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    Optimus Prime As A Wooden Tiki Sculpture

    The leader of the Autobots goes Polyesian with this custom 8-inch vinyl Optimus Prime figure from The Loyal Subjects by Mike “Nemo” Mendez dubbed “TikiTPrime Warrior” and will be on display at the upcoming Transformer Show at Toy Tokyo.

    (via Toys R Evil)

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    Toy Art Gallery has collaborated with talented creator Tim Clarke to bring his Totims concept to life as a stackable sofubi set. Totims stands 12” tall (3” diameter) and features four separate two-faced (front/rear) pieces that stack together -– a top character, two interchangeable middle characters that make up the...

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    I want nothing more than to make sure my children are growing healthy and strong. With an active young girl who’s busy with school and gymnastics I often worry about making sure she’s getting enough of the essential vitamins that she needs to stay healthy and strong all year long. What my girls really like… [read more]

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    The Other Mario Movie

    Not to toot my own magic flute, but I know a lot about videogames. But I had no idea a Mario Bros. anime existed.

    Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! was released in 1986 and never made it out of its Japanese homeland. Directed by ex-Sanrio employee, Masami Hata, this was the very first film based on a videogame. It was first released in theaters (which is strange considering its 60 minute runtime) and then on VHS, never to receive a DVD version.

    Need this in your collection? Unfortunately, all the coins in the Mushroom Kingdom couldn’t get you copy. Apparently the tape is even hard to find in Japan, let alone the West. Its Wikipedia page even claims it to be one of the rarest films of all time.

    Someone must have gotten a hold of one though, since you can view its fansub on YouTube.

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    Little People Fun Sounds Farm -- $29.99

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    Thomas the Train: All Around Sodor -- $34.97

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    Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blades the Copter-Bot Figure -- $11.99

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    Gentle Giant Ltd are running a Cyber Week extravaganza until Friday 6th December, offering some great deals on a couple of Marvel and The Hobbit Mini Busts. Click through for the details!

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    It’s holiday gifting season and this year we have some of the hottest tech holiday gifts from HP. Check out this video featuring my favorite tech picks from HP. Our lucky little Kaila scored her first laptop recently from HP, in fact it was her Christmas wish this year. She got a new HP Chrome… [read more]

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    Some of the best gifts I have ever received came from my family. Last year I received the gift of my dreams, a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet. I wear it every single day and by far it has to be one of my most favorite possessions. I wear it so much that I’m starting to… [read more]

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    Junichi Tsuneoka is super excited to announce that the CHIBIPOCKET is officially a one year old! Within the past year, there have been numerous designs of this mini bamboo toy robot. In celebration of his toy, Junichi has added a few more designs to the Store. Be sure to stop...

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  • 12/03/13--23:30: Kerry Dyer The Q Customs
  • Are you into comic book heroes, Time Lords, or trekkies? If so, check out Kerry Dyer’s Webstore, where she has some original customs based on her resin Q figures. Each figure ranges from 3-4” tall and retail roughly $82 each. Each figure ranges from 3-4” tall. Take your pick before...

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  • 12/04/13--00:00: Preview Alisa from God Eater
  • Alisa looked hot when pre-orders were first announced. Over a month has passed and she still looks hot! This is what happens when a company like AlphaMax who I think are very good at making quality swimsuit figurines make an action posed busty female like Alisa from God Eater.

    Do you know what the best part of this figure is? Well, if you ask Rio, me, and some of Tomo staff then you hear that she is a definite candidate for the best butt of the year award. If that award ever existed, not that she is lacking in other departments. Her stockings just show off her detailed sculpt so nicely. However there is so much more to her than that!

    AlphaMax did an outstanding job of detailing the base and sword of this figure as well as making the clothing cover just enough to look modest from any above angles. Actually, I find her interesting because from above she does not look pervy at all. Alisa could easily be placed on a low, middle, or high shelf in a collector’s case for different display options. Plus with a red and black color scheme she should blend in great about anywhere in ones collection.

    What do you think Tomopeeps? Did any of you pre-order this lovely lady?

    [ Pre-order at AmiAmi | Hobby Search | Big In Japan ]
    [Gallery via AmiAmi]

    Preview Alisa from God Eater screenshot


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    With the release of 5 2-packs Movie Moments and these 4 below as other 2-packs Movie Moments coming – that accounts for 9 of the 11 listed Movie Moments for 2014 … the 5 released so far are not terribly exciting and just repackaed re-releases, the 4 coming have at least 1 new CAR so […]

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    Dave Pressler will have his very own X-Mas pop up show on Saturday, December 14th at Red Pipe Gallery. “A Very Robot Christmas” will feature some original artwork, prints, books, toys, and t-shirts. This show couldn’t have been done without Mat Gleason of Coagula Curatorial. “I'm excited to curate this...

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    Do you like ninja girls flying through the air swinging katars, swords and everything else around? Who doesn't? If you do then you should check out Kaitendo's latest sculpt of Homura from the bazonga-filled anime series Senran Kagura.

    Kaitendo's sculpt of Homura has a lot of spunk to it. I love her pose and style, she has all these weapons strapped to her back, a katar in one hand and a definitive "I'm going to ownz you" look in her eye. I have never seen such a beautiful wielder of katars and to be honest I am going to be tempted to pre-order her when orders go up, and they should go up soon!

    I don't really know a lot about Homura's character except for a little bit of backstory and what I saw in the Senran Kagura anime, but who watches that anime for the story anyway? However I have to say the pose and expression of her character ignites a desire in me to play a fighting game. This says wonders for the skill it took to make her look this awesome.

    [via Kaitendo's blog]

    Preview Kaitendo's Homura from Senran Kagura screenshot


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    Pause teams up with Kidrobot for their very own 8” Dunny! The Yeti Dunny plays around with the platform by flipping it over! The ears = the legs and the legs = the arms. The original Yeti Dunny idea was from a commission for a collector who only collects Yeti...

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    I have been in love with needle felting creations like art dolls since they started becoming more and more popular several years ago. And, when my sister became an alpaca farmer I was definitely smitten. I LOVE fiber - especially alpaca fiber.

    My sister has been teasing me with fiber surprises all year. Several times now when checking the mail  hubby has brought in a package in from my sister. The packages are usually filled to the brim. When you open them they literally explode with the fiber trying to get out.

    The last package she sent contained a wonderful selection of alpaca fiber she had hand dyed. They looked so pretty in the package. Almost too pretty to use...

    So, when planning my trip to Rock Garden Alpacas and Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber last month she told me I was going to learn how to dye roving and washed fiber and learn how to create carded batts. If you don't know what carded batts are they are lengths and widths of fiber produced on a drum carding machine like my sister's which is shown below:

    You can card natural washed fibers alone or in a combination of natural colors, card dyed fibers alone or in a combination of dyed colors, or add various other fibers like Angelina silk to natural or dyed fibers. The possibilities seem endless.

    We decided to set several days aside for dying and carding our fibers. I should say we set several days aside to play and have fun. And, have fun we did.

    I do not profess to be an expert on dying alpaca fiber & roving and creating carded alpaca fiber batts. The following is nothing more than a general summary of what we did and not intended to be a detailed tutorial on dyeing and carding.

    When carding and dyeing fiber the first step is to process the raw fiber which involves picking vegetable matter like hay out, cleaning, and washing the fiber. Luckily for me my sister had already done that with several huge piles of alpaca fiber so we didn't have to do that.

    Next on the list was to decide what colors we wanted to create and which dyes we were going to use. I was eager to create a flesh color for use in making my needle felted art dolls. My sister and I had gone to a fiber show in October and for the life of me we couldn't find flesh colored fiber at any of the booths so she was determined that we were going to dye our own when I came to visit.

    My sister likes to dye her fiber using the microwave method. Suffice to say there are many ways to dye your fiber. Which you choose is strictly up to you.  The microwave method my sister used was easy to do and was very manageable. Once we decided the colors we wanted to create, the dyes and fibers we were going to use to create our colors we were all set.

    The first step was to decide on the type and amount of fiber we were going to dye and then weigh it so we had an exact amount to use for the amount of dye we were going to use.  Then we immersed it in a pan of hot water.  As we were going to be dyeing several colors we decided to immerse enough fiber in the hot water so that we could split it into groups of four.

    The next step was to measure the dye powder and dump it into squeezable containers that we could add water to. Once the dye powder was mixed with the water we squirted a small amount from one of the squeezable containers into the bottom of a small microwaveable container with a breathable lid and then added our measured wet fiber on top. We squirted the remainder of the dye onto the fiber until it was evenly spread and used tongs to turn the fiber over until the dye was evenly dispersed.  We did this for all the different fibers we were going to dye.

    Next up was to microwave the fiber several times for a few minutes each time. We allowed for cooling time in between each of the cooking intervals and checked on the progress after each interval. The idea was for the liquid to go clear. However, depending on the dyes used my sister told me this doesn't always occur. If the liquid doesn't go clear you can always experiment with it an use it with other fibers you want to dye. Needless to say this takes a lot of time.

    Once the fiber is dyed and strained you need to put it on a screen to dry. This also takes a lot of time and requires space to do this -  especially if you're doing it in your house.

    We ended up with 12 different dyed colors of the washed alpaca fiber some using a basic dye powder color and some using a combination of several dye powders. We were trying different types of dyes and fibers to get the flesh colored fiber we wanted.

    We had also decided to dye some roving and used a drying rack to dry the long roving strips.

    Every few hours we'd fluff and turn the fibers so they'd dry evenly and gently pulled the roving apart so it would dry evenly as well. It's really quite amazing how a small wet pile of fiber turns into an enormous pile of dry fiber.

    After our fibers had dried our next step was to process them using my sister's drum carder. We decided to process the purple fibers we had dyed first.

    My sister likes to spread the fibers out on the input tray first and then slowly feed them into the carder.

    Once the fibers have been processed through the carder you use a hook to gently cut the fiber and then slowly remove it from the drum.

    My sister likes to process her fibers twice through the carder so we separated the first group into three long sections and slowly fed them through the carder again.

    The end result was a wonderful thick batt of purple fiber.

    As we were experimenting we decided to add some pink Angelina fibers to some of the purple fiber we had set aside from the first pass through the carder and slowly fed the combination through the carder for the second pass.

    The end result was a beautiful purple fiber with speckles of pink glitter.

    We continued creating our batts and combination batts until we had processed all the fiber we had dyed. It took a while to do all this but the end result was several wonderful batts of fiber to use.

    And, best of all - out of our three attempts at different fibers and different dyes or combination of dyes we were able to achieve getting the flesh color for my art dolls. Needless to say I was a happy camper.

    We had a wonderful time dyeing our fiber and creating our batts. Some of the colors worked out really well and some didn't work as well as we had hoped. However, that's the fun part of experimenting isn't it?

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    Tomorrow, Thursday, December 5th at 9 PM EST, you might want to head on over to The Jelly Empire's online shop to snag yourself a little something. Maybe it'll be one of the waterless snow globes featuring Jellybots and loads of glitter. Maybe it'll be one of the micro bots all dolled up to look like reindeer.

    There are only four of each, and priced at US$45 for the snow globes and $20 for the reindeer. Everything looks absolutely adorable, and you owe it to yourself to at least check out the photos in the gallery. Needless to say, these would make great additions to anyone's holiday decor.

    Jellybots spruce up for the holidays screenshot


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