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    Takara's TFYuki has updated his Twitter account with a new image of the Transformers Go! Ninja Team member G-10 Hisoumaru action figure. Check out the image of the latest release in the Japan exclusive series figure shown in his robot mode with a look at the box packaging.

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    Matty Collector is in the final stretch for Club Eternia, Club Infinite Earths, and the Ghostbusters Movie Masters Ecto-1 pre-order. The counts, as they stood a little earlier this morning, are that Club Eternia has reached 84% of its target, Club Infinite Earths (DCU) has reached 51%, and the Ecto-1 pre-order is at 32% of its goal.

    Sufficed to say, the Ecto-1 pre-order is almost definitely out of the picture. At US$215, the pre-order started off being a little less expensive than Castle Grayskull (which also struggled to meet its goal) and despite being one of the most fan-request items the price may have doomed it. Interest in Ghostbusters merchandise has always been lower than Masters of the Universe on Matty Collector, with Club Ecto-1 not even being able to secure enough subs for its first year.

    Club Infinite Earths is looking a bit better than expected. The fact that it's at half its target right now is a huge improvement since it was sitting at around a third of its target. I can't help but think if Damian Wayne had been announced for it sooner and if the "Unleashed" Doomsday was the Tier 1 exclusive that the club would probably be a lot closer to its goal right now. As things stand, you could probably flip a coin to find out whether it'll move forward given that it may be just in range for a last minute surge in orders.

    Club Eternia still seems almost certain. Even if fans don't pick up the slack, retailers may wind up ordering extras just to keep things going. I'd be shocked at this point (and obviously depressed) if it didn't make it.

    There's still time to place subscriptions and Ecto-1 pre-orders if you're interested. The forms close at around midnight tonight.

    Last day for Matty subs and pre-orders screenshot

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    Thanks to ACToy member xterry who has posted lots of full color images for the MasterMind Creations Feral Rex Bovis figure. The homage to Generation 1 Tantrum is shown in his robot and alternate beast / bull modes. This is one of the toys to be released in their Reformatted Feral Rex series that will culminate in what will be a full on ultimate homage to the G1 Predaking combiner. Check out the colore images below for the full bull reveal now.

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  • 08/19/13--08:11: Devo Duck
  • Art by Davey, a performance artist in New York, has announced the launch of his newest toy creation Devo Duck. In collaboration with the Celebriducks Rubber Duck Company, and inspired by the New Wave band DEVO and their 1980s hit WHIP IT, the duck is available via Amazon for $11.99 plus shipping.

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    Remember how I told you I was totally uninspired by my kitchen? Well for the past few weeks I’ve been working to get back in the kitchen and spruce things up so I can enjoy it more so I can find a little more cooking inspiration. I started by creating a Pinterest Board for a […]

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    Bangalore, Aug 19 (IANS) KidsKinder Dreams India Ltd, an Indo-German joint venture, will invest Rs.10 crore over the next two years to hard-sell German toys and child care brands through its retail chain in 25 cities across the country, its founder said Monday.

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    Character Design brand FLUFFYHOUSE will be helming a booth at G32 this coming month end's STGCC, and they'll bring with them their character figures Mr. White Cloud (5" tall), Miss Rainbow (SGD$50 / 4" tall), Little Raindrop (4" tall) and Chicky (1" tall)! They last exhibited at Taipei Toy Festival, and I am pretty excited to see them in Singapore! Here are some goodies to look forward to:

    There will be a Cloud & Raindrop Set (SDG$75) to help start off your FLUFFYHOUSE-collection! And do keep a lookout for the Single Little Raindrop (SGD$32) - who will have 2 special color scarf included, and as well a new Mr. White Cloud "Black Cat costume" to be first released in STGCC! (Will update with photos when they are available!)

    (Below: On display at Taipei Toy Festival):

    [#STGCC covered #onTOYSREVIL / Available @ STGCC 2013 on Facebook]

    (Thanks for the trouble Lammy! Seeya at STGCC)

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    Toys “R” Us stores and officially launched Disney Infinity on August 18. Disney Interactive’s new video game platform will be available on the Xbox 360 system, the PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, and iPad. The game integrates collectible figures featuring characters from The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios with a video game experience that [...]

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    Chueh No Evil, Woes No Evil, JRYU No Evil

    Looking at these three sculpts of the "ARMY OF MONKEYS", I cannot help but think of the three gentlemen from Army of Snipers - JRYU, Aaron "Woebots" Martin, and Luke Chueh - who will be descending to Singapore for the month end's STGCC … nevertheless, here so some splendid looks at what might be expected at their booth come August 31st - featuring sculpting by JRYU - who is also bringing along Niddos the Owl! ... heck, what am I saying? They ARE the 3 gentlemen! LOL

    No product details as yet - nevertheless, you can check out the instagram video JRYU posted here (where the above images were screengrabbed from) = *NICE*

    *Earlier WIPs for visual and size reference*

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    One of my favorite modern-day toy makers is a toy company called FUNKO and here are a few new BATMAN products and toys they plan to release this year. 

    The 1st example is the "Batman vs. Joker Throwdown Game". It comes out next month (September) and will retail for around $29.99. Basically, it's a dice, a card, and a board game... all in one! It also has a 12-Inch tall vinyl figure packaging that features the Caped Crusader!

    Each game comes with two, 2 1/2-inch tall collectible vinyl figure game pieces (Batman and Joker). Beat your opponent by using Combat Cards, Battle Cards, Boost Coins and Battle Dice. Be on the lookout for booster packs to collect more Combat Cards and Collectible Game Piece Characters (sold separately). The game is easy to learn and play and comes with detailed instructions.

    Then, next-up, is a cool set of Batman and Joker School Supplies. These are a part of their "Tin-Tastic Activity Set" line. It's a cool "Can-Tivities" tin container in the shape of some of our favorite characters and it comes with 2 Pencils, 2 Figure-Shaped Erasers, and a  nice Sticker Sheet. In the 1st wave they are offering two different ones of the Batman and the Joker ( They will also be making one of Robin ). These cans measure about 6" tall and will retail for around 9 bucks. They have a release date of "August". AHHH! That's this month, so keep an eye out right now when you are cruising thru your favorite retail store.

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    Seems they are homages to Masterforce Ginrai and Lightfoot, the Japanese versions of the Hi-Q and Rev toys.

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    There's a brand-new company out there right now called Westland Giftware and they have been making some really cool BATMAN products! Their main focus are ceramic items, stuff like Cookie Jars and Salt & Pepper Shakers. Here are 2 new cool examples:

    First, in November of this year, they're gonna release a new BATMAN STANDING FIGURE Cookie Jar. It measures about 12" Tall and will retail for about $45.00.

    Then, next, they are coming out with a Set of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN Salt & Pepper Shakers! They will also come out in November and will sell for about $16 bucks.

    Have YOU seen any brand-new Batman products out there? if so, then please let us know. Sharing the love of collecting Batman-Stuff  is what the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about!

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  • 08/19/13--11:00: "Sentai Cats" by Chiro子

    "Sentai" Riders / superhero characters depicted by cats, as illustrated by Chiro子 (thanks for the info, Dawson Wang!) = is such a glorious awesome visage, they NEED to be made into collectible figurines!

    With the sheer amount of characters, my vote goes to gasaphon-styled figurines. Someone go bootleg produce this, please. All I need is a complete set, I am unrealistically unready … *COUGH*

    Headsup via

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    PopCap Games has released the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game. The sequel to Plants vs. Zombies will initially be available exclusively for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Featuring a time travel theme, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is free to play and can be found on the App Store around the world in seven different languages [...]

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    OK, if you have never read the BAT-BLOG before we are mostly all about the joy of collecting Batman. We also love the character and try to cover all the fresh news coming out, stuff like: Vintage Toys, New Collectibles, Video Games, Animated Movies, TV Cartoons, etc... just about anything and everything BATMAN!

    As the Writer of this site I also live in Oklahoma and on May 20th we were struck with a major tornado. The big news here was about an Elementary School in Moore, called "Plaza Towers", that got hit. Then, very recently I heard about the story of a School Teacher there who was a major BATMAN Collector and she lost almost all of her collection. You see, she displayed it in her class so her students could also enjoy it.

    This is what the BAT-BLOG TOY DRIVE is all about. Trying to help her restock her missing collection. We did a recent post here that explains everything. If you have not read it then please do. If anything there's a great video to watch of some of the news coverage. Just CLICK HERE.

    Anyways, this post is an update to what has been going on recently. First, I'd like to repair a typo that I made in the original post. I mentioned that no kids were injured in this event. Sadly, I just found out that 7 children were actually killed in this hit of the school building. None of the kids who died were directly students of the particular Teacher we have been talking about, but it's still incredibly sad news. It's the worst thing I can think of, for something like this to happen. I hope their parents find peace in some way. I can't imagine what this would even be like.

    Yeah, major bad news, right?! I'm sorry. The next bit of information will be a little more bright, I hope. First off, here at the Bat-Blog we were contacted by the Agent-Manager who represents both Burt Ward and Adam West. Of course these are the two Actors who played "Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder" on the classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series!

    They are both getting very involved in this event and I could not be more proud of them. They're both really great people. I mean, WOW!! Isn't that so cool?!! Thank you Mr. West, Mr. Ward, and Andrew.

    Now, check this out... The Teacher we're trying to help, her name is Ms. Evans, sent us this wonderful photo up above showing a few of the items that some extremely  generous Bat-Blog Readers have sent so far!

    There's some great stuff here! The responses have been really awesome and we really appreciate everybody who has written to us so far. The response rate has been a lot higher than I could hope for. Thank you everybody!! But we gotta keep this going and even build on it.

    So, would YOU like to get involved? Just check out the main post for information about how YOU can join the crusade. We're asking for Batman-related donations to be mailed and if you don't have anything like that then we will also be collecting cash donations that will be spent exclusively on this toy drive.

    Also, if you can't send anything right now ( I understand if you can't because I'm going through hard financial times myself ) then at least, PLEASE, share this on your favorite social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter. Getting the news out there would help a ton! Here's the main post we would like you to share, CLICK HERE.

    Thanks again to everybody who has helped so far and to those who might help now... you people are freakin' AWESOME!!

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    Olla Boku has produced a pair of new plush and folks interested to score them (includes 2 x alpaca, school, chair, park, board, clouds, sun, flowers!) are to email These are one-of-a-kind and will not be produced anymore!
    "I make everything for those 2 cute kids, I have to confess they look little bit like animal crossing characters. Coz I play lots this game lol and crazy love alpaca (́=◞౪◟=‵) Hope you like it!!" - mentioned Olla.

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    Custom Steampunk Link Action Figure

    Video game toy customizer KodyKoala does his own take on what the Zelda games would be like if they were set in a steampunk universe.

    From the artist:

    I wanted to make a futuristic Link, but still keep some of the classic things that we all know about him. I also wanted to have a fun way for him to carry all of his inventory. Can you count how many items are on there? I count 55, but I may be one or two off. For “Epona”, I used a Wreck it Ralph Hero’s Duty figure. The Link is a figure that I got off of eBay, and the accessories were parts from my parts bin and some things I ordered. This wasn’t a long build, but it was parts intensive, so ended up being a bit more expensive than I wanted. This figures stands about 6 inches tall.

    This one-of-a-kind handmade custom is available for $300 on Etsy. Check out more pics on the artist’s Flickr page.

    Check it: More custom toy posts from Albotas
    Buy: Hyrule Historia

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