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    As a hero with many superior tech and equipment, Batman uses a specialized armory to store all of his state-of-the-art weaponries and gadgets. Now Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Batman Armory from The Dark Knight together in a set with Bruce Wayne and the firstly launched Alfred Pennyworth collectible figures. Hot […]

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    If you haven’t picked up a copy of this: Disney Pixar CARS: Character Encyclopedia – $12.95 at the Disney Store. It sells for $18-$22 elsewhere. I don’t think it’s available in stores – maybe if you have a mega sized Disney Store. You even get a free diecast, a metallic paint version of “Lightning McQueen with […]

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  • 01/04/14--03:00: Buy a really big Dengar
  • Gentle Giant's Star Wars Dengar Jumbo Kenner figure is currently available for purchase.

    Star Wars fans will recall Dengar as being one of the bounty hunters aboard the deck of the Excecutor when Darth Vader put a price on Han Solo's head in The Empire Strikes Back. That brief appearance was enough to warrant a figure in the original line as well as a good amount of coverage in the Expanded Universe having appeared in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (voiced by Simon Pegg!), comic books, and short fiction (perhaps most famously in "Payback: Dengar's Tale"). Plus he's one of my favorite bounty hunters.

    As with Gentle Giant's other Jumbo Kenner figures, Dengar is a roughly 12-inch upscaled version of a 3.75-inch figure in Kenner's original Star Wars line. The result naturally looks a little odd but it's something that may appeal to fans of the original line or bounty hunter aficionados especially since, as of the time of writing, Dengar has yet to receive a 1/6-scale figure in Sideshow's line (in fact, he's the ONLY bounty hunter from the bridge to see a figure as Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, and Zuckuss have all had one at this point).

    Gentle Giant's Dengar Jumbo Kenner figure is listed for the usual US$80.

    [ Order at  | Action Figure Express | Big Bad Toy Store ]

    Buy a really big Dengar screenshot


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    set database: LEGO elizabeth exclusive minifigure pack
     image courtesy of bricklink
    image courtesy of brickset
    set number: na
    set name: elizabeth exclusive minifigure pack
    theme: LEGO store grand opening exclusive set
    year: 2012
    pieces: 3
    price: us$na
    minifigs: 3
    LEGO store grand opening exclusive set in jersey gardens, elizabeth, NJ, USA.
    only 500 sets available.
    minifigs included 3 male minifigs.
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    Early last year my sister-in-law's beloved mother, Celia passed away. Celia was a wonderful, extremely optimistic, loving, and beautiful soul who had a wicked sense of humor and love of life. I would describe her as pure joy and just loved her. When Celia was around the room was filled with gaiety and laughter.

    Over the past ten years I have written about Celia and two dolls I made for her. The first doll I wrote about on August 24, 2005 in a Linda's Blog post entitled Celia's Doll. The 2nd doll I wrote about on May 18, 2006 in a Linda's Blog post entitled The Story Behind My "Celia's Wedding Dress" Doll. You may also recall that I have written about Celia's husband, Elmer as a doll he had given me inspired my Elmer's Little Boy doll.  His post is here.

    Celia was a member of the Red Hat Society and loved dressing up for their different events so when my sister-in-law asked me to make a doll for her using some of the Red Hat Society hats, gloves, jewelry, pocketbooks, etc. that she and her mother had made or used for her various outfits I was happy to oblige.

    I decided that my "Celia's Red Hat Society Art Doll" would be a fully wired cloth art doll with an embroidered face and would be seated on a chair.

    The hat in the picture above was completely covered with purple tulle with a large strip of purple boa around the hat band.  I wanted to utilize both so I decided to make my doll's dress out of purple print with it's sleeves and skirt covered with the purple tulle as an overlay.  I would use the purple boa as a shawl.

    My "Celia's Red Hat Society Art Doll" is a 19" art doll with a cloth body, embroidered face with wire glasses, fully wired and bendable cloth body, and white curly hair. She is wearing red print bloomers gathered at the waist and ankles. Her black felt boots are criss-crossed with DMC embroidery floss for laces.

    Her purple print dress is gathered at the waist, shoulders, wrists and neck and has the purple tulle as overlay on the skirt and sleeves. Lace trim adorns the neck and runs down the center of her dress bodice. Purple hearts created from Celia's earrings add adornment to her lace bodice. Wide red ribbon is wrapped around her waist and tied in a large bow tied in the front. A strip of the purple feather boa's from Celia's red hat shown in the picture above is added as a shawl around the doll's shoulders.

    The thumbs from Celia's light lilac gloves serve as gloves for the dolls hands and one of Celia's rings is used for a bracelet on the doll's right wrist. The doll's miniature pocketbook is made from the red velvet print pocketbook shown in the picture above and the pearl strap handle is from a pearl necklace Celia used for one of her costumes.

    Celia also had a red hat pincushion with embellishments that I used to create the doll's red hat.

    With the fully bendable body my "Celia's Red Hat Society Art Doll" sits beautifully on her pink metal chair.

    My sister-in-law loved her doll.  She now resides in a glass dome next to a picture of Celia.

    For Celia

    Memories are like leaves of gold
    They never tarnish or grow old
    Locked in our hearts
    You will always be
    Loved and remembered
    For all eternity


    May the winds of love blow softly
    And whisper for you to hear
    That we'll always love and miss you
    And wish that you were here


    They say there is a reason
    They say that time will heal
    But neither time nor reason
    Will change the way we feel
    For no-one knows the heartache
    That lies behind our smiles
    No-one knows how many times
    We have broken down and cried
    We want to tell you something
    So there won't be any doubt
    You're so wonderful to think of
    But so hard to be without

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    Max Toy Co has currently listed their KAIJU TANK up for sales via! Priced at only US$30, this all-soft vinyl piece is sized about 4 inches long x 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall, and features main and smaller turrets. Check out an earlier pic (bottom-right) of how a mini kaiju Eyezon fits! Love it! Want it! (FYI: That particular tank colorway was earlier released in Japan).

    This "dark grey" colorway is a Max Toy x Monster Boogie production, sculpted by Makino-san of TTToys. Made in Japan.

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    Huck Gee is putting up two SKULLS (from his own private collection) for online auctions: Bronze Skull and Steel Skull. And they sure look awesome as collectibles!
    "...They were originally released in March & April of 2010. Bronze and stainless steel, hand cast, American made and each sold for $1700. Combined, less than 10 were made. They are massive. They weigh 20 lbs each. They are awesome. The auctions start now at $1 each. Good luck!" -teases Huck.

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  • 01/04/14--06:45: Cometdebris 2014 Lucky Bags
  • What will you get in your Cometdebris 2014 Lucky Bag?! A single bag, randomly packed with 3 figures (unpainted figures, painted releases, custom painted figures), and extra goodies.

    All bags will contain surprises such as figures cast in unreleased vinyl colors and test vinyl colors, one of a kind test painted figures, mini edition runs, and custom painted figures. Included in every bag are goodies made especially for the 2014 Lucky Bags! ¥15000 and available at Super Festival 64 on Sunday, January 12.

    For those unable to attend the event, there will be a limited number available in the Cometdebris Online Store for US$160 (valued at US$200 or more). On sale January 12th at 6:00 AM PST.

    *Please note Lucky Bags will ship blind boxed without the actual paper bag.

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    "From the smoldering filth of a broken system emerges a dark and disparaging place appropriately named City of Industry. This God Forsaken city was built on top of a grotesque, toxic landfill and riddled with endless rows of grime factories unceasingly spewing carcinogens in the air and dumping poison in the water. City of Industry is a place where even the cloud's sliver linings become muddled through thick cancerous clouds of unbreathable air. This is the city we were born into and this is our story..."

    Broke1 and MannyX are coming out with a resin toy line entitled "City of Industry". The first figure is named "WASTE MANAGEMENT" and is limited to only 10 pieces, each priced at US$55+shipping - available for pre-order via the coming Monday January 6th, 2014. Each will be packaged in blistercards.
    "The story and characters are loosely based on our surroundings. We grew up in City of Industry, CA a town literally built over a landfill and as the name implies is covered with highly industrial factories and shipping warehouses." -added Manny.
    WHO IS "WASTE MANAGEMENT"? "Waste management is a joke in this town, a mere formality. These officials are paid handsomely by factory owners to dispose of their toxic sewage. This dreck is then dumped back into the city, seeping in the already arid land and poisoned water. While factory owners and city officials sleep comfortably miles away from the mess they create, they very workers that slave away in the hazardous conditions of these facilities are the ones that pay the high cost of low priced goods."

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    Inae Kang of Sticky Monster Lab sends word of a New SML Wars - SS002 (SML WARS A type-custom version). Remember that White-version I featured before? Now witness the awesome BLACK-Version muahahaha

    SML Wars was featured and sold at "We Love Vinyl 3" show hosted by TOMODACHI (held between Dec 6-13, 2013), with SS001(Atype) being the "Exhibition Only" edition of 10 pieces all sold out … available now is the 1-off SS002(Atype-custom version) - priced at US$900.00.

    "SML shop offers a special discount on one item each month. Enjoy an extra 10% discount plus on top of the basic 7% discount upon becoming a member!

    This month we present S05, one of Sticky Monster Lab's Platform Toy series. Both S05 and S06 series are the retro design concept. It consists of both a 'KIBON' in hoodie with 70's 80's icon prints and a 'WALKMON' which is a cartoonish version of walkman, the "it" item of that time."
    Check out (International shop).

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    Tonner revealed five new Oz family dolls. This time the twist is that they are all on the 19" Wilde Imagination Evangeline body.
    Have they done an Amelia sized Oz yet? 
    Oz lovers who also love big-headed dolls will go for this collection.

    Castle Stroll - Outfit








    The fifth doll was a sketch of a basic Glinda. Apparently the photo wasn't ready because it says that the doll is available to ship.

    I understand it from the company's point of view why stands are not included with these dolls. It's not like finding a stand for 19" dolls is easy. The Evangeline stand is a good stand and for dolls priced like these, the stand should be included.

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    ThreeA has released a teaser image of their 1/12th scale (24-inches tall), Worlds Best Robot- It called itself Mars figure! Click the thumbnail above to check it out and stay tuned as more images are released.

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    An image over at the 4Chan boards, shows us a look at what looks to be an X-Men Marvel Legends boxed set. Full image and our thoughts after the jump!

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  • 01/02/14--05:25: こんにちは日本!
  • Ayumi and Seiko are thrilled to be heading back to the Land of the Rising Sun!

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  • 01/02/14--06:31: Don't look back
  • 002 // 365 In life, so many of us spend so long pondering over things which have been done; things w

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  • 01/02/14--07:28: Utterly Anal
  • Yohji was most impressed by the utter neatness of compartmentalised airline food. That the meal was

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  • 01/02/14--07:31: Absolutely Sin-credible
  • Ayumi and Seiko reach out for the first of many tantalising desserts on their great Japan escapade.

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  • 01/02/14--07:38: Autumn Adventure
  • Ayumi, Yohji and Seiko found that frolicking among the fallen leaves was their most favourite activi

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    Tag - you're it - when it comes to this Steiff treasure with an abundance of labeling.  In addition to the "standard" 1970's era Steiff IDs of a button in ear, yellow ear tag, and red and yellow "split" style chest tag, this toddler-esque cub also has washing instructions, his original price tag, store label, and a most unusual promotional tag.  Let's take a look at this Teddy ambassador from the German publishing world and see what makes him so interesting from the design and collector perspectives. 

    This well read (and red, in some respects) bear is Toddel. He is 32 cm, standing, and head jointed.  Toddel is made from beige dralon, with trivera velvet paw pads and a small tan mohair muzzle.  He has very flat feet, which allow him to stand on his own. His face is detailed with oversized brown and black pupil eyes, a black hand embroidered nose and mouth, and light airbrushed highlights.  Toddel was made in this size only from 1971 through 1982 as a promotional item for the German magazine Eltern, which is still in business today.  

    Eltern translates to "Parents" - and this periodical indeed is chock full of information and guidance for moms, dads, and young families.  However, it is not entirely clear if Toddel's design is/was representative of the Eltern mascot or logo, or was just a sweet bear made as a somewhat customized advertising specialty for this publishing house.  Toddel has a very similar appearance and body shape to that of Soft Bear Toldy, a beige dralon bear produced in 30 and 40 cm from 1970 through 1979.

    It's hard to miss Toddel's unusual and most prominent tag - red on the outside, white on the inside - which is suspended from a red silk ribbon.  The tag reads "Eltern" on one side, and "Toddel" on the reverse.  The inside of the tag is pictured on the left and basically says how parents can now buy Toddel stories on the Maritim record label, that Eltern has a special children's section in its monthly magazine, and that parents can also buy Toddel puzzles made by JW Spear and Sons of Nurnberg. 

    Despite his relatively simple construction and design, this Toddel has several interesting features and details that make him a very good read for collectors.

    1.  First, and somewhat randomly, Toddel appears in the 1947-2003 Steiff Sortiment book in the "Bears and Teddy Bears" chapter, despite clearly being a co-branded product with the magazine; customer special items, like this one, almost always appear in the "Promotional and Film Animals" chapter of this reference book.

    2.  Second, Toddel's special Eltern tag is detailed with two actual Steiff buttons.  Steiff hardly ever uses their buttons for detailing the packaging or labeling of a product; they are far more likely to use buttons on the clothing or shoes of an item.  The only other item that Steiffgal can recall offhand where Steiff used buttons on something "disposable" related to an item was the clear plastic boxes used to package the woolen miniature mobiles, back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. 

    3.  Third, this particular Toddel, which was clearly made for the German marketplace, was purchased at FAO Schwarz in New York City in 1976.  Toddel retains his original red wooden FAO Schwarz bell tag, as well as his FAO Schwarz price tag, stating that he cost $22.50 at the time.  It is curious to consider why such a country specific, niche item would end up for sale so far away from its key target audience!

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Eltern magazine's Toddel has been a great page turner for you!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures, family or otherwise? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    La PORTE — Jack Alward could be deemed the La Porte Santa as he has donated more than 1,000 homemade wooden toys to the Salvation Army and hundreds of toys to other organizations and needy children.

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