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    Disclosure: I received a sample of a HEXBUG Aquabot robotic fish for review, any opinions are my own. When Gavin was a toddler, we had all sorts of boats and toys for the bath tub. As he’s gotten older, I slowly started removing the toys. Some he made to much of a splashy mess with, […]

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    Jerome Lu will be at Dragatomi in Sacramento on Saturday afternoon (9.14, 2PM) for an event perfect for kids and the kid in you – Hyperactive Monkey’s Shaolin Storytime. Not only will Jerome read from his ‘The ABC’s of Monkey Kung Fu’ illustrated book, he’ll also perform puppet fu with...

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    Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever

    Gamer Forever

    'Gamer Forever'

    This series by award winning advertising photographer Jean Yves Lemoigne are totally rocking our brains! They elegantly capture all the nostalgia and haziness of getting caught up in that perfect gaming sesh. The artist also has a photo series of three dimensional pixelated naked ladies which is also worth checking out.

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    Toy Art Gallery will celebrate 2 years of art toy shows, exclusives and more at its Melrose location (4 years total) with its 2013 Anniversary show opening on Saturday (9.13). This year’s anniversary show will feature a Pollen Kaiser custom show featuring over 50 artist interpretations of Paul Kaiju’s sofubi...

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  • 09/09/13--22:00: Name That…Mech Snake
  • Mechanical snakes seem like something that you would see more of.  

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    Kidrobot just posted a peek at one of Frank Kozik’s designs for ‘Dunny Evolved’ which features a trio of related designs from five artists -- McBess, Kronk, Huck Gee, Scott Tolleson and Frank. The futuristic vibe makes us think that this might be the final evolution, though somehow I figured...

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  • 09/09/13--23:21: Frank Kozik Doku Koinu
  • Frank Kozik is a beast. Everytime you blink, there’s a new prototype image on his facebook or instagram. His newest reveal is Doku Koinu– a wild monstrous pup. The sculpt has lots of detail throughout including what looks to be a spider/bat type creature hitching a ride on Doku’s head....

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    With NYCC about a month away (10.10 – 10.13), myplasticheart has been teasing a few of their exclusives. So far they’ve released two sneak shots – one fairly obvious and the other not nearly so. Look for more news from mph on their NYCC plans shortly. Guesses?

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    I just love mug rugs and love seeing all the wonderful quilted designs my sister comes up with.  Well, she recently designed a set of 4 Woodland animal themed mug rug patterns that can be purchased as a set of 4 or individually.

    Here's what my sister had to say about her new "Log Cabin Mug Rugs" patterns:

    People have been enjoying my original "flower" mug rug e-patterns so I decided to create another. There are so many different mug rug e-patterns out there I thought I would try something along the "rustic"

    I have created five e-patterns in all.  Individual e-patterns for each of the above pictured mug rugs and then a combination 4 in 1 e-pattern which includes all four of the Christmas designs in one pattern.

    The e-patterns contain detailed instructions for creating the quilted Mug Rug with illustrations to guide you along the way, and full size pattern pieces. E-Patterns also include both the forward and reverse page for easy tracing onto the sew able adhesive for the applique portion.

    ICBDQMR006 Log Cabin Mug Rugs 4 In 1  E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Log Cabin Mug Rugs 4 In 1" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    ICBDQMR007 Bear Mug Rug E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Bear Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    ICBDQMR008 Elk Mug Rug E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Elk Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE.

    ICBDQMR009 Deer Mug Rug E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Deer Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE

    ICBDQMR010 Moose Mug Rug E-Pattern

    For more information or to buy her "Moose Mug Rug" E-Pattern please CLICK HERE. 

    If you'd like to see all of Debbie's Inspired Creations By D e-patterns please CLICK HERE.

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    Dr. Who: The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver -- $21.99

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael -- $7.00

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    Pretty fun diorama from Greenlight. Must be nice to get a diorama with “extras” cars … (1) 1974 Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile (2) 1974 Dodge Monaco Chicago Police (2) 1974 Dodge Royal Monaco Chicago Police (2) Police barricades Pretty cool! Available at Amazon. There’s also an older 2-pack with a different Illinois State Police car plus [...]

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  • 09/10/13--01:42: Pigs in Pants
  • Pigs in Pants encourages young children to use their strategic thinking skills and try to get the most pants on their pig.

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    The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is creating a mascot for themselves for the first time ever, and they've asked tokidoki to do it. So tokidoki did just that and created the mascot, Cappuccino. This design was based on Peggy Guggenheim's love for Lhasa Apsos.

    To celebrate this new mascot, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection will release a limited edition statuette. This will be available at tokidoki and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection store. There will even be a limited edition t-shirt with Cappuccino on it.

    You can expect to see this cute Lhasa Apsos in stores in late September. 

    [via tokidoki]

    tokidoki creates mascot for Peggy Guggenheim collection screenshot


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    My sister and I have been intrigued with crafting with alpaca fiber since she and her husband opened  Rock Garden Alpacas and Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber a few years ago.  Since then she has been accumulating her alpacas fiber, learning how-to process the fiber, spin the fiber to create yarn, learn how to create roving, learn how to create carded batts and felt, and learn how to dye the roving.  

    As a result I have been the lucky recipient of some amazing packages of unprocessed fiber, processed roving, yarn, carded batts and felt, and just the other day a wonderful package of multiple bags of unbelievable dyed roving colors.

    Before all of this I was a huge fan of creating dolls and crafts with wool felt.  With the alpaca fiber I became and enormous fan of creating all sorts of dolls and crafts with alpaca roving, carded batts, and felt.  It's simply amazing how you can mold and sculpt roving.  I love it and have so many ideas in my head right now I can't keep them all straight.

    Shown below are my needle felted doll designs, needle felted crafts designs, and penny rug and wool felt designs:

    My Needle Felted Doll Designs


    For more information on my Needle Felted Handmade Dolls please CLICK HERE
    For more information on my handmade Felt Dollls & Crafts please CLICK HERE.

    My Needle Felted Crafts Designs

    For more information on my Needle Felted E-Patterns please CLICK HERE.

    My Penny Rug Wool Felt Alpacas Rock, It's Raining Baby Showers and Victorian Dresses Designs

    For more information on my Felt Dolls & Crafts  E-Patterns please CLICK HERE.
    For more information on my Victorian Dresses E-Patterns please CLICK HERE.
    For more information on my handmade Victorian Dresses please CLICK HERE.

    COPYRIGHT © 2004-2013 All Rights reserved - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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    WAYNE, N.J., Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Toys"R"Us ® today announced that next month it will debut tabeo ™ e2 , the next generation of its popular Wi-Fi Android ™ tablet for kids that launched ...

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    Last week the official Transformers Collectors Club promised they had some huge surprises in store for this week concerning the 2014 Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 and they weren't kidding! They came right out of the gate Monday to announce that three of the announced figures would include Micron (not Mini-con?) partners. The figures will be repainted from the formerly Japanese-only Arms Microns that came with the Japanese versions of Transformers Prime and various campaigns and promotions.

    The three Microns are as follows:

    • Catgut will come with Tradeshot. As an Action Master figure Tradeshot's transforming partner was Catgut, a bot that changed from a black and orange big cat to an even bigger canon mode. He'll be made from the Jida Arms Micron mold which can change from a cat to either a dual chainsaw or shield.
    • Stylor will come with the still unseen Chromedome. In the Hasbro G1 story Stylor was a Nebulon who would become Headmaster Chromedome's red and gray head. He'll be using the S.2 Arms Micron as a base and be able to change into a sort of bow.
    • Frenzy will be included with Barricade. Like how the first Transformers live action movie figure line featured Barricade partnered with Frenzy the TFSS 2.0 version of Barricade will also come with a little gray bot by the same name. His figure will be based on Arms Micron Sou which turns into both a buzz saw weapon and sort of saw tank mode. 

    When we were told the subscription would include figure molds released only in Japan we thought they meant just the previously announced Rewind figure, but we sure were wrong. The week has only just begun; we still have the reveal of Chromedome, the identity of the sixth subscription figure, and maybe even a look at the seventh incentive bonus figure by the end of the week among other things. In a sub already full of surprises I can only imagine what else they've got planned. 

    [Additional images in the gallery from TFWiki]


    Transformers subscription includes a trio of Microns screenshot


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  • 09/10/13--03:08: The evolution of Meccano
  • Constructions specialist, Meccano, has a brand new range called Evolution.

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    “Toyfountain” did not like the yellow rims on the new Disney Store Gold Metallic Rip Clutchgoneski so with a little screwdriver, he made the switch … Pretty easy with screws in the base – and another Rip. So, the Gold Metallic Rip Clutchgoneski’s are CHASES or not? Though it also hardly matters as the plastic [...]

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