspired Fortress Maximus figure is shown in the robot mode figure as well as looks at the toy in the Fort Max headmaster mode that replaces Cerebros on your vintage or Encore Fortress Maximus figure. Also get a look at the BFG Gun accessory and Tank mode as well. See all the test shot color images below for all the full preview.

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