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    The other day a Bat-Blog Fan, named Scott, was kind enough to share this extremely rare black and white photo he came across the other day at the Shorpy website (Click on it for a larger version). If you have never been to that site it's pretty cool. 

    Shorpy finds some of the most original photographs that you hardly ever see anywhere else and the quality of the pics is insane. Seriously, the site ROCKS! Check it out sometime or, CLICK HERE right now! (Thanks Scott)

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    DC Collectibles, the high-end toy and collectible line from DC Entertainment, has revealed two new “con exclusive” products that will only be available for purchase at New York Comic-Con 2013. The first is a Super Best Friends Forever: Poison Ivy PVC Figure, designed by Lauren Faust and sculpted by Irene Matar. Super Best Friends Forever [...]

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    Previously revealed at this summer's San Diego Comic Con, Mattel's Monster High Catty Noir is finally out! The doll was released on Friday the 13th, rather fitting for a monster girl resembling a black cat. According to her bio, Catty Noir is a pop star, which would explain her less-than-school-friendly outfit. I really like the detail they put into this character. The number 13 on her bodice and her pierced ears are nice touches. It is easy to see why this figure drew such at crowd at SDCC.

    Catty Noir stands about 10 inches tall and is available for purchase at Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth. She costs US$29.99.

    Will you be adding Catty Noir to your collection?

    Monster High's Catty Noir now on the prowl screenshot


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    On September 21 (6-10pm), Leanna Lin’s Wonderland hosts  A Magical Land “where day and night collide” – a new group exhibition featuring Crowded Teeth and friends. Here is a sneak preview of “Reflections of a Forest” by Jared Andrew Schorr. Simply amazing! Jared … Continue reading 

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    Acheson Creations and Bailey Records have announced that their latest Kickstarter project, Kaiju Kaos: Super Robot StratoMaxx, is currently underway. Bryan “Stratos” Borgman, Project Designer and Manager, states: When dreaming up Kaiju Kaos in late 2009, I had four core colossal characters in mind; three were kaiju and the fourth was the heroic Super Robot […]

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    Summer's coming to a very quick end. Here in PA it's mostly overcast and about 30 degrees colder than last week. Crazy weather is something that I've come to expect.
    Lisa in PA has provided her blog's subscribers a lovely, final glimpse of summer in a blog post called Go Outside And Play.

    "Hot Dots" Poppy Parker

    I just love the dog toy being used as a tube.

    Read the rest of this post and check out Lisa's excellent doll photography at this link:

    Every Day A Dollie

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    Dirty Disney: The Art Of Dillon Boy (NSFW)

    James Dillon Wright a.k.a. Dillon Boy is an artist and designer who mashes urban aesthetics with pop culture using a mix of stencils, spraypaint, handstyles, and collage to give new life to familiar subjects.

    Click through for a look at his “Dirty Disney” series. You’ll never watch a Disney flick the same way again.

    "Beauty & The Beasts"


    "Home of the Brave"




    "Sleeping With Beauty"


    "The Dynasty"


    "The Fairest Beauty"


    "The Native"


    "Under the Sea"




    "Whole New World"


    Assorted Untitled










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    Gentle Giant has revealed the latest addition to their line of popular life-sized monuments with the life-sized Kenner-inspired Stormtrooper Monument. Digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition 3 ¾" action figure and reproduced as a six foot tall fully articulated monument, this one includes an authentic re-scaled replica blaster accessory. You can now pre-order one (estimated […]

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    Stop What You’re Doing And Play This: ‘Super Hot’

    If you hate FPS games, you’ll love Super Hot. If you love FPS, you’ll love Super Hot. The concept is simple: shoot guys, don’t get shot. But there’s a catch: time only moves when you do. It’s like the Bullet Time mechanic from games like Max Payne and F.E.A.R. mixed with the mind-bending time mechanics of Braid with a slick, Rez-like presentation. The tutorials are pretty sexy too.

    Click here to play the browser-based beta version for free.

    (GIF via dragotzenny)

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    'Zero Charisma': One Nerd Movie To Rule Them All [TRAILER]

    A group of Dungeons & Dragons players invite a charismatic hipster into their playgroup, but something about him rubs their Dungeon Master the wrong way.

    Official synopsis:

    As the strict Game Master of a fantasy role-playing game, Scott (Sam Eidson) leads his friends in a weekly quest through mysterious lands from the safety of his grandmother’s kitchen. But his mastery of his own domain starts to slip—along with everything else in his life—when neo-nerd hipster Miles (Garrett Graham) joins the game, winning over the group with his confident charm and dethroning Scott with an unexpected coup. Caught in delusions of grandeur, Scott must roll the dice and risk everything to expose Miles as the fraud he believes him to be. A darkly comedic fable of epic proportions, Zero Charisma is an ode to nerds from every realm.

    Zero Charisma hits iTunes October 8 and theaters October 11.

    (via /FIlm)

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    [Business Wire] - The Law Offices of Todd M. Garber announces that a class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on behalf of a class comprising all purchasers of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.

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    After much gossip on various sites (both doll related and not) she's finally got some official confirmation: yes, the Hervé Léger Barbie doll will be near us in less than a month. She is to be released on the 15th of October! *Update: she's availabe for pre-order NOW*

    Hervé Léger by Max Azria is the latest design house to dress Barbie. They are collaborating with Mattel on a limited-edition doll which will be released on the 15th of October at Hervé Léger stores, select Neiman Marcus locations and on

    Designed by Linda Kyaw from Mattel with the Hervé Léger creatives supervision, the doll is wearing a classic red bandage dress, a black corset belt from the fall 2012 collection, black gladiator boots and a gold clutch But of course the $150 doll comes with an outfit change of a black-and-white jacquard dress, open-toe booties and a studded clutch.

    Barbie’s runway-inspired looks were supposedly made in the same factory that produces the real collection, and her dresses and accessories will also be available in life-size versions. “As you can imagine, the biggest challenge was the scaling down of the knit,” said chief creative officer Lubov Azria.

    Doll Details:
    Body Type: ModelMuse™
    Arm: Right Bent, Straight Left
    Skin Tone: LA Tan
    Facial Sculpt: C.L. sculpt
    Fashion Sewn On?: No
    Eyelashes: No
    Included with doll: Stand, Shoes (2 sets), Purses (2), Harness
    There is a limit of 5 dolls per order.

    Elle US magazine have an interview with the new Barbie - lots of Ken dish as they write! LOL!

    © Hervé Léger, 2013 For the adult collector. Production doll may vary from the photo shown above. Mattel reserves the right to modify the fashion/fabrics, sculpt, hair color/style, and accessories. Doll cannot stand alone as shown.

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    The Loyal Subjects and Joe Ledbetter drop Zombies, Bunnies, Tacos, Philosophy and their Creative Process on the World Famous Meltdown. See how it went down. Filmed & edited by Zane Meyer of Chop 'Em Down Films

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    Urban Vinyl Daily is about to release their exclusive Jedi Ghost Heathrow resin from Frank Kozik. Limited to 50 s/n pieces, the 3" Heathrow is cast in a translucent blue GID resin which channels Obi Wan's energy. Jedi Ghost will use the force when he drops on Wednesday (7.18) @...

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    How To Watch ‘Gundam

    Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular and longest lasting anime series out there. It’s the epitome of the “real robot” genre and is something that every anime fan should sample. But with over 30 years’ worth of material within the metaseries and several independent continuities, it might be hard for non-fans to jump in. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Hit the jump for our guide on how to watch Mobile Suit Gundam. 

    There are several independent universes in the Gundam metaseries. These are denoted by their era, like our B.C.E. and A.D. A lot of hardcore fans would probably agree that the U.C. timeline is the only one worth dedicating your time to. Like any huge IP, the franchise lost its way after a while and became contrived, derivative, and sometimes undecipherable. I’ve stuck with U.C., though I’ve sampled some other timelines only to confirm what the fans say. 

    With Gundam, it’s best to start at the beginning, not because it will blow your mind but because it’s a prerequisite for what will eventually blow your mind.


    The original series, sometimes known as Gundam 0079 ran from April 1979 to January 1980 and introduced us to the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Zeon, a collection of space colonies, declares independence from a repressive Earth. War breaks out and Zeon defends itself with its new weapon. Mobile suits are giant, humanoid tanks capable of combat on the ground and in space. Super high performance concept models of mobile suits are called Gundams. Amuro, the son of a Gundam engineer, is accidentally thrown into the action as a Gundam pilot, and things take off from there.

    0079 has really nice animation considering its age, and its plot is a lot heavier than what 1979 Japan was expecting out of an animated show. It’s the forefather of the space opera genre and is a classic for a reason. The rivalry between Amuro and everyone’s favorite anime bad boy, Char, is unforgettable, and the supporting characters thicken the plot, making Gundam what is basically a space-based soap opera that addresses the concepts of war, loss, and revenge.

    Here’s the catch. The series originally aired weekly. But this isn’t the best way to watch it. The episodes were later reworked into a trilogy of compilation movies which are more comprehensible. The weekly shows had a “freak of the week” feel with quite a bit of filler. But the condensed movies explain everything clearly and make use of improved pacing.

    Click here to check out the Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy.


    Now for the payoff. Premiering in 1985, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a direct sequel to the original series, though it takes place eight years later. Earth is still fighting the space colonies but at a smaller scale. Zeta revolves around the struggle between the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) and The Titans, a highly trained and overly aggressive team from Earth hunting down and killing any remaining Zeon supporters.

    Kamille is a wannabe Gundam pilot. But during a surprise attack on his home colony, he finally gets the chance to really pilot a mobile suit and ward off the Titans. During the same battle, his parents are taken as hostages, cementing Kamille’s hate for the Titans. His rivalry with Jerido mirrors the rivalry between Amuro and Char. In fact, several themes mimic those of the original series, indicating that history repeats itself and that constant conflict is a nearly impossible cycle to break.

    The five years between the two series saw leaps and bounds in animation production quality, and Zeta showcases these improvements. With zero CGI, Zeta's hand-drawn and -painted animation keeps pace with today's comparatively lifeless animations that are tweaked to perfection inside a computer.

    Zeta Gundam is an anime masterpiece and the highlight of the metaseries. It takes the themes and emotions of 0079 and hugely deepens them. You’ll practically fall out of your seat from the intense action and the characters’ interactions will get your eyes watery. It’s an emotional giant robot roller coaster. In practically every episode, you’ll both empathize with one character, thinking, “Man, I’ve been there,” and clench your fist in hate for another. It’s quintessential sci-fi anime in every way.

    Zeta is available in episodic and movie compilation varieties. Unlike 0079, I’d heavily recommend watching the 50 episodes instead of the movies. It comes in two separate box sets, and it may take you a month to get through them, but it will be worth it. The movies were created in the mid-2000s and several plot lines have been changed.  I’m jealous that it will be your first time watching Zeta.

    Click here to check out the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam box sets.


    Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (Double Zeta) follows a specific plotline from Zeta, though almost all the characters are new. The series was never localized, so we’ll have to skip straight to the next entry, the movie, Char’s Counterattack.

    Char’s Counterattack is the end of the first big story arc in U.C. history, wrapping up Char’s rivalry with Amuro and ending the conflict between the Federation and Zeon.

    In U.C. 0093, Char comes out of hiding and leads a revival of Zeon. Amuro is called into action and the two rivals suit up to enter their final confrontation.

    Char’s Counterattack is the first feature film in the Gundam universe. It had a decent budget, meaning the animation is arguably better than the TV series. It also marks the first time CGI was used in a Gundam animation, though the scene was only five seconds long.

    Since this movie wraps everything up, it’s a must see.

    Click here to check out Char’s Counterattack


    Though Char’s Counterattack wrapped everything up nicely, Gundam's creators weren't going to leave it there. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket was released a year later. This was the first Gundam series to be released as an OVA, or home video series, and was the first one directed and written by someone other than series creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino.

    War in the Pocket is a sidestory about a Zeon pilot who crash lands in a Federation space colony. Alfred, a 10-year-old kid, thinks the pilot, Bernard, is the coolest guy he’s ever met because he’s a Gundam pilot. The two become friends and Bernard develops a crush on Alfred’s neighbor, Christina. Unbeknownst to Bernard, Christina is a Federation Gundam pilot. Bernard struggles between his love of his new friends and his orders from Zeon to destroy the Federation.

    At a glance, War in the Pocket might come off as “Gundam for kids” since one of its main characters is a young kid. But this stuff is heavy. I won’t go into detail in order to avoid spoilers but War in the Pocket does still touch on themes of previous series like innocence being tarnished by violence and indiscriminate killing in the name of war.

    In other respects, War in the Pocket does depart quite a bit from previous series, given that Tomino did not write or direct the series. Previous Gundam series had focused on NewTypes: young space colonists like Amuro, Char, and Kamille, who developed psychic powers leading to higher empathy and increased battle skills.

    Despite Tomino’s lack of involvement, War in the Pocket continues the consistent quality and introspective themes of previous Gundam series. The 6-episode OVA is well worth watching.

    Click here to check out the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket box set.


    The first Gundam series to be released in the 1990s is Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. This is the second OVA in Gundam's history and is the second series not directed or written by Tomino.

    Taking place in U.C. 0083, Stardust Memory is a sort of bridge between Gundam 0079 and Zeta Gundam, with its climax explaining the creation of The Titans. Two prototype Gundams are delivered to a Federation base in Australia. One is quickly hijacked by a Zeon pilot. In the heat of the moment, rookie pilot, Kou, jumps in the other one and pursues him. The Federation team takes off after the Zeon pilot and discovers that their plans are much worse than just stealing a prototype: They intend to execute the biggest space-based attack on Earth in history, hurling Earth and the colonies into another war.

    Stardust Memory is more about the dogfights and the rookie showing that he’s an exceptional pilot than it is about personal loss, though there are plenty of tragedies. It’s not exactly a light-hearted series, though it does focus more on the action than the drama.

    While Stardust Memory doesn’t have the most memorable Gundams or characters, it does explain why The Titans were created and fleshes out the time between the One Year War and Zeta Gundam, making it worth watching.

    Click here to check out the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory box set.


    Mobile Suit Gundam F91 takes place in U.C. 0123 and marks the return of Yoshiyuki Tomino. The film was meant to kickstart a new story arc taking place decades after the original. While the movie is respected by fans, it certainly isn’t the U.C. series’ high point. It was popular enough to have Tomino move forward with the new story arc, though Western viewers never got to see this sequel series. Since it’s less than two hours long, takes place in the U.C. timeline, and marks Tomino’s return, I recommend watching it.

    Click here to check out Mobile Suit Gundam F91.


    The second U.C. Gundam to never receive an official English translation is Victory Gundam, which takes place in U.C. 153, and is a sequel to F91. Since it never was translated, we’ll skip to our final entry, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team.

    08th MS Team is an OVA that takes place in U.C. 0079 and follows a group of Earth-based Federation soldiers during the One Year War. 

    08th MS Team consists of 12 episodes and one film, Miller’s Report. It was not written or directed by Tomino. To be honest, I haven’t been able to find this one for an affordable price, so I haven’t seen it yet. However, since it’s the final Gundam series based in the U.C. timeline before the series took some questionable turns, I’d recommend viewing it if possible.

    Click here to check out the Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team box set.


    And that’s our guide for essential Gundam viewing. You’ve got a lot of anime bingeing to do. Get on that and let us know what you think of Gundam. If you like it, consider exploring non-U.C. timelines. I don’t recommend them, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like them.

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  • 09/16/13--22:47: Name That…Jungle Hat
  • I’ve never owned a real one of these. Always wanted one, just never had an occasion to wear one.

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    Diamond Select Toys has published a new feature page on their Art Asylum blog revealing the new collectibles being offered in the October edition of Previews. Follow this link to have a look at what they have in store for you.

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    Remember just a few days ago when Rio posted a gallery of the freshly painted Noel by Vertex? Well those photos were good but Vertex recently updated their blog with new, even more smoking images of her! I will be honest, I went from liking her figure to it maybe entering my DO WANT material. This from someone who has never seriously played a Blazblue game. So it is obvious that Vertex nailed this one if fans of figurines who know little of the material are interested.

    What do you think Tomopeeps? Were you sold from the start? Or do these additional photos help tip you over into wanting her more? Let us know in the comments.

    Photos courtesy of Vertex's blog


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    I just love mug rugs and love seeing all the wonderful quilted designs my sister comes up with.  Well, she recently designed a set of 4 woodland animal themed plate placers to go with her Log Cabin mug rugs patterns that can be purchased as a set of 4 or individually.

    Here's what my sister had to say about her new "Log Cabin Plate Placers" patterns:

    The response to my LOG CABIN Mug Rugs E-Pattern has been wonderful but it has been mentioned several times that a matching placemat e-pattern would be a nice compliment to them - so here it is.

    As with the mug rug pattern these "plate placers" as I like to call them, also feature a deer, elk, moose and bear.

    I have created five e-patterns in all. Individual e-patterns for each of the above pictured placemats and then a combination 4 in 1 e-pattern which includes all four of the animal designs in one pattern.

    The e-patterns contain detailed instructions for creating the quilted Placemat with illustrations to guide you along the way, and full size pattern pieces. E-Patterns also include both the forward and reverse page for easy tracing onto the sew able adhesive for the applique portion. The completed placemat measures 9 1/2" x 14".

    ICBDQP001 Log Cabin Plate Placers 4 In 1  E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Log Cabin Plate Placers 4 In 1" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    ICBDQP002 Bear Plate Placer E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Bear Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    ICBDQP003 Moose Plate Placer E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Moose Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    ICBDQP004 Elk Plate Placer E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Elk Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE.

    ICBDQP005 Deer Plate Placer E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Deer Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    If you'd like to see all of Debbie's Inspired Creations By D e-patterns please CLICK HERE.

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