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    PRODUCT-PRESS: The galaxy's greatest evil has emerged from the vault! Many toy collectors have heard of Deady, that evil teddy bear of Voltaire's that has taken shape in over a dozen vinyl releases by Toy2R. But few are aware that the latest Deady toy is a hard to find exclusive figure of Urkor Malravenus, the evil tentacled skull that possesses Deady the teddy.This malevolent alien from the

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    New Catalog and Deals on Crave!

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    Arkham City, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel & More At BBTS

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    Sideshow Collectibles continues to offer collectors spectacular deals with a $90 discount off of their Disney Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Dastan Premium Format Figure. If you're intersted in score this piece on the cheap, follow the above link and use the HOLIDAY3011 holiday coupon code.

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    Disney is introducing a new, relatable and younger Disney princess to it’s already vast princess collection.  Sofia the First will be about an average little girl who is put into a not so average situation – her mom marries a King.  Disney and Disney Junior will be [...]

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    Do you want to see the most blingingist toy ever? Well here you go! You are looking at a 6” tall sculpture that weighs roughly 2 pounds by Robinson Design Goldsmith in New Zealand. This original one of a kind design is based on the New Zealand Tiki and is...

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    More Holiday MAQETs available screenshot

    Heathrow isn't the only MAQET getting decked out for the holiday season. Danke and Schoen, Bruiser and Bernie Cotton are all getting holiday releases, too! Danke and Schoen will have four variants, including the adorable snowman one you see above. Meanwhile, Bernie Cotton's got elf and candy cane versions, and Bruiser looks a little more jolly with some festive tattoos.

    Dankeschoen Snowman, Santa Danke (Eco Ambassador ver.), Santa Schoen, Santa Danke and Santa Bruiser are all US$25, limited to 15 pieces each. Bernie Cane and Saint Bernard are US$35, limited to 30 pieces each. They're all available in the MAQET Shop; do you like any of the designs?

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    It looks as though Doktor A.’s Artist Proof Humphrey Mooncalf figures have finally arrived from Pobber Toys. What we couldn’t help but notice was the pixelated Humphrey in the photo. I think it’s safe to say that we should soon be seeing this release and boy we could not wait!...

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    Coarse Toys has just announced their final release of 2011. Presenting Casting Shadows and Pain, which features two vinyl figures, noop and nism. Noop stands 7” tall and is left bleeding and covered in bandages, as nism stands 4” tall and features a shark snarl pattern and is finished in...

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  • 12/15/11--23:02: 2011 Figure Ranking

  • Was filming the 2011 AmiAmi end of year figure ranking for Culture Japan with Richard yesterday and would like to share the results with you. As its the EOY rankings, we only cover the top figures from various categories.

    Moe Figure

    The top selling Moe figure for 2011 is Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 1st Fate Testarossa -PHANTOM MINDS.
    Extremely well crafted figure by Alter. A wee bit too big to display if you dont have much room.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Action Figure

    The best selling action figure of 2011 is figma - Miku Hatsune Append ver. Lovely sculpt by Masaki Apsy - perfect git for the in-laws.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Robot Toy

    The best selling figure in the Robot Toy category is Super Robot Chogokin - The King of Braves GaoGaiGar. This comes with a load of parts which you can enjoy loosing around the house.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Mini Figure

    The best selling Mini Figure of 2011 was Nendoroid Miku Hatsune - Absolute HMO Edition which sold an absolute bucket load. This Miku has more joints than standard Nendoroids and comes with a zillion extra parts.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Tokusatsu Toy

    The best selling Tokusatsu Toy of 2011 was figma Kamen Rider Onyx from Kamen Rider - Dragon Knight. Never seen the series but love the designs of these. My fave is still Kamen Rider Kabuto though.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Standard Figure

    AmiAmi have a category called "Standard Figure" which are figures which dont fit into any of the above categories ^^; The top selling was Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece CB-EX Luffy & Ace.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    And thats all we had time to cover in the 6 min on-air time. What was 2011 like for you in term of figures? Many releases that you got hold of or not much that you wanted? For me it was a good year and think its going to be a good year in 2012 too ^o^
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    For folks who are not beknowist, AmiAmi also make figures like this one of Hinako which is due out next March. Hinako is from the "Isshoni" Series which Mirai Suenaga was a part of last year.

    I've been told from reliable sources that the white stuff is foam bubbles.

    And this was the office setup during filming - it will be episode 13 of Culture Japan Season 2 which will be available worldwide on TV and the Internets.

    All photos taken on the NEX-5N.

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  • 12/15/11--23:02: Shibuya Photos

  • It was 9 months ago a few days after the 3.11 earthquake when I was in Shibuya on a day like this - blue skies Shibuya I call it. I was taking photos of the apparent Tokyo evacuation that foreign media was reporting. To this day, I still get folks outside Japan asking me about the radiation issues.

    To me its a non issue as I would continue to live in Japan no matter what. Radiation updates does get on the news from time to time and there are always periodic reports of some plant or vegetable containing above average levels of radiation.

    I was at immigration the other day and an officer told me how the amount of foreigners in Japan who were living here have dropped significantly. The only good news this brings about is that Gaijin ("Gaijin" means foreigner) who decided to stay hardly have to wait anymore to get their application processed. I used to dread going to immigration due to the looong queues which would eat up a few hours - I was in and out within 10 mins this time.

    I know there are many folks out there who love Japan and want to visit but are worried about coming back from Japan with the new ability to glow in the dark. What I would say is dont be afraid of dying - be afraid that you didn't live the life that you wanted to live.

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    South exit at Shibuya Station. The Cerulean Tower hotel in the background.

    This is the Moai statue. Next to it is a van which is doing free tuberculosis scans for citizens.

    During the Winter seasons, we get a load of blue skies like this and is a relatively dry season. Tis very cold though - the catch is that the trains are very warm.

    HD sized photos in this post uploaded to Google Plus - take and share what you need.

    Entrance of Center Gai feels very different without the electronics store Sakuraya not being there anymore.

    Grabbing some Starbucks.

    Shibuya 109 is the fashion department store for ladies - 109Men's is the equivalent for the lads.

    Inside 109Men's which is filled with a load of apparel stores.

    The young lads from Sexy Zone.

    Center Gai [センター街] - filled with restaurants, apparel stores and dodgy folks at night.

    This new apparel store popped up from nowhere.

    Entrance to the Everything store Tokyu Hands. You *must* visit this place if you come to Tokyo.

    The Apple Store Shibuya.

    K-ON! movie has inspired many viewers to take a trip to London - including many of my friends! Would some of you folks in London be interested in taking some of my Japanese fiends around? You need to speak Japanese though.

    Android are really ramping up their advertising campaigns on the streets and on TV.

    From time to time, bands will play around Shibuya station. Needless to say, one usually needs a permit to do so. Needles to say, its sometimes better to just do it like these folks and like the guy in the video below ^^;

    I love the packaging on Japanese pet bottles.

    The Japanese Salvation Army is usually out n about at this time of year.

    Japan has mascots for just about everything.

    One for the ladies.

    Dont be scared of radiation - be scared of this stuff instead. Unfortunately no-smoking seats in restaurants are few and far between. Even if you are given a no-smoking seat - its likely to be right next to a smoking seat that has no partition.

    Softbank Otousan goes to space.

    Heading back to base on the Yamanote line.

    This is my line - the Mita and Nanboku join onto the Meguro line.

    A snap from the train.

    Back at Musashikoyama. All photos taken on the NEX-5N.

    Previous Shibuya photo posts listed up below includes places to visit.

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    Matt JOnes aka Lunartik has been asked by Marie Curie Cancer Care to become apart of their Twitter Advent Calendar. Their mission is to help raise funds for the nurses that help those with terminal cancer and other illnesses to spend Christmas with their families. That is why Matt has...

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    Just in time for the holidays, Pierre Rouzier has released sets of four creatures in limited edition colorways. Limited to five different colorway sets, each set includes the Vapor, Clash, Fleetwood and Gazu-zu characters. The available colorways are "Beacon", "Coal", "nEvergreen", "UrbanSnow" and "One". And the four polystone resin figures measure between 5.5" and 6" [...]

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    Sometimes the true meaning of Christmas gets lost in the run up to Christmas … and it is like a run up – a full speed process with regular life going on … never mind the crazy grinches who steals presents or attack their fellow man to score a waffle maker … but how about [...]

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    OK, I've seen these new LEGO BATMAN Toys on eBay so I'm guessing they're starting to hit stores now. LEGO TOYS has a brand new property they call "DC UNIVERSE SUPER HEROES" where they will make play sets that revolve around DC Comics characters. The cool thing is they are mainly putting a focus on BATMAN, ha! We have reported about it here at the Bat-Blog a few times but here are some really great photos of the box packaging. In the 1st wave there will be:

    • Lego # 6858 - Catwoman Catcycle City Chase
    • Lego # 6883 - Batwing Battle Over Gotham City
    • Lego # 6864 - Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase
    • Lego # 6860 - The Batcave
    • Lego # 4526 - Batman Figure
    • Lego # 4527 - The Joker Figure

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  • 12/15/11--23:02: 006
  • Beware of the tiger

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    VeggieTales is celebrating 20 years of songs by releasing a “best of the best” DVD early next year, If I Sang a Silly Song. The DVD, by Big Idea Entertainment, will be available through digital download on January 24 and in Christian and general market stores on February 7. VeggieTales: If I Sang a Silly [...]

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    The next piece to be offered with a special discount is Sideshow Collectibles' Marvel Universe The Punisher Vs. Daredevil (Modern Version) Polystone Diorama. Collectors can save 30% off this diorama using the HOLIDAY3011 coupon code. Follow the above link to get yours right now!

    0 0 has the VTech Tote & Go Laptop in pink on sale for $12 as one of their online specials. Program your preschooler for early learning with the VTech Tote and Go Laptop. Just like with parents, the Tote and Go VTech pink learning laptop has big style for the little learners. The toy isRead More

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    set database: LEGO 4440 forest police station

    set number: 4440
    set name: forest police station
    theme: city, police, forest
    year: 2012
    pieces: 633
    prices: us$80
    minifigs: 5

    new forest police sub-theme set.
    come with a forest police station, a blue police offroad car, a police helicopter and a robber atv.
    the police station has a watch tower, a satellite dish, a cell with 3 beds, a removable mailbox and a safe.
    also included moveable rocks, a mushroom and a tree.
    accessories included a bear, 2 gold bars, 2 money bills, a suitcase, a crowbar, handcuffs, binoculars, a flashlight, 2 walkie talkies and a pickaxe.
    minifigs included 2 forest policeman minifigs, a pilot minifig and 2 robber minifigs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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