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    We learned late last month that McDonalds would be transitioning their current set of Happy Meal Toys to Transformers and My Little Pony in March, and today, we get a first look at the Transformers Prime toys.These cute little guys are just in time to celebrate Season 2 of Transformers Prime, which is set to debut next Saturday, only on The Hub. So far, we only have thumbnail-sized views of the site, so hopefully we will get some larger looks soon. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the com

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    There Joe Schnaier people who one thinks of when most people hear your message entrepreneur. You also need to think regarding the world within a positive means, regardless showing how hard issues get as well as sometimes you will need to not understand when to stop. The result in I’m so excited about helping you [...]

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    Kotobukiya unveils illustration for Bishoujo Harley Quinn screenshot

    Nine months ago, Kotobukiya announced their plans for the paired duo of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn for their Bishoujo series of figures. Times and ideas changed, as Poison Ivy has already been released (and reviewed) but no where in sight has been her gal pal, Harley. Facebook has brought joy once again, as today we get to see what Mr. J's partner will look like with her release.

    Originally, Harley was planned to be a shared release with Poison Ivy, but due to issues, it just couldn't be worked out. Given what we are getting instead, I'm glad they made the change. For starters, I'm actually loving the face they gave her. She doesn't look like a doll, but rather someone that will smile while beating you with a large, blunt object. That face is appropriate for this figure as she is carrying a gigantic, over-sized mallet.

    I'm loving the illustration and if we get what's shown here, it's an instant buy. I think many of you will be sharing this sentiment when DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn is released for a price and time still to be determined.


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    Live video from your Android device on Ustream

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    by Marian Bossard, vice president of meetings and events, Toy Industry Association (TIA) If I had a dollar for every key industry contact that told us the concept of a licensing showcase during American International Toy Fair was nothing short of brilliant, I would have at least $10. Maybe even $12. After all, what isn’t [...]

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    We’ll all see the Hasbro toys in a few hours which should reveal all (and we highlighted the pool toys earlier), but in the meantime this is probably the best look at the actual Lizard design, courtesy of a costume company that has the license! It also appears to inadvertently reveal a plot point: Doc [...]

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    The toys based on characters from the hit video game "Angry Birds" may soon have to share shelf space with their counterparts from "Farmville."

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    Tom Clement shares a snap with us of his SKETCH-CARD purchased from me - featuring a random pull of an original sketch, which comes in a plastic holder, within a 'sealed' envelope, along with a TOYSREVIL-button and stickers! Again, much thanks for the support, Tom! You too can grab your blind-pull Sketch Cards HERE on my online store at US$15 each (price including shipping). Mind you, these are

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  • 02/11/12--09:14: Japan Blood Donation

  • The next Tokyo CGM Night will be held at the blood donation facility Akiba:F which you may recall is actually a crash landed spacecraft thats stuck in the side of a building. The outer hull has a Trans-Ion Kryptonian shield around it meaning that you cant see the rest of the ship sticking out the side of the building unless you are wearing Titanium Diamond Class 9 contact lenses.

    Went along on Friday to check out the facilities with Tokyo Live Blogger Steve Nagata. Snapped here with some local readers who were also at the facility doing a report.

    Akiba:F is run by the Japanese Red Cross Society. Their mission statement is to bridge peoples life's and the future together.
    Get off at Akihabara station and exit at the Electric town entrance. Dont walk towards the Radio Kaikan but the other way and lookup - you will see the logo for Akiba:F on the building.
    The address is:-
    5th Floor Asakaze Building, 1-16-9 Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    [千代田区外神田1-16-9 朝風二号館ビル5階] (map here)

    The place is just gorgeous. This is what you are greeted with when you step out of the elevators.

    To the right is the lockers, toilet and some machines which I'll cover in a mo.

    In the center of the facility is the WDDCRM2 (Warp Drive Duo Combine Retrograde Mark 2 Engine) which is being currently used to display some Bakemonogatari goodies.
    Every quarter, Akiba:F has a theme. Previously it was Good Smile Company where they displayed a load of figures.

    What is it about Senjogahara that makes her so mmmmmmm?

    Here are some terminals which will ask you a bunch of questions to see if you are able to donate blood. About 10% of folks fail the test due to some complications with their blood or life habits.

    Folks who cant give blood are those who consume narcotics, had blood diseases, who have just come back from overseas within the past 4 weeks and folks who have been to certain countries between particular periods.

    This pose of Senjogahara gets the figure treatment by Good Smile Company.
    If you don't get the stationary thing then give Bakemonogatari a whirl.

    The Bakemonogatari theme will run through to the 31st of March 2010.

    They got a small glassed off room in one corner. CGM Nighters - leave your stuff here if you want.

    The toilets are zero gravity so you need to be good at dodging your poo and pee.

    Lockers are free to use and can be locked with a blood sample - a needle will shoot out from the ceiling and land in your forehead to take a sample before the doors open.

    Mirrors are made from Shimapantium mined from the spice mines on Kolletar. They have the ability to show what you will look like in exactly 3.5 months from now. If you walk past these mirrors and don't see your reflection then it means that you should prioritize everything you want to do before you die.

    The Shimapantium mirrors also remind us that we should be prioritizing our lives anyway because we never know when we will kick the bucket.

    They told me that after having your blood taken, they will stick your life juices in some sort of centrifugal unit which spins out all the stuff that they want - you then go back a week later and then they stick the stuff that they don't want back into you.

    If you like loli's with huge school bags then Bakemonogatari will be right up your alley.

    Drinks are provided for free for folks who donate blood. This machine will not be turned on during the next CGM Night as they need the machine to be ready for patients the next morning (sorry).

    Akiba:F has a load of reading material - included for this theme term are Bakemonogatari novels.

    Also some Katanagatari too. Anybody watching?

    Maki Horikita-chan! Video below - kawaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!

    More Bakemonogatari goodies on display.

    I love the bins! There is a circle which glows white...

    ...and when you throw some rubbish, the white glow temporarily turns into a blue glow.

    I love this place. Its such a relaxing atmosphere. Decided that one of my life goals is to have an office like this ^^;

    Displays around the center show Bakemonogatari stuff.

    Free wifi is provided within the center for those who want to work while waiting their turn.

    For the next CGM Night, we will display the Dollfies here.

    If you are considering donating blood then feel free to go along to have a look - no obligation to donate blood. If you do want to take photos then please ask the staff members first.

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    Finally, you can make a statement with your laces (or send a message to those laying about your feet). Word. Or words … And best of all, you can customize them … I predict this lace lock might sweep the nation …  Check out at SpeakEasy Goods. Tweet This Post

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    WAYNE, N.J., Feb. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The cast of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is expanding at Toys"R"Us locations nationwide and online at with the release of three brand new ...

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    Dark Horse has announced the production of a special new collectible based on the art of Vancouver's most exceptional artists, Camilla d’Errico (and a personal favourite as well). Click the thumbnail above for a closer look at the No Ordinary Love Limited-Edition Bust and follow through for the full press release.

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  • 02/11/12--09:14: Millennium Gate

  • Ships pass through the Millennium Gate as Eiji in his Solar Marine Shell and Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform do their hero pose - a doodle by Pinakes for the EOY event in Singapore that took place at the end of last year.
    Mirai usually wears a belt but forgot and left it in her school locker ^^;

    The full scenario of Mirai Millennium coming later on this year.

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    Coming to a store near you this June are “True Hope” Bratz and Moxie Girlz dolls. MGA Entertainment made the announcement today. These new dolls show their support and commitment for the fight against breast cancer and are hairless versions of the popular dolls. More about the dolls: Under the banner “True Hope,” MGA willRead More

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    A Little Bit On The Lollipop Chainsaw Side: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a romantic little video showing how Lollipop Chainsaw’s ultra bouncy protagonist, Juliet, saved her true love and gained a severed head/undead sidekick in the process. Ah, romance - short skirted, thigh-highed, and and panty peek-a-booing romance. With glitter, rainbows, and zombies.

    Good God, I can’t wait for this game!

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    An update on the first ever broadcast in English of the Good Smile Company program Wonhobby. The English version is to be broadcast at Nico Nico >
    You need an account to watch but its painless to signup and you can also authenticate via Facebook too.

    Broadcast time is tomorrow at 2012/2/12 22:00 JST - this page shows what time it will be in your timezone.
    So Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Manila = 21:00, Jakarta = 20:00, UK = 13:00, LA = 05:00 and NY = 08:00.

    We will be taking a look at all the new figure releases that will be announced at the Wonder Festival tomorrow and take a look at some of the photos that you have been submitting. A few folks from Good Smile Company will join us to show us some goodies too.
    Will be broadcasting live from the Good Smile Cafe (Good Tetsu Cafe) in Akihabara.

    Also keep tabs on my Facebook and Twitter. Yoshimi and I look forward to seeing you!

    How many of you coming to the Wonder Festival tomorrow?

    And everything below is the related stuff I posted last week.

    Calling all Good Smile Company fans! Got a few things for you to get involved with GSC if you are interested. First up is the Miku Art Mosaic Project. Good Smile would like you to submit your photos of your Vocaloid figures - can be any (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len etc) but would be one of the Crypton characters and the figure should be made by Good Smile Company.

    Once you snapped your photos, get along and use this form to submit your art. The top field is your nick name, second field is your email addy, 3rd field is the title of the photo you are submitting and the 4th field is any comment.

    All photos will be used to create a huge mosaic art of Hatsune Miku which will be published to the Good Smile site and also shown on the Nama Won Hobby broadcast on the night of the 12th. The Nama Won Hobby broadcast is a show that Good Smile Company does after every Wonder Festival that runs from night into the morning on Nico Nico.

    For each photo submitted, GSC will donate 100 yen to the 2011/03 earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

    This photo taken at a Nama Won Hobby a few years ago with Aniki as guest. Up until now, Nama Won Hobby has only been in Japanese but for the first time ever, there will be an English version brought to you by Yoshimi and myself. We will be talking about what happend at the Wonder Festival that day and show you the decoration masters of figures announced that day - will have some in the studio to play with ^^; The broadcast will be at the same location as the Japanese Won Hobby.

    I would also like to broadcast your Good Smile Company related figure collection too! All you need to do is post photos over at or the community site with the tag "wonhobby."

    Photos should be of your collection or single figure or anything as long as its related to GSC - scale figures or nendoroids or figma. For licensing reasons - dont swap the heads around of Nendoroids or Figma. Its a complicated thing that I'll talk about one day ^^;
    Please include your website url and nick name so we can give you a shoutout during the broadcast. The broadcast URL will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook. Please submit everything by next Tuesday the 7th. You can submit photos that you took a while ago too.

    So, even if you dont qualify to apply for the job, you can still be a part of Good Smile Company ^o^

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    EcoLogo® Releases First Canadian Standard Addressing Toxicity, Environmental Impact of Children's Toys

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    Spencer Ong has announced a new custom from Rotobox. This edition of one piece is from the Rotobox Ganpla Series. The 00 Raiser Gundam Custom Munny appears to have either been sold, not up for sale or a commission.

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    Hey everyone. We are officially here – the 2012 New York Toy Fair. And, if you don’t know, you can see where we will be throughout the toy fair. As you can see, we have a PACKED schedule.  And, because of this, we may be a bit light on the blog.   But!!!  That doesn’t...

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  • 02/11/12--09:14: Snow Miku

  • Comrade Ken went over to Sapporo in Hokkaido where they are having a Snow Miku festival. As part of that festival, they have this lovely Snow Miku tram running around the city - following photos snapped by Ken.

    I've only seen Hokkaido in late Summer but would love to go over to see it during the Winter season. I hear its very very cold up there though. How many of you have been to Hokkaido before?

    The whole of city of Sapporo has been Mikufied! Hatsune Miku City ^^

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