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    Are you looking for a Nintendo Wii Bundle to give as a gift or for yourself? just released this Nintendo Wii Dance Bundle starting at $179. Here’s what comes standard with this bundle: Nintendo Black Wii w/ New Super Mario Brother’s and Music CD Includes: Black Nintendo Wii Black Remote & Nunchuck New SuperRead More

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    February celebrates a month of love. Although we celebrate the love for our children everyday, Valentine's Day is the day we provide a little extra something special. Whether it is a handmade card, a greeting card, an e-card, a chocolate kiss or a gift, TOY TIPS reviewed all sorts of ideas that were sent to our office for consideration in this guide.

    Now, while I really don't think it is necessary to spend a lot of money on any gifts for V-day, these products that TOY TIPS reviewed stood out for those parents and grandparents who are looking for yet another reason to spoil their loved ones.. with love! Happy Valentine's Day!



    Loving Messages Personalized Pillowcase
    Candy Conversation Hearts imprinted on a white pillowcase with a personalized printed name. What a fun way to put your loves to sleep! 

    Build A Bear Workshop Trading Cards
    Each set comes 3 trading cards, a tattoo and an online code for further play. Super simple to pack in a school lunch.

    Safari Ltd. Insects, Reptiles and Sealife
    A whole tube of 24 mini-collectibles bugs, reptiles and sharks.. What better way to say, love?

    Personalized Metal Bubble Wand
    I love this! So unique! So personal and who would ever think you could have your own bubble wand? Just in time for Spring. Pair it with your favorite bottle of bubbles, this makes an amazing keepsake  gift for a baby shower.

    The World Market Steenland Mesh Hearts
    29 Milk chocolate coins decorated  in silver and red with heart designs all in a mesh bag. Perfect to pair with school valentine's.


    HASBRO Scrabble
    In honor Valentine's Day, try playing this classic crossword puzzle game only using words pertaining to love and Valentine's Day. Fun for the whole family and customize the gameplay with topics that make sense for the ages of the players in your family.

    Georgetown Cupcake
    Red Velvet Cupcake
    * customize with special icing colors  like bubblegum pink!
    This is  the most delicious red velvet cupcake I ever tasted!
    $29 dozen ships overnight

    Edward Marc Gourmet Chocolatier
    Melt My Heart Pop
    Milk/ Dark Chocolate
    A good chocolatier can be your best friend! These are great on their own or cute on a cupcake for dessert.

    Lindt Lindor Chocolate
    The smoothest chocolate ever! They come in a package already to give.
    $28 for 2 (19 ounce) boxes

    Mr. Prindables Chocolate Covered Apples
    Triple Chocolate Jumbo Caramel Apple -Milk, white and dark chocolate envelope an extra fancy, extra large apple.  1.25 lbs. Serves 8-10.  Who says a slice of a chocolate apple can't be served for breakfast on Valentine's Day?

    Sweet Sally's Heart Shaped Fudgy Brownies
    These fudgy brownies are perfect with a glass of chocolate milk after school.
    6 hearts for $18

    The AM/FM clock and alarm radio clock plugs into an ipod and a home hi-fi system. It can fit in a briefcase for travel and it has great sound. Your college-age child always appreciates a surprise gift from Mom.

    Wacky Walk'r
    A rubber leash that alleviates the "jerk" your pet pooch may be used to on other leashes. Get one in RED to show your love to your pet. Then,  plan a nice long Valentine's Day walk with your pooch!
    $25+ (comes in different sizes to fit all breeds)

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    Meet Kibun, a character created by Andrew Lum of Raw Emotion. One of Kibun’s recognizable traits is his serious demeanor, as he doesn’t feel or show emotion. Hence the name Kibun, which means to feel. Read the first chapter of … Continue reading

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    A Little Bit On The Animated Cover Side: Halo and Sprocket artist Kerry Callen has a third set of animated comic covers. This time it’s Daredevil #7, Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed, and Batman #15.

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    Add the Simpsons clan to the list of toys banned in Iran, Reuters reports.

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    This Labbit is shiny. And you know nerds love the shiny. Hit the link for our look at the Kidrobot x Kozik 10” Glossy Smorkin’ Labbit.

    This showed up to my door in an enormous box. I ripped it open to reveal the toy’s box, which itself is super glossy and uses the same color scheme as the Labbit itself (or at least its red variant). Previously, I had only had blindbox sized and a five-incher. Ten inch Labbits are surprisingly huge. That’s what she said. I had no idea where to even put it. That’s also what she said. It eventually found itself on top of my twirling rack of Dreamcast and Playstation games.

    As you might suspect, this toy is pretty darn glossy. The red paint job really pops and draws attention to itself. The paint of the eyes, stubble, and Manson-esque K are glossy too. It definitely works, but I do wonder how matte paint would have looked on top of the glossy red.

    So is it worth $60? Well, it wasn’t quite as glossy as I expected, but I still love it. Keep in mind how huge this thing is. You may be forced to sacrifice multiple toys for additional shelf space. If you’re living large and have $60 in your budget, you can’t go wrong with the Glossy Smorkin’ Labbit.

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    Thor, Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Incredible Hulk.    Diamond Select Toys has made Minimates for each of the key Marvel movies so far, and now they’re making Minimates for the most action-packed Marvel movie yet! Hitting stores this spring will be two assortments of figures, one exclusively available at Toys “R” [...]

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  • 02/06/12--19:17: Figure It Out #2
  • Name the toy and toy line it comes from (if any). Guesses due to by Thursday at noon. I’ll pick one winner for a Poe Prize at random from the correct submissions.

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    An Iranian official said on Monday that dolls modeled on characters from "The Simpsons," including Bart, Homer and the other members of that Fox cartoon clan, were unacceptable displays of foreign culture and would be banned along with other popular Western toys.

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    i4U has gathered up all the YouTube links to all the Super Bowl ads … Pretty weak year for ads. I think I only really laughed at the ETrade Baby Game Day one – stupid yes, but I laughed. The Dictator was stupid-funny. Trailer funny but for an entire film? The Met Life was cute [...]

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    MetLife - 'Everyone' Super Bowl Commercial - MOTU, Voltron & More

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    set database: LEGO 9492 tie fighter

    set number: 9492
    set name: tie fighter
    theme: starwars, episode 4-5-6
    year: 2012
    pieces: 413
    prices: us$55
    minifigs: 4
    come with a TIE fighter.
    the fighter's cokcpit hatch can be opened to put the minifig inside.
    minifigs included a tie fighter pilot minifig, an imperial officer minifig, a new death star trooper minifig and an r5-j2 droid minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Just in are many new in-hand looks at the Third Party upgrade kit for the Dr Wu DW-P03 Iron Will upgrade kit that is a new faceplate replacement for the or FansProject's City Commander. The images show us what the face-plate look like on the actual City Commander figure from many angles along with a look at the box / tin the upgrades will be packed in. Check out the images for more details on this kit in the gallery below and share your comments on the Dr Wu DW-P03 Iron Will face-plate. Word has it that DW

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    Leanna Lin’s Wonderland has some cute, creative events lined up for the upcoming Valentine’s weekend. Opening on February 11, We Heart You! is a Valentine’s Pop-Up Event with trunk shows by designers: Cupcake Fields, Honey My Heart, La Petite Deer, … Continue reading

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    A company that makes pool toys called “Swimways” let the cat… or the Lizard out of the bag last week when they updated their website to show their new line of pool toys based on the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-man” movie.  Included in that update were product images based on The Lizard, the villain in [...]

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  • 02/06/12--19:17: The New Lost?
  • Well, not that it has been all that missed, but I have not done a blog in a long time. With the demise of LOST, I was just too depressed to go on. But at mid-season Fox debuted Alcatraz! But anyone expecting the next Lost might be disappointed by Alcatraz – with its eccentric scientists, [...]

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    Legends Action Figures has sent out their latest newsletter, which includes some new arrivals, the latest additions, pre-orders, and more. Check out what else is new at Legends after the jump!

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  • 02/06/12--19:17: PS Vita USB Mod

  • Had my PS Vita since the launch in Japan and am starting to like it a lot! Lots of eye candy graphics and decent games are starting to come out. But, the PS Vita comes with a lousy feature that prevents you from charging the unit unless you use the adapter it came with. This means that you cant charge it from a Mac/PC USB port or even an iPhone/iPad USB mains adapter.

    Being a portable games machine, it becomes particularly annoying that you cant use any USB battery packs to charge it either. Unacceptable! But rather than complain, lets do something about it because complaining never brings about results - only action leads to results and results happen even quicker if you take action yourself.

    Today we will see how I made a simple mod that enables you to charge the PS Vita from any USB power source.

    First up, you need one of these USB thingies - its a USB bridge adapter that allows a USB to be plugged into awkward places like the back of your left ear. They sell them at Amazon for 554 yen.

    Once you got the USB adapter, pry it open using the Force or something like...a screw driver perhaps.

    This will reveal 5 wires that are attached to the USB head.

    Cut the green and white wire.

    What may happen is this - the other wires come loose and fall off!

    Now you need to whip out that pocket solder. Here I have soldered the red and black wires back onto the USB head. I have also soldered the middle two pins together. Not sure why this works because all I did was copy this guy ^^; Apparently this "shorts" it.
    I tried to self study electronics for a wee bit but never really understood it. How many of you good at electronics and making stuff?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Now that the middle two pins are soldered together, its time to test it out.

    Didn't want to test it out on the Vita so I dug up the old iPod Touch and used it as my test victim instead ^^; Tried to charge it from a mobile battery and it worked.

    Next I tried it out on the Vita and you can see the electric bolt thingies in the battery - it works!

    Once you have established that everything works, then you can glue everything back together.

    Yuki is one happy gamer!

    You can however buy a mobile battery with a higher output to charge the Vita but I still would not be able to charge it through my Mac.

    And this is what the setup looks like - the Vita data cable goes into the USB bridge which is then attached to my mobile USB charger.

    And I can even charge through an iPhone USB mains adapter too.

    I'm rather pleased ^^;

    You can now charge via your computer's USB port.

    Want a thinner Vita data cable though.
    Just thought I'd mention - do this mod at your own risk. If everything blows up then you may cry but you cant sue me to buy another one for you because I'm protected by the force and this disclaimer.

    Games which I'm playing now are Star Strike Delta and Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2.

    Games out this week are Gravity Daze and Sumioni - the trial versions are just fantastic!

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

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    Hong Kong artist Dorothy Tang is infamous for quite a few pop culture interpretations, done firmly in the vein of retro-styled proganada-takes on warped chinese traditions with a firm focus on chubby baby characters - and I am again reminded of her work with the above STAR WARS imagery done for the launch of adidas Originals, which proceeded her work on these dolls (shown below) as well for

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