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    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program is running into a few bumps in the...

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    My fascination for toy-decorated christmas trees this year is thrilled to see this set-up in the 'Conge Household' - featuring a kaiju village and all manner of niftiness, to which Bob Conge of Plaseebo also shared; "All the kids think the monsters under the tree are awesome."

    "Wishing you a Very Plaseebo Christmas."

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday too, Bob!

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    Since my challenge went out to my 1/6-collector, the first kitbash has been done! Check out this "Urban Private Military Operator" (#UPMC2014) from Kamel Liow, featuring a "monkey-face" mask over the skeleton-print mask = Nice touch, dude!

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    Popped into a Toys'R'Us (Tampines Mall) on Friday, while looking for a mini Christmas tree for the Heng Household - and although it was not my intention of doing so (believe you me, I tried hard to resist going lol), the least I could do was snap pictures of toys I would love to own, but hardly have the budget for … hey, as much as I heart "art toys", mass market media toys also sways my toy-loving heart too, you know?

    … and while I hardly would ever ask the art toy community for "free toys" (in fact I very seldom do, believing folks will gift me naturally if they believe I deserved them … "naive", I know… LOL), I wouldn't mind having these as Christmas presents! For your kind considerations:

    A dealbreaker if the 6th figure was a "Splinter" instead :)

    Star Wars AT-AT Discounted from over SGD$200 to $179.
    it would be a childhood dream come true, it would…

    Wouldn't mind if you threw in a Mickey Mouse Optimus Prime too … Just Sayin'!

    Who doesn't love Soundwave and his Cassettes? My absolute fav!

    Newest Kaen Rider figures from Bandai look pretty awesome!
    Although I am unfamiliar with this series, would love most
    of them hahaha Who is YOUR favorite, folks?

    My desire for Star Wars Black series had immediately waned when last I saw the entire series going for an awesome price (waaaay below the ones listed here), I could not afford them … and when I cannot lay my hands on things, most times I choose to convince myself that I don't need them in the first place, and try to move along, least my heart longs for them, ya know? Doesn't me I don't desire them still tho … heh.

    Other pieces of sweetness I don't mind owning too… :)

    Transformers, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman … these are the things that childhood dreams and media-manipulation are made of, so no use fighting it, so grab them for yourselves, or for your kids!

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    Good Smile Company Europe is clearly keen to get into the Christmas spirit, as community manager Maritan has announced over on her blog that they'll be holding a special festive contest in co-operation with partner sites like Tomopop.

    To enter, all you need to do is head over to Maritan's blog and fill in a short questionnaire, including the keyword you see in the image below.

    It's well worth your time to do so too, as GSC is offering up some tasty prizes. The winner will receive the stunning Belldandy and Holy Bell, while the runner up doesn't do badly either, scoring Nendoroid Mikasa

    Naturally, this contest is only open to those residing in the European Union, and you have to be 18 or over (or have written permissions from a parent or legal guardian). You've got from today until January 10th to enter, so head over and give it a go, and let us know if you strike gold!

    Good Smile Company Europe offers up a festive contest screenshot


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    And while I might not have snagged any of these toys at Toys'R'Us in my visit last Friday, I could not resist grabbing this instead! well, at least it was something I could afford hahahaha pretty exciting find for me!

    Produced by Mattel for Hot Wheels, this is part of the "Retro Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary" 1:64 Die Cast Vehicle, alongside a "Colonial Viper" (OMG #Want!), released in 2012.

    I've been beginning collecting Hot Wheels - specifically pop culture media related stuff - and having a blast "discovering" them! Now I need to fond me some Colonial Viper Hot Wheels!

    Reaching them on the display pegs at the Toys'R'Us store in Tampines Mall was a slight chore, as a store attendant was stacking up new toys in-front/next to it, with his boxes covering most of the shelf … and even when I asked him to let me pass, he gave me such a quick look of disgust, it was really off-putting. BOOOO, TOY'R'US! You should change your name to TOYS'R'UNPLEASANT-STAFF!

    And when I found out online later at home after the purchase, that there were actually Colonial Vipers in that series too, it angered me that I could not access to half of the shelf, as they were covered by boxes of new toys to be stacked, no doubt by the staff, to be able to have seen or searched for more … "Well done", Toys'R'Us, well done indeed >:(

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    As we continue the month-long daily Hasbro Photo Archive update, we look at the Marvel Legends Puck Series. Follow this link to check out the Wolverine action figure and stay tuned as we go through the rest of the wave over the next few days!

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  • 12/21/13--21:00: Debbie Sterling
  • The founder of GoldieBlox on the joys of karaoke, documentaries and 3-D printing.

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    100 S-Clips for Your Rainbow Loom - Value Pack -- $0.01

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    Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver -- $22.25

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    Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure -- $14.74

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    Revolutionary Girl Utena was one of the first long running anime that I watched when I was younger. Looking back it dealt with some pretty mature concepts and was likely the first show that I saw that had some shoujo ai in it, however I think at the time I was too naive to grasp those ideas. Still it is easy to say that Utena holds a place in my heart as a classic female heroine much like Belldandy, Lina Inverse, or Sailor Moon. Well, maybe not quite as epic as those greats, but she is up there.

    Recently at Megahobby Expo we saw that MegaHouse is making a figurine based on Utena, but we didn't have too many photos of her still-unpainted prototype. Fortunately Akibahobby was able to remedy this because they got their hands on a production sample and took a few photos. I suggest you head over to their blog to check out their full gallery.

    In brief, the sculpt for Utena is looking very sharp, even uncolored it is clear that there is a lot of detail put into her uniform. Her basic hair sculpt and face are coming along well for this stage of prototype development, too. But we won't really know how epic she is 'til we see her final prototype and paint job. With a little luck that time will come sooner than we think.

    Who out here is excited to see Utena? Let us know in the comments.

    [via Akibahobby]

    Preview MegaHouse's G.E.M. Utena screenshot


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    This year at Jump Festa, MegaHouse's GEM division showed off some cool looking prototypes of boy figures from many popular franchises. Among the ones shown were young Kakashi from Naruto, Kamui from Gintama and Kotetsu and Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny

    All of these boys are looking good. It's nice to see Kotetsu and Barnaby in color, but the best in the set has to go to young Kakashi, for me it has to do with how the extra effort was put into showing him in action, balancing on a tree trunk. The presentation reminds me of something I saw out of a flashback from Naruto just this last week. I'm not a big fan of Gintama so I can't comment too much on Kamui's choice as a figure, just that from what I have seen of Gintama he was not a major character yet.

    In any case it is nice to see more boys coming out from GEM. Do any of them pique your interest? Let us know in the comments.

    Via Figure_No_Oni's twitter

    Jump Festa 2013: GEM shows off some new boys! screenshot


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    Nelson Blindspot is a nice addition to the Deluxe lineup. Not only is he is a huge metal diecast but he comes with glued on headset AND a giant plastic camera accessory. Thanks, “John H.” for some great photos. At a quick glance, he looks like a repaint of “Murphy,” from the Sarge Boot Camp […]

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    “Go motion may have been extinct overnight, as if by a meteor bombardment, but Phil Tippet reinvented himself as the head of a CG studio, and many of his go-motion animators were quick to retrain as CG animators, adapting their old skills with relative ease to the new way of working. During the early 1990s the shift […]

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    After my earlier feature about the coming "TROOPER BOY" launch at Secret Fresh on December 22nd, and a preview peek at customs to be had, today we check out a small selection of pieces from the over 50 customs to be displayed at the show, featuring WIPs and full reveals!

    Above: Who can resist a scratch-sculpted Amidala sitting
    on a Trooper with lipstick by Tawnie Tantay? :)

    Above: Custom by JJ Zamoranos

    Above: Custom by Gori Bautista

    Above : Custom by Bembol Dela Cruz

    Above: Kristrooper (epjeyism idol) by Nemo Aguila

    Check out the fabulous full reveal above for both Bulletpunk: Storm King Machine + The Rebel Slayer SKM Custom by Hidden Fortress [egg fiasco x QUICCS] all boxed and ready for battle! Note that the Bulletpunk: STORM KING MACHINE from QUICCS is limited to an edition of 20pcs (For orders and inquiries email

    And speaking of "boxes", we last saw John Eugene Atendido Avila's (JeAA) box-with-a-face, today we have the Full Reveal of "R.A.D.C.O.M. TRAVELER"! This piece also includes a 11x17in art print and OG box art (More pics HERE on Facebook).

    "Once upon a time there was a traveler/ a soldier, seeking for answers. Dashing clouds in the sky, enjoying the flow and no where to go. A good luck marks on his way as he is confident on his journey. Never be afraid he said, soon we will meet the end." -JeAA

    “TROOPER BOY” by Secret Fresh X Imagine Nation Studios launches December 22nd @ G/F RONAC Art Center, Manila, Philippines.

    (Additional pics via Bigboy Cheng)

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    set database: LEGO beachwood exclusive minifigure pack

    image courtesy of bricker
    set number: na
    set name: beachwood exclusive minifigure pack
    theme: LEGO store grand opening exclusive set
    year: 2011
    pieces: 3
    price: us$na
    minifigs: 3
    LEGO store grand opening exclusive set in beachwood place, beachwood, OH, USA.
    only 500 sets available.
    minifigs included a female minifig and 2 male minifigs.
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    Safari Ltd. has received Prehistoric Times magazine‘s 2013 Dinosaur of the Year award for its Wild Safari Gyrposaurus. Prehistoric Times magazine caters to both retail stores and individual dinosaur enthusiasts. The magazine is celebrating its 20th year in distribution. The staff and the retailers that were canvassed gave strong support for the Gyrposaurus. Safari Ltd.’s Wild Life [...]

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    KFC Announce their latest project: Justice Badbat is based on SG Ratbat. Flaptrap is based on Wingthing. Cassette Beast Cage is based on the cage they put Ravage in an early G1 episode. Will be up for order in the Christmas 2013 season, delivered after most likely.

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    TFC Toys have posted an update to their Weibo page about their Not Defensor Gets a Name - Prometheus! They have also released a couple of new images of Groove and Not Streetwise that are part of the Not Defensor Protectobots Project. Get a look at prototype stage images of Groove and the Not Streetwise toys in the gallery now.

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