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    We do a lot of shopping both online and offline. These days the internet makes it so easy to find the best and latest deals before venturing out and spending a ton on gas. It’s also important to keep a look out for awesome coupons deals and savings to stretch those dollars or get more… [read more]

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    I admire all of the creative people in the My Little Pony fan world. They do everything from plushies, sculptures, music, videos, fanart - you name it! I've shown you several over the last year or so, but these are some of the newer ones that caught my eye. First off, we have WhiteDove's plush of Cherry Jubilee. It's incredible how well she did her mane and tail! It's definitely one of the most complex I've seen in the series, so a big congrats to her for how wonderful it turned out! I also love her Roseluck plush she did as well, as that happens to be one of my favorite of the background ponies.

    This one may not be so new, as it was done in May, but I just had to post the sculpture of Rarity's Breakdown. Reyndrys did a fantastic job, and this totally made me smile. DaOldHorse also did a great Princess Luna sculpture back at the end of October that I had to share as well. These sculpting skills people are wonderful! I'd love to get back into that. Last, but not least, we have a fun Princess Twilight sculpture by dustysculptures, which I just love. The Creatives are always getting their art on, so I'm sure it won't be long before I find more handmade goodies to post!

    The My Little Pony Creatives are at it again screenshot


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  • 11/26/13--19:19: If I Were A Child
  • My goodness, the American Girl dolls have it all! The props, the furniture, the pets are all so yummy.
    The item pictured above is the Trail Bike with the Pet Trailer attached. Of course the doll's outfit is a Cycling Outfit. Then there's the helmet. It goes on and on. These items are not inexpensive but they are excellent quality.

    Other items related to pets are enough to make me swoon.
    The Pet Bath Set! How adorable is this?
    There are dogs galore - even a service dog. There are all types of horses and saddles. There's a stable with supplies! Party sets, hiking equipment, a pet bed and a carrier. Sigh.
    Who says we have to be children to play with childrens' toys? My mind is a playground.

    I am enjoying the American Girl Doll website. Here is the link:

    You know who says it: "Believe in the power of play."  Robert Tonner, that's who.

    0 0 - the Official Unofficial Suckadelic Fanclub - is happy to announce an upcoming exclusive resin figure by the Super Sucklord. This hand-made edition is limited to 20pcs and features a "classic" Suckadelic two color cardback. "This new version of the Jerkbag is casted in neon "piss" yellow and has airbrushed gold accents on the eyes and claws." -says Sean aka "Irishmofo".

    Priced at US$100 + shipping, the exact release date and time is TBA, but keep your eyes peeled for it to drop within the next week. Release date will be announced very soon on

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    Introducing the PREVIEWS exclusive "Zombie Survival Kit Lunch Box"! Now, before you get overly excited and think it might include zombie figurines inside of it, it is an empty box, which you could add your own items for Zombie Survival inside of it … or maybe a mushy-brain, to you know, throw at zombies lurching at you, so they can get distracted by it, so you can run away … yaaaaaaah … unless it's "Hannibal Lector" coming after you, then you;re pretty much screwed … but yes, we is tailing about "ZOMBIESSSSSS"!
    PRODUCT PRESS: "This isn’t your ordinary, plain lunch box. Made from sturdy metal, shut with steel clips for extra security, this box is great for carrying first aid, ammo and most importantly, food. With its intimidating green and yellow caution zombie warning, the lunch box stands out at a PREVIEWS Exclusive for the way it is crafted, perfect for apocalyptic survival fans everywhere! It only costs $9.99 and can be found at your local comic shop. Makes for a great holiday gift as well to couple with other zombie related gifts."

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    Something "new" from 3A Toys - well, at the very least a new hairstyle-sculpt for a TK / Tomorrow King action figure named "Cornelius" … destined perhaps for New York Toy Fair 2014 ("NYCTFTKC" = "New York City" + "Toy Fair" + "Tomorrow King" + "Cornelius") … or maybe I'm just grabbing at straws here haha … I guess we'll know for sure come February 16th to 19th, when 3A sets up shop at booth 4858! (Research via Jason Beran).

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    Star Wars The Black Series R2-D2 Figure 6 Inches -- $9.99

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    BABYDOLL Magic DOLL Bottles SET Of Two MILK and Juice girls toy -- $3.95

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    Melissa and Doug Playtime Fruits

    Melissa and Doug Playtime FruitsPicked at the peak of ripeness, these realistically sized fruits will add lots of vitamin P for play to your child's culinary activities. There are 9 pieces packed in this crate of "farm fresh" favorite fruits. This durable, molded-plastic food is ideal for kitchen and grocery play.

    Melissa and Doug Playtime Fruits

    • There are 9 pieces packed in this crate of "farm fresh" favorite fruits
    • This durable, molded-plastic food is ideal for kitchen and grocery play
    • Enrich your child's imagination
    • Exceptional Quality and Value

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Melissa and Doug Playtime Fruits...

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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Impressions

    Hey gang.

    Just picked up my copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds the other day and I’ve been managing time between crazy holiday hours at my day job and sleep to play this title. Not much time to write a full review, and I’m not too sure if I will since everyone else in the gaming world already has, but here are my impressions of the title.

    • Off the bat, it’s weird seeing Link not in Wind Waker form. Maybe it’s just me, but it took a bit of getting used to seeing our hero back in a smoother 3D form.
    • Definitely gives off a nostalgic trip by revisiting the old land of Hyrule that existed in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but it has enough new spark to it to give the old land an amazing fresh breath of air.
    • I’m really loving how the puzzles in A Link Between Worlds are actually making me feel somewhat dumb in some parts of the game. The nostalgia aspect makes me believe I was a smarter child than I am an adult gamer, being I can’t figure out half of any dungeons out without looking a guide up on Game FAQs.
    • The graphics are awesome and the 3D looks pretty great. It’s terrific to see an updated/old school Hyrule.
    • Tons of new characters and the ability to visit dungeons in any order at all makes this title a huge expansion from previous reiterations. Definitely loving this new range provided by producer Eiji Aonuma.
    • The 2D Link/merge mechanism works well in this title. Innovative, though Nintendo seems to love making a bunch of their older characters flat pieces of paper. The ability to merge into walls as a flat Link doesn’t feel off from the game at all and makes me hopeful for a 2D Link addition to future Smash Bros. games.
    • This is 1992 in 2013 and it feels as great as it sounds.

    Looking to finish this title in the next two weeks. Super happy with this newest addition to the 3DS' awesome catalog.

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    MAD Toy Design releases images of his GREY edition MODERN HERO vinyl, currently available for purchase at US$65.00 via, and will come signed by MAD unless requested otherwise. This edition is also available via select retail stores as well, so go bug your favs for availability, stat!

    "Each figure stands 6" high (with the hat on) and is loaded with articulation. Figure comes with a variety of accessories and is all packaged in a deluxe box with foam insert keeping it all safe."

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    Huck Gee offers up a trio of prints featuring his "ClutterMunk" character, and I'm wondering, does a ClutterMunk snore? if yes, i would imagine a "zen-snore" too … heh.

    Each image is printed on fine art watercolor paper (225gs), sized 10"x10"″ (8"x 8" with 1" border), and will come signed, numbered and gold embossed. Limited edition run of 100 per print, $30 per print, purchasable here :)

    ."Of what does a ClutterMunk dream? Are they haunted by their past? Of memories uncertain? Or do they dream of bold adventures... in home cobbled air filled flying apparatus? Or perhaps their dreams are of being great warrior munks... honorable zen ronin travelling the land, following the path of bushido? Or do their dreams recall happy remembrance... of clan, of family, of love and happiness...."

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    FROZEN: A review by Marianne Szymanski (with daughter Mia -age 9)
    MPAA - PG

    This 3-D animated musical introduces Disney's newest princess, Anna.  An adaptation of Hans Christen Andersen's "The Snow Queen", directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee tell a tale that showcases the true meaning of sisterhood, love and self discovery.  Set in Norway, you will meet two Scandinavian sisters, Elsa and Anna and be introduced to Nordic culture, fjords, ice picking, trolls, Prince Sven, and gorgeous ice sculptures like you have never seen before. Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are the voices of the sisters.  Listening to the music is reminiscent of being in the audience of a New York Broadway musical. The songs were beautiful and you can hear the emotion they have for each other with each note. 

    The usual romance between the princess and a prince takes a twist and the real meaning of love is revealed. It's a great message to children and a fabulous reminder to adults. I especially liked the non-typical gender traits of Princess Anna and as you will see her feisty and fun personality is very engaging.  You sure don't want to miss Olaf,  the cutest comedic snowman you will ever see. 

    The cartoon short, Get a Horse, is funny, funny, funny and filled with 3-D surprises!  And, don't skip out at the end during credits because you just may miss an extra scene.  A spectacular movie for all generations. If you get the bug to travel to Norway after, take a look at what Adventures by Disney has to offer.

    My guess is that Santa will receive many requests for ice skates this year. Ice is in! 

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    Winter Promos for Japan’s Lawson Convenience Stores

    Japan chain convenience store, Lawson, is rolling out some Winter promos involving Attack on Titan. Rad stuff you may never see in person, but it’s cool to take a gander at these potato chips and energy drinks involving an awesome anime series.

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    Remember that one time when Amanda Visell released some customs of her Beaver figure and Michelle Valigura’s Robot Girl figure? We do, because it happened today and the 9 customs she did, went in a flash! Only retailing $100 each, why wouldn’t you want to pick one or two up?...

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    Remember that kinda unusual looking Hatsune Miku version of Licca-chan by Takara Tomy that appeared earlier this year? Looks like Good Smile Company and Crypton Future Media have given their blessings on a second doll based on the 2014 Snow Miku design coming in February. The original wasn't a very popular doll design among western fans, but must have had some level of popularity in Japan to have gotten a second release like this. Face aside, the costume isn't bad and would certainly look good on a more expensive doll. 

    She's being made available for order at the same events that the Nendoroid version will be throughout February for a kinda pricey ¥4,200 yen. She'll then be shipped out on March first. I'm fine with them making a doll like this, but Takara Tomy gets to make a Snow Miku and we still haven't gotten a figma Snow Miku from Max Factory? Not fair!

    Licca-chan version of Snow Miku is more iffy than icy screenshot


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    Here is another round of previews for the upcoming Android Series 4 Artist Series! We last left off with designs from kaNO, Shawnimals, Andrew Bell, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri. Now we have 4 fresh new designs coming from Sergio Mancini – Stress Tech 1/16, Andrew Bell – Core Dump...

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    Exclusive Snipe – What Does It Mean? Legally, not much of anything. Note, the snipe reads 1 EXCLUSIVE VEHICLE. And the other snipe ONLY AT TARGET. So, both are legally true. Bottom line – they promise … This box set is only available at Target and contains 1 Exclusive Vehicle. No where does it promise […]

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