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    100 S-Clips for Your Rainbow Loom - Value Pack -- $0.01

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    Max Steel Interactive Steel with Turbo Sword -- $19.99

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    Han Solo’s Actual DL-44 Blaster For Sale

    This is the real deal right here — Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster is for sale on Invaluable with a starting bid of $200,000. This is what Harrison Ford actually held during Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi,which is a huge deal for fans of the series. But at that price? You’ve got to have real dedication…

    (via HiConsumption)

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    Ziiiro Eclipse Watch

    The Ziiiro Eclipse is a minimal, beautiful watch, taking inspiration directly from, obviously, a solar eclipse. It’s super stylish and looks like something out of Tron. The two small hands on the watch are for minutes/hours, with no numbers displayed on its surface. It’s also glow in the dark, which is super cool. Grab one on Ziiiro’s official site.

    (via HiConsumption)

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    Who wasn’t looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4? It seemed like everybody was excited to see the latest features of this much anticipated smart phone. But was it worth the wait? Is it really the next big thing? Let’s take a look at now. Joshua Vergara gives us an in depth […]

    The post Samsung Galaxy S4: Was It Worth The Wait? appeared first on

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  • 12/04/13--22:07: Name That…Wrestler
  • It’s always amazed me how many wrestling figures there are out there.

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    Corrupted Super Mario 64 Is Super Trippy

    Here’s some footage from a really tripped out/corrupted Super Mario 64 cartridge. It’s fun to watch and overall insane, and I’d love to actually play a version that runs this damaged. Peep the video below:

    (via Joystiq)

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    Do you ever feel like your counters just aren’t quite clean enough? I often spill things and so do my kiddos so this holiday season we’re keeping things a little cleaner with Bounty DuraTowels. Last month we took the Ditch and Switch Challenge with Bounty. For a few days we used a traditional cloth for cleaning… [read more]

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    A nice surprise, while every previous Radiator Springs Classic singles and box set release up to now has just been re-releases from CARS 1, for the last (?) two box sets of 2013, a surprise new release – especially the Dinoco 400 Box Set with Jay W. – presumably the W stands for Jay Ward, […]

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    The Star Wars Dinsey Pixar “CARS Wars” diecasts are back in stock at the Theme Parks. If you’re not going or not having anyone pick these up for you, you can call their 800 number to order from the Theme Parks. Let us know if the Mater Time Travel CARS are back in stock-on the […]

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    I was pleased when GSC first announced Nendoroid More Pajamas back in September. It feels like it has been longer since then but really it has just been around two months. After much teasing GSC is finally showing off on Shisotsu's blog how they look on actual Nendoroids.

    I like what I see in the sculpt and colors so far, but found the lack of variety a little off putting. Fortunately, tomorrow they will be showing off a new tunic type of pajama so I am hoping to see a little bit more variety. It's not that I don't think the two Milky Holmes Nendoroids they showed off here were not cute or anything, but I consider showing off two figurines with exactly the same bottom half sculpting with some recolors no matter the quality of the sculpt to look pretty cheap. But at least the colors chosen are pretty rich and pajama-like, aren't they?

    What do you think Tomopeeps? Am I just spoiled on highly detailed figurines? Am I being too critical? Let me know in the comments.

    [via Shisotsu blog]

    Nendoroid More Pajamas finally get displayed on bodies screenshot


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    Rotofugi is now taking Pre-Orders for the new COARSE Toys Locks figure. There are two colorways to choose from, Milky and Bliss, which can be found HERE for $225 each. They’ve only got a small amount on hand, so pick yours up quick! Shipping is estimated within December. They are...

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    If you pre-ordered or just generally liked Good Smile Company's 1/8-scale Akane who hails from Vividred Operation, then you may want to check out Kahotan's latest blog showing her off.

    The most useful bits of her post cover how to attach Akane to her Wanko hover bike and what can be displayed along with her. She also provided a box shot and base shot which is nice to see pre-release. Also of note, Kahotan put a Nendoroid Petit in the bike and a Nendoroid on the bike so everyone can see how big it is.

    In all it makes for a good read,  and it kind of makes me wish I had pre-ordered Akane for my own collection, but I am saving up funds for my next big hobby investment right now. Did any of you Tomo readers out there order Akane? I bet you can't wait for her to show up!

    [Via Kahotan's Blog]

    Kahotan shows off Akane one more time before she ships! screenshot


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    One of the things my sister and I LOVE to do is SHOP. And, when we get together well, shop we do. Shop til we drop that is.

    Well, on my recent visit to Rock Garden Alpacas  my sister made sure to include a day for shopping. Instead of going to the wonderful fabric store we had visited last year this time we were going to a local Hobby Lobby. My sister had told me I was going to love it as it was like a combination A.C. Moore, Michaels, Joanns, and Homegoods put together.

    She was right. I LOVED it. When we entered the store I knew right away I was in trouble. I didn't think we'd ever get out of the store - let alone out of the Christmas Department. Customers were looking at me as I was laughing and laughing and laughing. My sister had a huge smile on her face knowing "baby sister was right!"

    For several years now we've put a large wooden old-fashioned Santa that Hubby and I had made on the front door for Christmas. This year I wanted to change that as I thought the Santa, while wonderful, wasn't big enough and you couldn't really see him behind the storm door from the street.

    I wanted something larger only I wasn't sure exactly what that should be. That is until I rounded the corner of the silk floral department of Hobby Lobby and saw the most colorful 3 foot long red and green sparkling poinsettia silk floral stem. It was gorgeous.

    I thought it was perfect for the front door and that three of these silk floral stems in a tower arrangement would be perfect for the front door. I had also seen some long glittery green grass silk floral stems I liked and thought that turned upside down they'd make a great finish for the bottom of my long silk floral spray tower. And, of course there would be a large wired floral bow.

    I asked "baby" sister what she thought and she said it would be perfect for the front door. With that kind of encouragement how could I not buy the Christmas silk floral?

    "Baby" sister started laughing and I knew right away what she was laughing about. I had my carriage in front of me in the aisle and I could not fit anything else into the carriage. Of course, when I looked at her carriage I, too, started laughing. Neither one of us could fit anything else into our carriages. We kept telling ourselves that we needed all these craft supplies and decorations. And, how could we beat these prices? That's what we told ourselves. What would we tell our hubbies?

    As we were standing in line at the register the woman behind me asked me what I was going to do with the 3 glittery silk floral stems. I told her I wanted to create a Christmas floral spray tower for my front door and thought the glittery silk floral stems in a tower arrangement would be perfect.She thought it was a great idea and told me she was going to buy some for her house.

    This past weekend when hubby and I were putting up the Christmas decorations I decided to make the large Christmas floral spray for the front door.

    The first thing I did was flattened all three of the silk floral stems as I knew the space between the front door and the storm door was only about 3" or so and they needed to fit into it.

    After flattening the floral stems I positioned the 2nd one under the first with the wire stems lined up and the floral petals nicely displayed. Once satisfied with the positioning I tightly tied my 2 wire stems together with a wire twisty. Then I lined the 3rd one up just under the 2nd and tied the three together with a wire twisty once I was satisfied that the floral petals were nicely arranged.

    I had bought two long green glittery grass silk floral stems that I wanted to turn upside down to finish the bottom of the long silk floral tower spray. I measured the length of the glittery grass to see how much of the wire stems would be covered and how much of the wire stems I would need to cut off.

    The two bottom floral stems were too long. I cut about 6" off the bottom of the lower two stems and then wrapped floral tape around the ends to cover the sharp wire cut end and help secure the floral stems together. Once I was happy with the layout I secured the floral stems with more wire twists and floral tape in several places along the wire stem line.

    Then I turned the glittery grass stems upside down and lined them up side by side on the bottom of the spray making sure to cover the three silk floral wire stems with my glittery grass. When I was happy with the glittery grass arrangement I tied them to the back of the spray in several places with wire twists and floral tape.

    I was pleased by the way my spray was turning out. It was very colorful and very big. About 1 1/2 feet wide and 4 feet long. For sure it would cover the front door and be seen from the street.

    I had chosen a 2" wide plaid wire ribbon for the bow. Instead of making a multi-looped bow I decided to cut my wire ribbon in half and make two bows with two long loops each. While I prefer multi-looped bows I knew they'd be too puffy for the 3" between the front door and the storm door. I tied the two bows where the floral stems met the glittery grass.

    The last step was to fasten a loop out of wire about 3" from the top of the spray so it could hang on the nail on the front door.

    Both hubby and I were pleased with the way the silk floral had turned out. You definitely could see it through the storm door and, best of all, you could see it from the street.

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    Dozens of volunteers are racing against the clock, trying to get thousands of toys for Fresno County children.

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    The now-infamous A Song of Ice and Fire is not exactly known for cute things, unless you're like my girlfriend and I and coo and fawn over Daenerys' oh-so-adorable newly hatched death machines. However, all that's about to change with this set of plushies featuring everyone's favorite giant canines, the Stark family dire wolves.

    Right off the bat you'll be able to pick yourself up Summer, Ghost, and Grey Wind, but it appears that Lady, Nymeria, and Shaggydog will be available soon so you can pick up the whole pack! They're quite the sizable pups, about 9" tall and nearly as long, and with a surprisingly reasonable asking price of $19.99 these cuddly cuties are hard to pass up! Just make sure you're a responsible collector and don't let any lore-appropriate terrible fates befall them!

    [Order at ThinkGeek]

    Secure your collection with some dire wolf pups screenshot


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    set database: LEGO 88002 LEGO® power functions train motor
    image courtesy of brickbrowse
    set number: 88002
    set name: LEGO® power functions train motor
    theme: traintechnic
    year: 2011
    pieces: 7
    price: us$14
    minifig: none
    come with a train motor.
    also included train wheels and cross axles.
    can combined with other train sets.
    overall design is great.
    must have for train fans.
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    Next up in our month-long Hasbro Photo Archive update is another repaint from the fifth series in the Marvel Universe collection. Follow this link to check out the 007 Black Costume Spider-Man action figure.

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